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Book This one was marginally better since there wasn t much Daniel but everything just felt wrong about it It took way too long to get to the actual mystery and Molly s friendship with the artists was just an excuse to throw some actual historical people in the book The majority Dear authorPlease spell Dreyfusard correctly There should be a every time not just some of the timePlease be consiste I have read some of the less glowing reviews here and then decided to read the book I feared that I would be influenced but this mystery impressed me enough For knowledgeable people this book had warts and all but I can only relay what I felt Had I not had my spoilers I would have had praise for this Parisian whodunit During the first fifth of the story I couldn t gloss over the boorishness of Molly s husband Married life is fraught with desensitization compromise or rebellion Molly has a finger in each of those pies Daniel Sullivan was a charming man who courted his belle with conviction His misogyny showed a bit even then But only here have we readers been subject to his loutish laugh In the light of the bombingawful pun I know the opinion I have of him does not change Sadly this portrait of married life is the most realistic aspect of this book I was looking forward to the voyage across the Atlantic However the author could not capture the spirit of the journey She could not relay the uaint nature of ships of the time Unlike other books Molly regularly finds the stepping stones that are nice people during her entire adventure in this novel Mrs Pinkerton was one of them Madeleine herself in France would be another I have read a couple of reviews about Molly s trivial view of her duties as a mother What can I say I agree but I would never have picked on that by myself The description of Paris is where the writer has a modicum of gusto and enthusiasm The shameless and ridiculous use of past visual artists like Pablo heavy Spanish accent paints raggedly paints in blue Picasso is distracting and removes us from what makes the story real I thought and I may be wrong that so many future celebrities make the coincidence seem surreal Not only that but the city of Paris itself looks to be very little Like a two bit burg The presence of recurring character Justin Hartley adds to this feeling The latter was unnecessary to the plot and brought nothing to the table I liked both Sid and Gus I now can differentiate between the two The locals of France had their speech presented in English That s a welcome decision for non speaking English readers The locals did not have their own voice They didn t have distinctive traits That complaint was buried whenever the detective aspects of Molly Murphy was on the rise though I guessed the murderer s identity way sooner than to my liking Like everything French it was a crime of passion Very cliche but there ou D philosophical debates And when in the course of her search she stumbles across a dead body Molly on her own in a foreign country starts to wonder if she and Liam might be in even danger in Paris than they had been at homeAs Impressionism gives way to Fauvism and Cubism and the Dreyfus affair rocks France Molly races through Paris to outsmart a killer in City of Darkness and Light.

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Molly Murphy mystery series It is the second of the series to take place primarily outside of New York City in another country The country this time is France and the city is Paris in its heyday of cutting edge artists and intellectuals The ear is 1905 and major cities such as New York and Paris are bursting with history and change upon which the twentieth century will be built Rhys Bowen once again seamlessly weaves the fiction of Molly s exploits with this metamorphic history and the reader is presented with historical figures integrally enmeshed in the story line Of course one of the strengths of Bowen s writing is transporting readers to an earlier time and place through her well researched connections of people to plot The Paris of 1905 at the zenith of seminal modernist artists provides a bevy of real life characters such as Degas Picasso Monet and Cassatt And the places of Montmartre and Montparnasse will become wonderfully familiar Bowen even works the Dreyfus affair and Gertrude Stein into a story where the history of Jewish discrimination is evidentAs City of Darkness and Light begins Molly has no thoughts of Paris and famous artists other than the occasional letter from her friends Sid and Gus who have traveled to that progressive city in order for Gus to explore her artistic endeavors Molly is uite happy with her new family of her husband Daniel and son Liam However Daniel s police business intrudes into their lives in a most devastating manner as retaliation from the newly formed Costa Nostra takes the form of a bomb that destroys Molly and Daniel s cozy home and very nearly costs them their lives The solution to keeping Molly and Liam safe while Daniel searches for answers to the bombing is for Molly to take refuge with Sid and Gus in Paris Molly and Liam sail for the safety of Paris but to Molly s dismay her friends are not there to meet her and have seemingly disappeared In Molly s attempt to locate her missing friends she stumbles into a murder of a famous American artist who has resided in Paris for twenty Laurus years Molly s journey to locate Sid and Gus will take her into the heart of the artist community and reuire heret once to unscrabble a mystery of complex scope Molly also discovers that the Paris Surete is no fonder of interference than the New York Ciy policeFollowers of the Molly Murphy series will be well pleased with Molly s latest excursion into murder and mayhem Although now a married woman and a mother Molly hasn t lost any of her drive and determination to use her powers of detection in solving et another confounding death and clear the names of the innocent This lady is made of far sterner stuff than sugar and spice and everything nice and she never ceases to win us over with her unconventional bravado MehI wanted to like it because it s Paris but I should have stopped with this series after the last. Paris to stay with her friends Sid and Gus who are studying art in the City of LightBut upon arriving in Paris nothing goes as planned Sid and Gus seem to have vanished into thin air and Molly's search to figure out what happened to them will lead her through all levels of Parisian society from extravagant salons to the dingy cafes where starving artists linger over coffee and lou.

Did not finishThe book failed the 50 page ruleCaptain Daniel Sullivan is an annoying obnoxious arse Only the fact it s a library book saved it from being thrown with great force across the room This book was not as engaging as prior entries It was much slower paced and seemed to drag Plus there was too much touring around ParisThis was a Let s meet famous people book as well Pablo Picasso Gertrude Stein Mary Cassatt and Booth Tarkington all make an appearance While it is possible to run into celebrities I always find it hard to buy into it happening in a novel because it seems forced Realistically what are the odds of an average person crossing paths with four famous people in three days in a city the size of ParisDespite this Bowen delivers an interesting murder in a tale full of twists setbacks and wrong turnsAnd that s enough to It s always great fun to spend some time with Molly Murphy now known as Mrs Molly Sullivan The story was great loved that Sid and Gus had a bigger part in this book And also loved that Molly got to spend time in another country and town My reason why I gave this book a three star rating was I felt in places the story just kept going in circles I didn t really feel any growth in Molly as a character even though now she is a mother I didn t really care that much for Daniel in this book he hasn t been one of my favorite characters in the series I just don t like how he treats Molly sometimes in the books and especially in this book I was so glad he didn t have a big part in this book When a case Daniel is working on turns dangerous Molly and Liam leave New York to join Sid and Gus in Paris But when her reception is not what she expected is Molly in danger now than she was beforeMore than any other book in the series I felt this one had a large number of real people popping up in Molly s fictional world The plot was good with some twists I didn t expect and the characters are so real by this point I just love visiting them All told it was a great trip back to 1905NOTE I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest reviewRead my full review at Carstairs Considers Mully Murphy is comfort reading for me usually a witty light mystery packed with feminism and historical details Alas it seems no longer to be the case after 13 instalments it seems that Molly lost her spite This book was mostly about walking around aimlessly and miserably There were also a few superficial discussions about art paintings thrown in the mix which couldn t have been repe The only reason I picked this book up was Mystery Plucky girl Detective ParisAlas I am not going to add this author to my list of must readsview spoiler First of all the whole mystery is her wandering around Paris looking for her friends and asking other people if they knew where they were uite boring hide spoiler Be prepared to be wowed by lucky 13 in the. Molly and Daniel Sullivan are settling happily into the new routines of parenthood but their domestic bliss is shattered the night a gang retaliates against Daniel for making a big arrest Daniel wants his family safely out of New York City as soon as possible In shock and grieving but knowing she needs to protect their infant son Liam Molly agrees to take him on the long journey to.

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