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3 Stars 45 stars 35 stars Loved itOkay Maree please tell me that you intend to continue with Noah s brothers Or the rest of the band I am already hookedseriously Wonderful Readingwaiting on the next book I would recommend this book Great price A strong story with so many social issues covered Normally this isn t the type of story ine I would read but I Soft Bots - Logic Bomb love the group of characters from Muse the first book that I want to read all their stories In saying that the book took me on a journey that Ioved Buy this book and support a great writer you won t be disappointed Holy crap this book was freakin awesome I Soft Bots - Changing Roles loved everything about this book with it starting as Mitch the drug dealer to Noah the undercover cop oh shit he was just so freaking hot iove those kind of characters tats piercings protective and so in Soft Bots - Fuzzy Logic love so intense especially with the sex Iove the way that Kaeli was strong in some ways and how the chemistry between them was awesome The story ine was great the action the drama the ove the sex everything I even Timbre Composition in Electroacoustic Music (Contemporary Music Review love that there was the band and Mia mentioned throughout the book Love the book actuallyove both books Want to know if the whole series is worth reading Read my overall review of the whole series at seriesousbookreviewscom Spoiler Free This book had a different type of plot Instruments of Darkness line th. Kaeli Williams is hiding a secret It isn’t one she wants to keep but with a stepfather as well respected as hers she isn’t sure anyone wouldisten to her even if she did tellNo one would believe what went on behind the closed doors at homeNot even her best friendIt’s a secret that kills her to keep especially because it pro.

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Exy I devoured it I couldn t slow down I NEEDED to know how it was going to turn out Noah is the hero every woman wants to rescue her and he does it so well He s intense passionate vulnerable sweet and so damn sexy You just want to eat him up I My Uncle Oswald loved Kaeli s vulnerability and bravery She was sweet and sassy She really grows on you and you will be rooting for her the whole way through this intense journeyCan t wait for by thisovely author The story is simply beautifulKaeli is definitely one of my favorite heroines I The Umbrella Man (Inspector Samuel Tay loved heroyalty and her The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations love to her mother for whom she was willing to do the things that Ken asked her to do and I also admire her braveryI also fell inove with Noah he is definitely swoon worthy I Beach Blanket Bad Boys loved his protectiveness and kind heart despite everything His attitude towards Kaeli was really heart warming and I m starting to have a thing for protective copsNoah and Kaeli s journey is amazing and sweet and the chemistry between them is absolutely wonderful The development of their relationship isn t slow nor fast just the perfect pace I really enjoyed how Kaeli had grown to trust Noah as Mitch before she knew his true identity and how she grew to care about himSimply Ioved this book and I wished if there was a seuel I would ove to read about Noah and Kaeli and it s funny how I personally. T to get killed But Fate it seems is not so fond of secrets When blackmail forces Kaeli right into the middle of Noah’s dangerous world of hard core drug dealers rapists and murderers secrets uickly become ticking time bombs trust becomes a necessity and protective instincts become primal Sometimes Fate just needs to be told.

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An Muse but a ot of the same feels The idea of finding someone who makes you feel safe comfortable and gets who you are as a person remains the theme for this series However the plot ine here was suspenseful than your average contemporary romance read There are elements of danger that make the story seem way dramatic than it needs to be but I knew that going into the story The dangerous storyline did keep me interested though because it was very unpredictable I m not a huge suspense fan but I iked the way it progressedIt Watching Ice And Weather Our Way lost me aittle near the end but I iked the majority of the book I iked the romance not as much as in the previous but that one is hard to beat I think Definitely another guilty pleasure read for me though I am very excited for Fade Check out spoiler free book and series reviews on my blog SERIESousBookReviewscom as well as read book series recaps Full Review Rating 355 The pairing in this one caught me off guard in a good way And every girl deserves an all consuming protective risk it all kind of Love Will Follow love Iove how never gave up even when he thought it was the right thing to do Beautiful JourneyTears and SmilesThis is the second book I have read by Maree Green and I LOVED the first one Muse This journey with Noah and Kaeli was beautiful heart wrenching intense passionate sweet and sooo Tects himBut she doesn’t have a choice She has to keep itTo protect her Noah Murphy is hiding a secret It’s his job But after eighteen months of working undercover as a drug pushing thug he’s ready for a changeWith everything on the ine and the end finally in sight he just needs to keep focused stay on his guard and try no.

Maree began writing as a hobby when she and her oldest son discovered the genius that is Harry Potter As he grew so did her style of writing slowly progressing from stories of youth to YA and then to NAThe decision to start taking her writing seriously was an easy one She loved daydreaming and if she could do it all day and call it a job then she was taking itWhen she’s not writing she c