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Ll the action scenes is amazing but that s not all this book has going for it I find all the characters intriguing and the conversations and interactions between them is something I really njoy with this series as a whole I m really hoping I get of Veliana in this last book though because I feel like her and the whole Ash Guild is a bit overshadowed and cloaked in mystery Overall Thoroughly The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) enjoyed and would 1010 recommendFavorite Character ZusaOther Favorites Haern Thren and Alyssa Least Favorite Character Daverick This is a series that started off fairly meh but managed to build to an incredible degree The blurbs on several books in this series have mentioned Game of Thrones and the author s note at thend have mentioned David Dalglish doesn t write the most mentally challenging books Of course I can t say that with 100% certainty since I ve only read this Shadowdance series and none of his others In this book the author tried to set up the next book which is the only thing that worked for himHearn the Watcher I discovered is Batman I mean he prowls the rooftops targeting the criminal Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, empires of the capital city wearing a black and grey cloak ho I cannot believe that this is the penultimate book already I really liked this book though not as fast andngaging as the fourth book A Dance of Shadows What I did like was Haren and Thren s relationship Again not going into detail due to spoilers as I aforementioned in other reviews Muzien s cunning and the roll of his charming tongue was delightful almost reminiscent of Sebastian Morgenstern from the Shadowhunter books only if he were an lf and much older I do like the vibe that David Dalglish imprinted in this book setting us up for the grand finale but then again so do other penultimate books in a series second if it s a trilogy I cannot wait what the last book. Widow Alyssa Gemcroft struggles to hold together the remnants of the Trifect as the Sun Guild's arrival threatens to shatter whatever future her son might have left Veldaren's only hope is in the Watcher but Haern is no longer there With his father Thren Felhorn he is traveling to the Stronghold an ancient bastion of the dark.

I m so hyped for the final book It s gonna be pic I njoyed this book in the trilogy There was some closure of certain storylines and some additions as well I felt some were added that didnt need to be and some parts forced instead of being as fluid as on the past but xcited for the next book This is the fifth book into a series so it s limited what I can say without giving away too much I ve been reading the Shadowdance series for a while now and I Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoy them for being uick reads set in a fantasy world that I donjoy I really like the main characters and I ve come to love a lot of the side characters as well That said it felt like A Dance of Ghosts was suffering from being the fifth in a series that The Man Without a Face ends with the sixth book It s not a bad book but not a lot happens The few issues that take place are resolved uickly and without too much drama It felt a little bit tooasy and the plot was lacking a bit compared to the previous books I know that Shadowdance is just part of David Dalglish s larger fantasy world but I just personally think it s too late to introduce new races such as Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) elves and orcs It should have been mentioned in the first book It feels like the whole setting is being changed and I m not a fan of that I honestly didn t know what I was getting into with this book I think this was the book that took the longest so far to read in the series but I didnjoy it a lot It was nice to get away from Veldaren for a bit just for some fresh air The way these characters are progressing is making me so Gone (Gone, excited to read this last book but I know I m going to be so sad to finish this series one that I mxtremely fond of Some characters returned which I was NOT xpecting and we get a good glimpse into what s going to be taking place in the final book but I m certain there will be MANY surprises The detail in From USA Today bestselling author David DalglishThe underworld trempbles at the rise of the sunIn book #5 of the Shadowdance series a night of fire and blood heralds Muzien the Darkhand's arrival to Veldaren With him comes the might of the Sun Guild ager to spread their criminal mpire Left blind after being attacked by the.

Has in store Another strong ntry in this amazing series that has captured and held my interest for uite some time and refuses to let go David Dalglish continues to Untitled. exceed myxpecations in this volatile action driven Wiring epic saga Dalglish does a courageous job of transitioning characters and story lines with careful thought and precisionxecution never losing my attention Commendable indeed Onto the next Work well done David Dalglish well done A well written book Mainly to set up for the final book but there is a lot Against All Odds emphasis on the relationships between characters This allows the reader to fill in some blanks while simultaneously changing the readers opinion of a few characters Predominantly the story revolves around Haern Thren and Muzien the dark hand Tying in some historical information to bring the fragments of certain characters together I really like this series and this book once again was greatLots of action and finally some mystery cleared to us readers I mean now we know who is the real villain behindverything Still much things to discover in the last book of this seriesIt was really great to see Haern and Thren working together Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage evenach of them having different goalsDelysia proved to be a badass She is powerful and fearlessSeeing Delysia Haern and Thren traveling together it was like seeing the good and bad advising Haern I don t know if many people liked or didn t like that the writer brought Ghost back to the story but I liked itIt gave him a good The DOS ending Because he was a bad thing but he realized all the awful things he did and he looked for forgiveness for all of this So for me it was like the good won in thend Even if it was just with him for nowFinally that Melody has her Against All Odds end I never liked herven with all the cruelty that she suffered still that didn t make her a good personBut speaking Paladins of Karak Will they find the answers they seek Or will the Stronghold be their final destinationKiller or savior; the line can no longer remain blurred Fantasy author David Dalglish continues his tale of retribution and darkness in this never before released novel in the Shadowdance series following A Dance of Shadow.

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