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S was essential at this point in the series and it has started to tie the plot together as a whole But will they get their HEA You best get 1 clicking to find outI now look forward to book 4 which will be Harrison s book now that is an interesting character Jani Kay has set the bar high with this book Gods and Monsters will be a hard book to follow but man I can t friggin wait Bring it on Ugh I m so glad its over to say I didn t like Gods Monsters is an understatement 1If you want shallow characters with no reasoning other then selfishness and petty jealousygold star 2 Instalove without any emotional depthstar 3 Cheesy porn where the primary focus of the storyline is who is going to get the virgin pussystar4 Mediocre storyline and plot falling apartstar5 Immaturity in the story tellingstarThis was one of those book where I wanted to bang out my frustrations In good conscience I can t recommend however you may feel differently in either case enjoy Being firstsometimes it sucksI was anxious to read this book but scared at the same time I d had a taste of Daemon s evil and it was enough to make me afraid of him even though he is a fictional character I jump all in to the books I m reading becoming the characters as the author puts me in their head Let me tell you Daemon s hea Jani Kaye has once again written an outstanding book She took a sensitive issue that needed to be addressed for the sake of the story and told it with grace and compassionI will not give anything away but the back story of Cobra Mia and Daemon was one that mad me sad brought tears but at the same time so angry We got a chance to see Ryder as a young man showing the love and loyalty to Cobra and the Scorpio Stingers The brotherhood of the club is tested when Cobra makes a decision that will forever change his life Seeing some of the brothers as young men helps to understand even their loyalty and love they have for each otherThis is a great read that picks up from the Bikers Christmas story and is part of the Scorpio Stinger Series and needs to be read in order to get the full back story I recommend this to anyone with a love of bikers 3 When Your Brother is the Devil Stars Gods Monsters is a dark MC romance that tells Cobra Malone s story While it is not absolutely necessary there is some carryover of prior characters and therefore this series is best read in orderPlease note this is a dark romance and therefore may not be suitable for all romance readers In particular there is a detailed and violent rape scene that some readers may find disturbingThe plot is basically divided into two parts The first details how Cobra and Mia meet and the second focuses on their sordid battle against Daemon Cobra s twin brother an evil man who will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate revenge against his sibling who he envies above all othersWhile the story was satisfying in some aspects the largest part of which was the hero who demonstrates some very admirable alpha hero traits I had some difficulties with other partsIn particular I felt that a number of aspects of the story could have been better developed For example the romance bore an insta love uality I don t want to spoil the story for you so I will not go into specifics Moreover certain other elements of the story felt unrealistic For example the first part of the story ends in the illing of a high profile drug lord and as the story skips to the second part several years later there doesn t appear to be any retaliation just a uick reference to the characters needing to be careful perpetually Additionally part of the premise of the story hinges on us believing that the woman who was violated could hide that fact from her husband for years which seems unlikely given the violence which surely would have left it s physical marks never mind the emotional marks which undoubtedly would have affected their intimate relationsSo while I now I m in the minority given prior reviews I d have to say that although Of Gods Monsters was an ok dark MC romance it just failed to hit the mark for meSource Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review. Until it gets what it wants And he wants what is mine MINE He wants my woman My air My reason for living I’ll die before I let him take Mia from me Will this be a battle to the end Till the last man is left standingWhen two wills this strong clash there will be chaos and bloodWho will win The God or The Monste.

