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Ping to run into an acuaintance puts the things we take for granted in perspective The story f two beggars is heart wrenching and so are some thers What starts ut as a slow and laid back narrative soon picks speed and you find stories After the Ashes of increasing complexity The language is simple and the twists are clever but not in your face and that makes the stories relatable and accepted Ive read Shwetha s earlier books and I was eager to read her short stories This is a good collectionf stuff that happens to The Angry Planet ordinary folks like you and me This book leaves you wanting even after 22 stories Writing 22 stories around a single themef waiting and making them all stand Melody's Key out distinctly is no mean task And the writer accomplishes it with flying colors surprising meften in this simple but sweet collection A couple f stories like Ginger Garlic Memories feel a little short but the rest are vivid descriptions f life in waitingOne A Chance Acquaintance of the best I have read in recent times The stories in this collection highlightrdinary folks facing every day problems While mostly stories about Indian folks and I appreciated the look into lives different from my wn it also shows how similar we are as wellThe author she writes wellRecommend this collection Suspended Animation is a collection. About people like us scattered across the length and breadth f the world whose lives are in suspended animation Set in locations as diverse as Puerto Galera and Manila in the.

In these stories some f which are funny some are ironical some are sweet and some plain heart wrenching we join 22 characters for whom waiting is a constant reality f life Suspended Animation will make you think laugh and cringe a witty artful balancing act The Wallflower's Revenge of the normal and extraordinary with which all readers but especially young women will identify Spread across the length and breadthf the world from places like Scotland to Bangalore to the Phillipines these 22 short stories capture human emotions f anticipation fear f the unknown the tingle War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of expectancyr plain resignation to fate One Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World of the best short story collections I have read and definitely the best by a single author 22 short storiesn ne theme and there was never a dull moment I loved the references to Kerala and could see the connections and even the mood f the place well shown The stories are mostly emotional so I would have liked some funny r comic pieces but apart from that the collection rocks I even read a few stories twice The Story about the LochNess monster sums it up for me That someone could put a simple and innocent looking theme and conne Suspended Animation is simply a fantastic collection f shorts with some real tearjerkers I was deeply moved by the story Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills of a cabbie ho. Suspended Animation – the statef being alive yet not uite; a condition where life stands still despite the blood coursing through Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together our veins This collectionf 22 stories is.

Of 22 short stories f rdinary folks and their lives where constant waiting is a reality Blue Blood of life The stories are set in places like Loch Inverness in Scotland Puerto Galera and Manila in the Philippines Bangalore Mumbai and KeralaAll the 22 stories in this book are basedn the unifying theme The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of waiting Shweta Ganesh Kumar wonderfully depicts the pangsf frustration created by the anticipation brought about by the suspended time The lives f rdinary people whom we can relate to are narrated realistically in the form It's Like This of these short storiesThe first story The Matrimonial Clock was something that I could perfectly understand as I have been through the same gamutf emotions like Tara the thirty six year The Mirage old protagonistf the story went through I couldn t keep aside the book after reading this first story The issue f global warming is also touched upon in an interesting manner in ne Rituels secrets des Templiers of the storiesThe stories are short crisp and simple yet interesting and leaves the reader wanting to knowf what happens beyond the suspended time This book is a compelling read and I must say this is the best collection f short stories that I have read I would recommend this to all the readersFull review n I received a free copy A Mild Suicide of this book from LibraryThing for an honest revie. Philippines Loch Inverness in Scotland and Bangalore Mumbai and Kerala in India ‘Suspended Animation’ is all about thosef us for whom waiting is a constant reality f li.

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Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a writer and travel columnist An alumnus of the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication she worked as Communications Officer for Greenpeace India and as a correspondent with CNN IBN before dedicating her life to writing Her third book and first novella 'A Newlywed's Adventures in Married Land' is now available worldwide from Toronto based publishers Indireads 
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