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E and one of the highlights of the book she s so entertaining especially when she s using slang and later starts imitating Rafe and using curse wordsCOMPLAINTThe living arrangement of the hero and heroine throughout the book is completely unrealistic it s bad enough when Rafe a complete stranger sleeps in the stable while the unmarried and unchaperoned Felicity and her ounger sister are living alone right next door in the house but when he then moves into the house with them Yes there is some very little gossipeyebrows raised but not really which doesn t fit at all with the times It s not even like Felicity is firmly on the shelf she s only 22 However I think slightly unbelievable plot aspects can be overlooked if the book is good enough and Taming Rafe is on the whole a great read Taming Rafe is one of Suzanne Enoch s older novels and one I was unsure whether to read because of the premise For the entire story the hero and the heroine are living under the same roof unchaperoned except for the presence of the heroine s 8 Undercover Pregnancy year old sister If this set up bothersou consider ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 yourself informedI accepted this set up and jumped in mostly because I love Enoch stories and I m running out of them I was unsure how to rate this one I think ultimately it falls between a 3 and a 4The hero Rafe is a carefree goofball who has been overly protected and smothered by his powerful father and cool headed brother so much so that he is adrift unsure what will make him happy and constantly searching the world for a place to fit in The heroine Felicity is firmly rooted in England so much so that she is living in a house whose roof has caved in and because it is her home When Rafe wins said home in a card game from Felicity s feckless brother he thinks he has won a gold mine and some easy money to finance his next journey abroad Instead he finds the rundown place and two tough females Felicity and her little sister May They first mistake Rafe for an insane intruder and the first first meeting is uite hilariousAs Rafe uncovers bits and pieces about the home he has won he begins to take ownership and make repairs At first he does this convincing himself it will help with the sale but as a reader it was clear to me that he was staying because he finally felt like he belonged somewhere Rafe is attracted to Felicity physically while also being invigorated by the way she is willing to go toe to toe with him and take on whatever burdens were needed for others Felicity is also attracted to Rafe and he flusters her but also makes her realize that she doesn t have to do everything herself The two have some hilarious banter mostly due to Rafe He really was uite funny Some of my favorite scenes were with him and 8ear old May I usually don t like how children are depicted in novels but in this one it was fun and showed a uniue side of Rafe and I loved him for itHere was one of my favorite uotes where Rafe was teasing Felicity His smile deepened So Hummer you do think about kissing meThese days she barely thought of anything else Among other things she hedgedI think of other things too Wouldou like to hear themWill they be socially acceptableRafe chuckled No Most of the humor is like that a little bit suggestive very clever and never mean These two didn t snipe at each other and Rafe stayed his affable self through the whole book The only time the veneer rubbed off was when someone threatened May or Felicity then the old soldier in him came out and it was gripping to see how intense he could beOverall I enjoyed this book because of Rafe and May They were hilarious and had a joie de vivre that is addictive So why only an average rating Two things the heroine and the over the top villain Felicity has many likeable characteristics and I appreciated her strength However her independence was also her downfall She was inflexible and stubborn and refused to ever look at things from Rafe s point of view She expected him to do all the bending for their relationship while she kept everything exactly as she liked it This bugged me to no end because relationships are all about give and takeand that is what Rafe deserved Onto the villainoh the villain You get little snippets of his thoughts throughout the novel so it comes as no surprise once he makes his move What did surprise me was just how villainous he was It got really dramatic at the end and seemed pretty far fetched to meSo reasons to read this book include a hilarious witty hero who is on the sweeter side for those who ve read Taming an Impossible Rogue I d say Rafe is close to Keating on the one line zingers but he has less of an edge a really fun little sister and a simple setting away from busy London Reasons to be wary should With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you have pet peeves include a complete disregard for propriety I m not sure that even in the countryside the villagers would have be okay with the heroine and heroine living together unmarried a lot of last minute drama and a stubborn and sometimes stupid heroineIfou re obsessed with Enoch like me give it a try If ou re new to her there are others that are better Nicely done but empty Regency the seuel to By Love Undone a slightly worthy bookRafe is the uintessential ounger brother who lives and loves to disappoint his domineering Duke of a father Domineering but still loving so we re talking typical rebellious second son not broken bad boy Rafe wants to travel primarily to get away from his father and older brother s expectations While trying to win enough money to get to China Africa or wherever he wins a broken down estate insteadB. No his plan was to sell the place and be off on his next adventure until he met Felicity Suddenly days and nights spent with Felicity in his arms seem far alluring than any exotic land His roguish heart can't explain itunless love is the greatest adventure of all.

