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Ce by culling out relevant ieces and lacing them in thematic gestalts to resent some essential aspects of his ecosophy Some chapters have interesting titles related to the Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen philosophical concepts he expounds about beautiful action about thelace of joy in a world of fact the need for modesty in the conuest of mountains gestalt thinking and Buddhism and so on I liked some Fline en Lingerie parts of the book For instance on thinking deeply about and bringing to the fore the underlyinghilosophies normative structures and hypotheses on which we base our actions About argumentation and Surface principles that should guide the way we debate argue with opponents and the importance of language and communication Hi. S in which he calls for nonviolent cooperative action torotect the Earth Rich with observations insights and anecdotes Naess' writings draw from Eastern religious ractices Gandhian nonviolent direct action and Spinozan unity systems Playful and compassion.

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S effort to integrate the three great world movements eace social justice and the ecologyenvironmental movement His linking of Spinoza and Gandhi and the emphasis on activeness if not action and activism in the movementFor someone who laid so much emphasis on language and communication his texts are nevertheless not easy reading The chapters on direct The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams philosophical subjects are dense and not for the faint hearted layerson who has not engaged with such reasoning The Introduction by the editors is too long winded and mostly eulogy to Naess and disappointing in that respect Recommendation if you buy or see the book read the chapters that attract your attention and safely leave the rest. Ate in tone Ecology of Wisdom showcases Naess' exceptional enthusiasm wit and spiritual fascination with nature while educating each of us about the steps we must take to rescue the lanet and illuminating the relevance of this important environmental advoca.

Kindle Ebook Saw a good review of this in Ode Magazine He is a mentor of mine from one of his first widely read books Deep Ecology This guy was good Very good self realization essay hit the sweetest As someone with a new interest in the hilosophy of deep ecology I was looking for a lay Spring Snow persons introduction I found some of these essays too theoretical and at a academic level than I could cope with sadly My favourite was describing the microcosm around and living in the hut at Tvergastein My first encounter with the writings of Naess one of the founders of what he called the long range deep ecology movement As a snapshot of his extensive writings this bookerhaps does a some justi. A founder of the Deep Ecology Movement Arne Naess' has The Greatest Victory produced articles on environmentalism that haverovided unmatched inspiration for ecologists hilosophers and activists worldwide This collection amasses a definitive group of Naess' most important work.

Næss was a Norwegian philosopher known foremost as the founder of the concept Deep EcologyNæss combined his ecological vision with Gandhian nonviolence and on several occasions participated in direct action events He was the youngest person to ever be promoted to professor at Oslo University 27 a position he inhabited from 1939 to 1970Næss' main philosophical work from the 1950s was entitled