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I loved the folklore and how it all combined together to make the story The cover is also beautiful It s impossible not to fall in love with the magic sceneries of The Changeling Ireland is a beautiful country and Helen Falconer describes it perfectly And the fairy world was certainly a paradise More gorgeous sceneries And magical and interesting creatures And the The Kaya-Girl research the author did about the fairies was very good I always like toead about the different kind of fairies I can t say I liked the fairies which lived in the paradise Ultan was very likeable but Caitlin was just annoying her attitude just made me want to choke her Should I give her a break because of her past Maybe but her behavior and lies were a bit too much when we have a world with characters which are perfectly flawedShay was probably my favourite character His faith in Aoife and his conection with the fairies made him an interesting character Also the elation with his brother I wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be okay I enjoyed the first part of the story a lot than I liked the second part I confess I was bit disappointed with the second part The last chapters were very fast paced everything happened so fast that I had to ask myself if I was missing something and I like fast paced stories I wish the evelation of the big villain hadn t been done so fast D down into the dangerous fairy world to escue a boy and save a kingdom Until Aoife sent Carla spinning back to the human world terrified for her safety But as Aoife faces demons and death alone Carla has her own battles at home creatures to defeat and boys to protect And it's not long be.

Fairy Changelings Fairy world and set in IrelandI loved the sound of it so much that I brought the book there and thenseveral months ago As much as I eally like this book and nearly cried at the ending it took such a long time for the writing to get gripping and for the story to progress The story itself only started to progress from normal to storyline half way through amd even then It did not get to any faster pace until the last 30% of the bookThe writing itself was a slow pace but I could not help but love the storyline Thats the strange thing about this book it is slow pace and the writing is probably 10 12 age than young adult but you want to see what happens and howYou follow Aoife through her story as she grows in strength The world itself especially the Fairy one is so imaginative which just makes it so annoying with the writing You have 3 main plotline Graeco-Egyptian Magick reveals and instead of building it up and making you want toead on intrigued and then surprisedthey are introduced as a normal event in the story DisappointingOverall it is a beautiful and imaginative world the plot is brilliant and the ending is emotional but you will need to stick with it and keep Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reading It is 100% wortheading though 5 stars an amazing ead Read it in a day because it was so captivating Loved the characters and the world created I was a nice twist on a classic story. The third and concluding book in the Hawthorn trilogy an atmospheric Young Adult series full of magic mystery and heartacheEvery story needs a hero Every hero needs a friendCarla never believed Aoife's tales of fairies monsters and changeling girls But she faithfully followed her best frien.

Opefully the next book yes there will be a seuel will develop the villain because he seemed a one dimensional character The biggest let down was the insta love It needs to stop At a moment Aofie didn t like Shay because he had never spoken a word to her but two days later she egretted not saying that she loved him back when she thought they were dying I Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family recommend this book to youngeaders who enjoy fairies and magic I eceived this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview Thank you LOVED THIS BOOK Plusses were Aoife Shay and the fact that they e in IrelandFULL REVIEW HERE Book Review originally published here Changeling offers compelling writing a complex story and an engaging main character Aoife the nickname of Eva is an ordinary teenager who likes texting with her BFF Carla chatting about boys and doing all the things ordinary teens do But when one of her friends Sinead invites her to the movies en oute Aoife sees a little girl hopping between the trees She goes out to look for her along with Carla but the girl doesn t show up and the others suspect it s just in Aoife s imaginationBut afterward Aoife starts to develop strange powers and when she kisses Shay the only boy who believes her story she discovers she can flying After jumping flying off the cliff she and Shay end up in a mysterious underworld where nothi. Fore the promised war between humans and fairies explodes onto the fields of ural IrelandWhilst Aoife will fight for the Hawthorn Crown in the Land of the Young Carla must use all her ingenuity and skill to protect the village she grew up in the village she lovesEvery story needs its heroe.

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