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I would love to thank Jani for providing me with an ARC of this book I have read a few of Jani s books and loved every one of them Cobra Malone has a twin that was born 5min after him Daemon is exactly that a demon in my eyes he is evil the black sheep not a good bone in his body always starting fights always looking for blood Cobra and Mias story starts when Cobra is 16 and she is 11 they meet on Cobras first ride for the club to do business with the Mexican cartel but as soon he gets there he is warned off her by her father Lets just say they do not have an easy ride at all but it is a love story none the less This book is not for the faint hearted and Jani describes it to such detail you feel like you are there seeing it right before your eyes We also get to see Ryder again and he proved to me why i loved him in the first place lol I loved the story line and all the characters well except one of course lol It was one hell of a roller coaster ride but damm it was worth every second of torture my heart felt If you want to see how Mia and Cobra s roller coaster story plays out READ IT you wont regret it If you want to see how bad Daemon really is READ ITif you want to see if Good wins over Evil READ IT WELL DONE JANI ANOTHER MUST READ HAS BEEN WRITTEN GODS MONSTERS is part of the Scorpio Striger Mc seriesI was lucky enough to receive a copy from Jani Kay And damn am I happy that I did it has been my favorite so far in the series This is the story of Cobra and his identical brother Daemon And the love of Cobras life MiaThis book had the right balance between dark and intense and it eeps you hooked from start to finishThe difference between the identical twin brothers And how one fights to try Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda keep his soul pure And the other allowing the darkness and malice to take over his soul and turn it to pure evil My god Jani let s you see from the start what type of evil walked among the men of Scorpio Striger McHow one man s jealousy and hatred has pushed him to try and destroy everything that his twin brother has worked and fought hard for in his lifeAnd henows exactly what it will take to destroy his brother most and that s by going after the love of his brothers life and their son Jamie Will Cobra and Mia get their son Jamie back How will Cobra deal with a secret that Mia has ept from him for yearsCan Cobra and Mia s love remain strong and pure throughout all this turmoil in their livesWill Daemon meet his makerAll the above uestions Will be answered in this book Trust me this is one book you really need to read Jani out did herself with this story absolutely brilliant 45 for me This book was well worth the wait Just from reading the prologue I had chills I honestly didn t want to do anything but finish this book once I started This book has some issues that will hit close to home for some people but it s so well written and it s such an integral part of the book that it had to be in there It breaks your heart to see how Mia grew up and I just wanted to give her a hug You get to see how Cobra reacts to her from the get go You also get to see how Cobra looks at Mia which makes you look at your significant other and go hmmmmdo they still look at me like that You get to feel the brotherly love that this club has for each other Is anything too much to ask of a brother Is there a line that they wouldn t cross DaemonDemon ugh wow Just wow They sure did name him right I can t even imagine having him as a brother A must read for all the Scorpio Stinger MC series fans because we get an insight into Cobra and Mia s lives and their storyand we get to see how they finally deal with that motherfucker Daemon Cobra s identical twinFor all you other biker bitches out thereif you haven t read this series then you better get on itliterally P Jani Kay didn t waste a single sentence in this little gem of a biker story Cobra s and Mia s story is tightly and seductively told There isn t a ton of sex in this one but there is plenty of love passion and emotion conveyed Cobra is faced with an enemy that he has fought against his entire life his twin brother Daemon Daemon has alwa. I never look in a mirror I don’t need to If I want to see what I look like I just look at my twin Daemon and I are identical in every way from the outside That’s where it ends Born five minutes after me my brother hates that he came second It irks him that I breathed life into my lungs first Ever since he?.

Ys felt less than when compared to his brother and because of his jealousy and insecurity he lashes out at everyone around him but most especially against Cobra When Cobra finds everything that he could ever want in Mia Daemon naturally wants to destroy any happiness between them Mia is a much stronger woman than anyone nows She has carried a secret that is dramatically revealed The secret threatens the happiness that she has managed to build with Cobra In GODS MONSTERS we get to see Mia s beginning with Cobra as well as what lengths Mia will have to go through to eep her happily ever after when the unforgivable happens If you enjoy having a bit of agony along with your romance then GODS MONSTERS will give you a bite of pain along with your ecstasy Pain betrayal a psychotic family member and love triumphant are all packed into GODS MONSTERS This is one of the few times where I did not feel even a little disappointed that a story was told in such a short book This short story covered a lot of ground and provided a lot of satisfactionI received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviewshttpwwwmonlatablereviewscom 45 CrownsBook 3 in the Scorpion Stinger MC series Although each book in this series focuses on a specific couple the storyline is continuous and each couples story arc weaves throughout each book For this reason it is important to read these books in the order in which they were written to understand both the characters background and the story arc as a wholeSo we have finally come to Cobra and Mia s story As I ve already said unlike other series Jani Kay has cleverly interwoven each characters story into all the books What that has done for me personally is to ensure I am already sucked in and invested in the cast as a whole It also means that as a reader you slip back into the world she has created easily This book in particular is the one I ve been waiting for I assume at this point that you have read the previous books If you haven t then you may want to stop reading this review nowCobra and Mia s love has never been in uestion Their lives of late however have been filled with drama We met Mia very early on in this series when she was hiding out under the protection of Ryder as Cobra recovered from near fatal gunshot wounds Cobra is the MC s president and he is tough He takes no prisoners and in return he is loyal He holds his club and family close and his world revolves around Mia and his children So at the end of book 2 Jamie their son had been abducted Demon Cobra s twin had mysteriously returned from the dead and taken Jamie leading Mia to reveal that he had brutally raped her and that Jamie may well be the result of that attack It meant I started this book not only broken hearted for Cobra and Mia but eager to learn about them their history and that of Demon s the identical twin that Cobra unapologetically despises This book travels in both the past and present It is an epic love story between 2 people destined to be together They will face obstacles both inside and outside the club If they thought the pathway to now was hard that has nothing on how they are dealing with the lingering effects that demon has had on their relationshipThis is a love story based on a instant innocent attraction A story of taking a chance on love following your heart and holding onto that love even when guilt and hatred threaten it It also tackles sibling rivalry and how jealousy can break the bonds between innocents leading to obsession and hatred It is a story that spans many years and it for me is the best book in the series so farJani Kay has a really clever way of writing a complicated story without weighing it down with too many words I love the way that each book although focused on a particular couple interweaves every characters story and moves onto the next book seamlessly It means that each book gets to the nitty gritty It isn t padded out with unnecessary plot resulting in a fast paced and gripping read Having said that Jani has really focused her attention on Cobra and Mia in this book I thought that thi. ??s been trying to steal everything I have Everything I love To own it first Until the day I Cobra Malone become president of the Scorpio Stinger MC I throw him out like the garbage he is Rotten filth won’t be able to taunt me any longer How wrong I amEvil nows no barriers It stops at nothing It won’t rest.

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