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Ays work together on their school projects When they ave a family istoryimmigration project that reuires three people Liza asks Lillian to partner with them Lillian is new to the Brooklyn school and very uiet Frankie is disappointed because she wanted cute Evan to work with them Three three decide that a good topic for the project would be food and when they find a cooking class focusing on the melting pot of American food led by Liza s favorite tv star Chef Antonio they decide to take it The one catch An adult as to take it with them All of their mothers are too busy but the girls rope them in and all three mothers end up in the class Lillian s mother is a master cook and a very controlling one but only in Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) her native Chinese cooking Liza s mother is a good cook but very distracted by the demands of being aigh powered magazine editor and single mother Frankie s mother is a disaster in the kitchen burning everything in sight and Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales her father a fireman is the one who keeps theousehold in food As the girls learn about different sorts of foods and A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, how they came into the American mainstream theyave interpersonal problems with each other as well as their mothers but they keep working on their project and persevering even when things don t go as planned on the day of their final presentation Strengths Cooking is a good way to tie together a multicultural group of friends Lillian is Chinese Frankie is Italian and Liza is ROMANTIC TAKEOVER half Jewish andalf African American Their differences come up in the project but don t really affect their friendship or anything else so the book is about differences in general rather than particular cultures The problems were realistic and the families were great and supportive even when they weren t perfect Weaknesses There isn t much about Lillian s family and er mother is the most static character she does thaw a little at the very end but spends most of the book being really controlling and rather nasty Also it s risky to assign any sort of family istoryimmigration project because so many students Keeper of the Light have NO idea what their family background is often knowing nothing about their great grandparents Still a better choice than yet another bully school election or school dance themed bookWhat I really think I love books like this that are just easy and enjoyable to read don tave any Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, horrible sad problems and are just well and solidly written I d take twenty of these over oneorrible angst ridden tear jerker about a child who is grieving a parent any day and so would my students Go MX books. Take the class with them It seems like the perfect opportunity to snag some uality time with their over scheduled overstressed mothers if they can convince them to sign upSeveral eadaches and close calls later the girls at last find themselves in Chef Antonio's kitchen with their mothers in tow but the drama is only just beginnin.

Y ave learned all they need for their project and maybe even I really liked this book It was full of lots of drama and I really learned a lot about American cooking I would definitely recommend this to all those seventh graders who love cooking MS ADVISABLE 7th grade student reviewer MZhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018 Review by Sophie age 11 I would give it a 45 I liked this book and the characters I also like that this is a book about cooking because I like those types of books I ve already read it twice I m looking forward to the next book I first learned of this book when it was recommended as a WeNeedDiverseBooks selection by someone on Twitter What an incredibly important book for young girls It goes beyond simply teaching that we all descended from immigrants touching on the issues of friendship and mom daughter bonding I love books that are not only fun but teach you a few things I felt like this book was just confusing One of the characters Lillian I think it was was talking about The Women of Easter hower family isn t rich at all and then when she s describing Why Are You So Scared? herouse she s like It s a decent looking The Power of One house I guess with four floors and gardens in the front and back How can you not be rich and live in a four storyouse in California Another thing I didn t like about it was that all the girls were spoiled brats who were so used to getting what they wanted when they wanted it they even sometimes blackmailed people into doing what they wanted That s pretty much what each and everyone of them did to get their mom s to take the cooking class with them Don t be ridiculous Lillian If I can make a bird s nest soup I m uite sure I can make a French fry or The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hamburger patty that was Lillian s mom talking and nowere s Lillian Okay then Mama I say Prove it Can anyone else see He Who Dares how mean they are to their mom s And that was just one example I could go on and on aboutow many faults this book The Thing About December has but that would make reading this review like anour long so I will spare you a few details I would not recommend reading this book unless you are eight or else you will probably Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar hate it A great easy read Frankieas to impress t her social studies teacher Mr McEnroe who sheas an itty bitty crush on and when e gives them an assignment Frankie immediately picks er BFF Liza as Stand Up and Fight her partner But when Lizaears they ave to partner up in groups of three she becomes determined to include the new kid Lillian whether Frankie likes it or not It s a funny friendly book and I ighly recommend it Liza and Frankie ave been friends forever and alw. Suddenly three's a crowd Especially after the trio is grouped together for a big sixth grade social studies project can they put aside their animosity long enough to succeed When Liza suggests they all take a cooking class with the chef from er favorite cooking show for the project the girls are on board but they need an adult to.

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I think this book was really good I liked Londons Glory (Bryant May, how the author went in detail to really explain the main characters lives I would definitely recommend this book to young readers who can read chapter books but there are some tricky words for them I liked when Liza kind of took the lead on the idea for the project I also likeow they switched perspectives when i was reading I was always on the edge of my seat I did not like that it seamed like some of the characters were to obnoxious it was a litt One of the main characters was so obnoxious that I Jingle Bells had little patience and no sympathy forer The three characters alternated being the narrator for the chapters I wish authors wouldn t use names that are similar or start with the same letter at least not with the main characters I kept mixing up Liza with Lillian the two non obnoxious characters I didn t think I was going to like this book but it turned out to be fairly entertaining It s about a school project two friends a new girl and three very different families Liza and Frankie are best friends and always do their school projects together This time they are reuired to ave 3 in a group Liza chooses the new girl Lillian Frankie doesn t exactly welcome Lillian with open arms Since the project is about immigration Liza comes up with the idea to do a cooking class that focuses on dishes brought to AmericaThere s a lot of character diversity in this book Frankie is Italian Lillian is Chinese Liza is AfricanJewish Each girl signs up for the class along with their mothers Frankie s mom is a terrible cook Liza s mom can cook but doesn t ave time Lillian s mom is a control freak who thinks she s the best at everything By the end all the girls Troys have done a lot of problem solving appreciate their moms andave grown from a twosome to a threesome A lot appens at each cooking class Girls who like to cook will love this book Levine Deborah The Saturday Cooking Club Kitchen Chaos 319 pages Simon Schuster 2015 8 Language G 0 swears 0 f Mature Content G Violence G Liza and Frankie are two seventh graders who ave been best friends since they were little They were the best team for school projects until their social studies teachers Mr McEnroe asked all the students to be in groups of three for their big immigration project The third person of their team is a girl named Lillian whose parents came from China They take a Saturday cooking class with a famous cooking show ost named chef Antonio to learn about american cooking for their project After six weeks of taking the class The. Can their friendships take the eat A trio of mothers and daughters will find out when they sign up for a cooking class from a famous chef in the first book of the Saturday Cooking Club series it's mother daughter bonding and so much Liza and Frankie ave always been best friends But when new girl Lillian arrives from San Francisco.

Deborah's writing for children adults and everyone in between has appeared in books magazines and online She lives works eats and occasionally cooks in Brooklyn New York with her husband two kids and two cats Deborah's books include The Saturday Cooking Club #1 Kitchen Chaos Aladdin 2015 Parker Picks Simon & Schuster 2002 and Love Miscellany Skyhorse 2012 She is also the