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Ng Peoples and memoirs of World War II In 1953 he won a Nobel Prize in Literature and was also made an honorary citizen of the United States The author did a lot of research and includes plenty of facts and back stories and the book is also loaded with illustrations Good book I only wish it were longer and written in detail but considering it s written for children that is fine I did not now that Churchill was such a prolific author even winning the Nobel Peace Prize for LiteratureOther things I learned His mother was American His family has a long and noble history He developed his love of cigars in Cuba while writing about his adventures He served in World War I in the trenches He changed from Conservative to Liberal Party and back He held many offices in government besides PM He spent his Wilderness Years writing extensively and warning about the threat of Hitler He coined the term Iron Curtain in his speech in Missouri He was made an honorary American citizen by JFK There is an American battleship named after himIt made me interested in him Now I want to read his books I honestly didn t Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition know much about Winston Churchill except how he wasnown for his hopeful speeches to people in the darkest times as a leader in EnglandSo I was a little surprised although I shouldn t have been that he was raised in such a wealthy family 187 rooms and 2000 ACRES Churchill was primarily raised by his nanny since his parents were so busy which made me think of how there are a decent amount of students in the same situation that I teach at my international school in BangkokReading this book was another reminder of how when people are young they don t always excel at EVERY subject Churchill wasn t good at math and science but LOVED to get lost in reading He was a gifted writer and could memorize long poems He eventually transferred to The Harrow School which had produced 6 prime minsters through their history Honestly I didn t Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? know that that s what Harrow represented There is a Harrow international school here in Bangkok which we play in It s a good book but it could be detailed But I discovered many things about Churchil that I didn tnow Despite all the mistakes he made throughout his life he was a force of nature very charismatic an excellent father and husband and a prolific write. Urchill was also a historian a writer and an artist He is the only British Prime Minister to have won the Nobel Prize in Literature and was the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the United Stat.

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N Churchill He was part of the government of Great Britain A war was going on then The message of the book was that good things can happen when you are going through hard times in your lifeThe author of this story is Ellen Labrecue She s Becoming Violet known for making books in the Who is series for example Princess Diana and Henry VIII When Winston was nineteen years old he became a soldier and he started to fight for Great Britain This was my favorite part of the book because Winston wanted to become a soldier for a long time He was very happy to Be a soldier A comprehensive wonderful overview of the life of Winston Churchill I read this to my 9 year old son as part of our history study He enjoyed it and this bookept his interest I did not realize how many books Winston Churchill wrote He was a powerful speaker which is exactly what Britain needed during the darkest times of Workd War 2 I thought it was interesting that he would spend one hour for every minute of his radio speeches So if he spoke on the radio for 30 minutes that speech took him 30 hours to write and revise My favorite uotes by Winston Churchill that appeared in this book This is your victory It is the victory of the cause of freedom in every land If the British Empire and it s commonwealth last for a thousand years men will still say This was their finest hour I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears as sweat Let us go forward together with our United strength Winston said this during his first speech as prime minister Winston Churchill led an adventurous life as British army officer rising to the rank of First Lord of the Admiralty during WWI His family was part of the British aristocracy and Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers known for their public service Who Was Winston Churchill by Ellen Labrecue covers this fascinating life as he went from being a voice in the wilderness sounding the alarm about Adolph Hitler and the Nazi plan to becoming Prime Minister of Britain at a crucial time in history as WWII broke out His talent for writing and speaking was instrumental in rallying the British people at one of their darkest hours as the Nazis uickly subdued the rest of the continent leaving them alone to face attack from across the English Channel He was also an historian writer and an artist and is bestnown for his History of the English Speaki. Encroaching German Nazis Churchill served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955 Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century Ch.

True confessions I didn t High Angle Rescue Techniques know much about who Winston Churchill beyond that he was a major figure in WWII Here s what Inow now Churchill was a master of words among many other things Although he was born into privilege his life wasn t exactly a cakewalk beginning with low self esteem and inability to talk to women When he did woo and marry Clementine they were to lose a child in toddlerhood and face political ups and downs that didn t help their sense of stability even before WWIII love this book series and I am looking forward to reading The book I read was Who Was Winston Churchill by Ellen Labrecue I gave the book a 4 out of 5 because it was a good book but it could have been better The setting of this book is in Great Britain The main character is Winston Churchill Winston was a great man that benefited the world If it wasn t for him the outcome of WWII might have been different Winston was a politician soldier and author He lived till he was 90 despite him smokingI liked the book overall but it could use some changes First I would change the length of the book I think it needs information and fact of what he did I would also change some of the information on WWII because that was when Churchill was most influentialI would recommend this book to young readers This book is only 100 pages and they aren t very long I would also recommend this book to people interested in WWII This book provides good information about what Churchill did Really liked this book It introduces ids to the different wars during his life and how the government works in Great Britain 106 pages I enjoyed this biography and learned a lot about a famous leader from England There are lots of extra fact pages on topics such as Winston s family history British Empire Parliament and the Prime Minister life in the trenches rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazis radio waves the Holocaust the Cold War plus many maps drawings and illustrations that will help a reader understand the material better There is also a timeline of Churchill s life and the world timeline at same period of time I think it would be a great book to read if a student is studying WWI or WWII so they could understand other components of the wars and leaders of the time Highly recommended for Grades 4 5 and up The main character is Winsto. Born into aristocracy Churchill cut his teeth as a young army officer in British India the Sudan and the Second Boer War He rose in the ranks to First Lord of the Admiralty and was a staunch opponent of the.