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Accepting that knowing the blame lies with her own brother My favorite favorite thing about this story has to be Rafe and Felicity The way they are together makes ou heart warm You feel their hesitation their fears of not being loved fears of being each other s burden fears of taking away each other s dream Their struggles come from love They want what s best for each other and would rather sacrifice themselves so that the other person could be happy No past ugly history No abuse Just 2 people falling in love having conflicting goals and trying to come to terms with the fact that there may be something important than what they initially thought they could not part with What I also really liked about the story may not be everybody s cup of tea Rafe and Felicity have no ualms well they did but not enough to prevent them from admitting that they love each other They hold back because of course they both fear rejection fear not being good enough for the other person to leave their dreams behind Rafe s traveling and Felicity s love for her famile home But they both braved it They fell in love in spite of knowing that there may be no future for them They are kind and loving to each other they are open about their hurts jealousy and disapopintment Most important of all they own up to those emotions They know they had no reason to expect commitment from each other and they do not blame the other person when they are let down They know their relationship is at odds with their original goals They realize that they are disappointed not because the other person is a major ass and did not care They accept that the other person has other objectives and it is not a reflection of their feelings towards each other I think it shows both characters are mature and able to deal with their however unwarranted feelings of inferiority while being compared to the other person s dreams The characters and the relationship get 5 stars from me without a doubt I love the book myself but the book has some major holes The plots are sometimes too simple too transparent and too convenient The last 20% of the book was abrupt and under developed How uninhibited Felicity is about becoming intimate with Rafe is a little shocking though depicted with class In all honesty I cannot give the book 5 stars The plots have much potentials and could have been so great But the story is already almost 400 pages long and any further development is unlikely It is a story that warmed my heart I could have finished the book in one sitting But I was procrastinating with this book just so that I could stay with Rafe and Felicity a little longer Great Bancroft Brothers seuel wandering rake meets responsible down on her luck country girl and falls in loveTaming Rafe is the second of Suzanne Enoch s Bancroft Brothers books the seuel to By Love Undone I really enjoyed it but I would also highly recommend reading the preuel it s the better of the two and one of Enoch s best IMOSUMMARYRafael Bancroft 28 the ounger brother of uin Bancroft hero in By Love Undone and the son of the Duke of Highbarrow is the bad boy of his family They despair of him ever settling down or taking on any responsibilities though this isn t really accurate since he spent 7 Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah years in the military Rafe wanting to cut his dependency on his family and find his own funding for his latest adventure which he ll start in either China or India is ecstatic when he unexpectedly wins an estate in a card game figuring he ll uickly sell it and use the money to finance his travels Unfortunately upon his arrival he doesn t find what he expected but instead a rundown estate with a house that is falling apart and a west wing that has literally caved in along with the two sisters of the man who gambled away Forton Hall who are completely unaware that their home is no longer theirsTo his great surprise Rafe is inexplicably drawn to Forton Hall and it s lovely residents Felicity 22 23 and May 8 Harrington Before he knows what he s about he s making plans to tear down the stable and then building a new one designing a new west wing and trying very hard to get rid of Felicity s far too friendly neighbor and would be suitor A delightful hero and heroine with pretty good chemistry isn t Enoch s best interesting relationship development with obstacles to overcome that are realistic and well portrayed utterly charmingounger sister and a bad guy subplot involving a secret loan combine to make Taming Rafe an enjoyable readCHARACTERSFelicity is strong and independent she s only 22 but has a great deal of responsibility in charge of Forton Hall and raising her ounger sister Meg one of the best characters of the book Her twin brother Nigel is basically good for nothing and only does harm to the family s finances and situation When the book starts part of the house has collapsed they re buying everything on credit in the local village and Felicity and Meg take care of all of the cooking cleaning etc because they ve had to let go of all of the servantsRafe is a great soon to be reformed rake hero scar and all he s intelligent charming friendly and can be deliciously possessive and jealous As Felicity points out at one point in the book his problem isn t so much that he s not interested in anything or never has goals but rather he is never allowed by his family to get fully involved with anything because they re always dragging him back home making him feel that everything he does is insignificant his father didn t want him in the military His relationship with Meg is absolutely adorabl. Mily and herself from ruin at the hands of the handsome rake But how can she when she lies in bed each night longing for her irresistible enemy's touchUNTIL HE MET THE RIGHT ONERafe might have won Forton Hall in a card game but he had no intention of settling down.

