Jenny Allen: Would Everybody Please Stop? Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas

Ead of in a hotel I highly recommend Would Everybody Please Stop Thanks to NetGalley and Farrar Strauss Giroux for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review Jenny Allen is a whacky writer and this book was such a pleasure to read Her mental meanderings are entertaining yet familiar and I find it so comforting to read a train of thought I ve had myself I particularly loved the story Speak Memory in this regard I related for myself uring some stories and for my mother who has been through A Teachers Guide to American Tapestry divorce and is navigating the world anew afterecades of being one of two shakers What Happens to Our Trash? during others Throughout there is a humorous and graceful approach to theecidedly ungraceful situations life sometimes puts us in Jenny Allen seems like an admirable woman and we have some things in common I liked some of these essays very much and others less so Humor about life s challenges is sometimes just not funny I m The Pursuit of Mary Bennet dithering between 35 and 4 stars for Jenny Allen s humorous and often for me at least spot on essays on Being a Woman of a Certain Age Some folks will compare this to Nora Ephron s marvelous I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK and I can see why But the tone is completelyifferent Ephron writes in a languid tone as if she and the reader were chatting on a porch while sipping white wine In WOULD EVERYBODY PLEASE STOP Allen flings her sentences and thoughts She reminds me of that mesmerizing guest you meet at a party who borders on being obnoxious but stops just shortAt her best Allen is LOL hilarious as in Can I Have Your Errands when she muses on the message men in finance send out by wearing suspenders I m the sort of fellow whose pants will never fall Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, down so you can trust me with your money And in Scary Stories for Grown Ups which every person over the age of 50 willelight in especially grandparentsOther essays seem tacked on Often in this slim book I had the sense Allen was pressed for three or four entries and phoned them in That s a shame because when her writing is at its best she s charming and entertaining. And she regularly acts in other plays and she brings that same spirit to these thirty five short essays which read like the work of a female Dave Barry Writing on places both real like a swag Shooting for a Century den for celebrities at Sundance and the parking lot at LLBean’s flagship store and imaginary a Buddhist retreat attended by Martha Stewart Elmer Fudd’s psychotherapy appointment Allen’s wit and compassion give a fresh slant on the vicissitudes ofay to I, Partridge day and not soay to ay li.

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I was looking for something funny and I idn t find this humorous at all but rather ordinary Hilariously funny Author was real and Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light down to earth Great book just to sitown and laugh withI received this book thru Netgalley but it had no bearing on the rating I gave it I was expecting from this book It started off very well The essay on not being able to sleep was hilarious Toward the middle of the book it Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, dropped off a bit There One of the funniest writers in America Andy BorowitzOh Andy In yourefense I m sure you said to yourself No one takes jacket blurbs seriously And you re right But okay Fine Still I hope you felt at least a little guiltyNot all the essays are Six Days in Leningrad dull A few are mildly funny Iidn t laugh out loud or even chortle once while reading this book or interesting Swagland about a trip with her The Darkness daughter to the Sundance Film Festival is modestly amusing And I Can t Get that Pen Out of My Mind where she talks about having accidentally intercepted a well a pen pic sent to her thirteen year oldaughter is surprisingly thoughtful and sweet Hair Today Gone Tomorrow which concerns wigs and chemo is worth reading But most of them are just terribly Flyboy dull Basically just lists Foods she likes Things that are wrong with her house Anxieties she has as a houseguest Maybe if they wereelivered skillfully in a stand up comedy routine to a fairly A Dark Sicilian Secret drunk audience they get laughs But in book form they Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek don t Or at least theyidn t for me I love her voice both style and sound great audiobook and find her personal essays better than her fictional pieces Laughed out loud several times and the humor is balanced with levity But the scale tips towards humor Basically I want Jenny to be my friend Allen s collection of reflections is highly variable Some stories especially those at the beginning of the book were so banal I like food I lose things all the time my ex husband is mean people need to stop being so annoying Yes andOther stories were bizarre original and humour Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography driven Some missed the mark for me that entry ima. Humorous essays about Jenny Allen’s attempt to make sense of the baffling and annoying world around herIn Would Everybody Please Stop a collection of first person essays and humor pieces Jenny Allen asks the tough uestions Whyo people say “It is what it is” What’s the point of fat free half and half Why At the Italians Command don’t the womenetectives on TV carry purses and where are we supposed to think they keep all their stuff And haven’t we heard enough about memesReporting from

Gining Elmer Fud in therapy Tawk Thewapy what But others were entertaining and I appreciated the originality Scary Stories for Grown ups Finally some stories about experiences in Allen s life were genuinely interesting and others could learn from them such a Swagland a behind the scenes look at the Sundance Film Festival or Hair Today Gone Tomorrow about purchasing and wearing wigs Oh Baby! during chemotherapy treatmentThe overall sense from this collection is one of confusion The book tries to be too manyifferent things and ends up failing to be very good at anything Sloane Crosley s essays are intricate and thoughtful Jenny Lawson s books are honest and interesting in their eccentricities BJ Novak and David Sedaris Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, do short hilarious stories much better fiction and non fiction respectively Some of the reflections on life were really good but as the title implies there were lots of bad ideas in this book too Jenny Allen is hilarious and her new collection of essays proves it Would Everybody Please Stop kept me laughing at times with tears streamingown my face from the time I picked it up until I finished it all in one sitting A few of the essays are serious addressing topics relevant to today s world but every essay is outstanding I loved each and every one which rarely happens to me when reading a compilation such as this one My favorite hands The Maid of Lorne down was How to Tie Dye where sheecides she has free time while staying in a motel uring a snow storm and starts to tie ye a bunch of shirts The project goes hilariously awry I enjoyed it so much that as I was writing this review I had to go back and read it again Swagland Take My House Please and My Gratitudes are not far behind I also really liked My New Feminist Cop Show which I truly appreciated because the issues she raises are ones I have repeatedly mentioned to my husband while watching shows with female How to Become a Virgin detectives Her essay on this topic is spot on I also loved I Have to Go Now because that is exactly what happens to me when weecide to stay at someone s home inst. He potholes midway through life’s journey Allen addresses these and other serious matters like the rude awakenings of being single after twenty five years of mothering a teenager and of living with a serious illness She also iscusses life’s everyday trials like the horrors of attempting a crafts project the anxieties of being a houseguest and the ever changing rules of recyclingAllen is a performer at heart her one woman show I Got Sick Then I Got Better premiered in 2009.