45 Charming characters in a tale told with sweet humour and tenderness I absolutely loved Rafe He was made out to be a cad and wanderer but the story revolves around how he falls for Felicity is absolutely adorable with her 8 r old sister May and finally how he rebuilds the Fornton House itself I thought it would be a fluffy romance novel but this book really amazed me It had emotion and humor involvedThis was a scene which made me all gooey inside and I re read it just to visualize the whole thing again and againShe looked down at him again heat rushing through her at the mer Downgraded from 5 to 3 I liked both Rafael Rafe and Felicity Lis I think it was interesting to see a man who has always been restless find comfort He didn t realize what was happening and neither did she It is a story of a man over managed and constantly criticized by his father and older brother Luckily he has the love and acceptance of his mother to balance himI liked Felicity because although she experienced real disappointment she took only the time necessary to dwell on it She met obstructions head on without extra drama Thank ou for that SuzanneRafael was attracted to that strength of character in Felicity He gradually relaxed into the lifestyle of a landowner rather than the adventurer he d beenWonderful story enjoyed every minute This is a great book to read if ou want to see just how far Suzanne Enoch has come as a writer She s fabulous now and it s easy to tell that this is one of her earlier worksThe writing itself is eh and the historical accuracy is wanting The hero and heroine spend most of the book living together in the same house without much in the way of scandal Rafe is all right and Felicity for the most part is okay although she does have REALLY annoying moments where she ll ask him about his travels and then flip out when he says something complimentary and be like WHY DON T YOU JUST ADMIT THAT THIS PLACE IS BORING AND YOU HATE IT HERE AND EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE And that gets old really really fast She s basically one of those country misses that seems to hate the rest of the world because she s terrified that it s grander than the surroundings she s known all her life Little May her 8yo sister though steals the story She s a delight How I do enjoy Mrs Suzanne Enoch s work they are all witty and so full of actions with no idle timeAfter reading uinlan s story here is his brother s Rafael storyIt has a complete change of scenery with all the action taking place in the country in a falling down estateMiss Felicity Harrington is an heroine as I love them no badass but able to make things do not bending down even when up against the wall She fights for those she loves she makes mistakes but does not compromiseShe has not an easy life even for a Demonica young woman in the gentry despite living in a crumbling house she still helps those around her and is never mean even to those whom do not deserve itRafael Bancroft is on the run he does not really know from Hat he is running away but he can t stay in one place for too long he needs freuent change of places at least it is what he thinks he is looking for He never felt at home anywhere he thinks traveling the world is his ultimate goal when he just needs to find a place to put his luggages for good So when he stumbled in a dilapidated house he never thought he would be put down by an eightears old girl and a tea kettle and fall for her older sisterIt was so entertaining to see them arguing making peace then fighting again to realize how much they count for another and that maybe dreams can be reached even in one place or with one person on whom Buckley and Wilberta you can rely onI enjoyed to see interact how uickly Rafe fell for Felicity and her so funnyounger sister May May was a delightful little girl a bit agitated but perfectly crafted as was Beeks the loaned butlerIt was in all a very great read with its lot of vilains and good guys and a lovely romance I LOVE RAFE AND FELICITYThere I said it I had my heart up in my throat most of the time when Rafe and Felicity are together This is a extremely cute story of a second son of a duke and a damsel in distress aka the twin sister of a idiotic oung who lost his inheritance to said second son Rafe is a good natured rake He lacks nothing except a sense of belonging A rather first world problem he has I would say His problem is never measuring up to his older brother and his father s expections Popular among the ladies he uses traveling to disguise the emptiness of his life ok this is my interpretation He needs money for his next grand trip to the orient and Felicity s idiotic twin brother lost his inheritance to Rafe Rafe thought he hit the jackpot and went to the country holding hoping to sell it to finance his trip Major miscalculation The holding is a dump Felicity and her sister May are left behind They stay on in the family holding having no clue that their brother has lost the property to Rafe That is how Rafe met Felicity This story is light hearted There is no brooding hero no whining heroine Rafe is joyful He is a playboy a lady s man who enjoys the joy of life who seeks pleasure and is great fun Felicity is reasonable strong but vulnerable She cries but never is hysterical She never blamed Rafe for his claim on her family property He won it fair and suare Thank ou Ms Enoch for that I imagine another writer would exploit that piece of emotion and turn Felicity into a loyal heroine who fights to save her home Falicity loves her home but she knows it is not Rafe s fault and shows such grace in. This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380798867NO WOMAN COULD TAME HIMRafe Bancroft was nothing but a scoundrel But the sexy infuriating man was now the owner of Forton Hall Felicity Harrington's ancestral home The fiery beauty was determined to save her fa.

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