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Ield and are rescued by a Texan soldier Nick nds up farther away and stumbles upon a group of Mexican soldiers marching to San Jacinto Nick is soon put into the position as a soldier As the battle looms in the near future Nick makes friends that he may soon lose Will Nick survive Can Hannah and Jackie save their teacher This historical fiction book isn t very good I didn t like it because there was just too much dialogue and no action I would not recommend it to anyone unless they are trying to finish the series of these books At first I wasn t all that A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, excited about reading a historical fiction book But I was really surprised after I started the book It was almost like I was a time traveler and at times I actually felt like I was in the middle of the action or the battle It was kind of like a mystery which I reallynjoy wrapped up in a little package inside of all the history The mystery was fun while we read and the kids looked for the missing Texas history teacher I was actually learning about Texas history and having fun while doing it and did not My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, even realize I was actually learning I would definitely recommend this bookven if your not interested in Texas history and I can t wait to read other books in the series In The Battle of San Jacinto by Melodie A Cuate Hannah Taylor comes back to school after her Journey to the Battle of the Alamo and notices her teacher Mr Barrington is absent and his niece is substituting for him They make the mistake of opening the trunk and traveling back in time to th Battle of San Jacinto Hannah and Jackie Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, experience what it was like to be on the Texas side of the battle but Nickxperiences what it was like to be on the Mexican side as a soldier They search for Mr Barrington their missing Texas History teacher I recommend this to anyone looking to see what the Battle of San Jacinto was like and see the battle unfold to the young Hannah and Nick Taylor and Jackie I really njoyed this book and thought it made the information a lot interesting than my textbook I learned and took a lot of information from this book to my Texas History class Journey to San Jacinto is historical fiction that sends Nick and his younger sister Jackie and her friend Hannah back in time to. To the past when she opens the lid on the mysterious trunk belonging to her uncle She and the girls suddenly find themselves in 1836 traveling with a Texian soldier transporting ammunition for General Sam Houston only days before the Battle of San Jacinto Meanwhile Nick discovers.

This is book is the best book ver It is all about the San Jacinto War It is not the boring text book though This makes learning the war fun I would recommend this book to boys and girls for fun and for school Mira Time travelling kids humor historical facts they re all in this book Overall it was a good book but the plot would become boring at times Sometimes I felt like skimming through the pages until the book hit an interesting part As a 7th grader this book would be too kiddy for me but I would recommend it to younger audiences perhaps 2nd or 3rd graders This book was disappointing The author started the book in present day in a school with children that travel back in time By doing this I feel she tried to be relative to culture today and Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose enthrall a reluctant reader by showing them that history can be cool The actual history parts of the novel lacked facts and details that would alone be captivating in and of themselves I regret to give this book less stars but it left out so many important details History was the minor character in this book and that was not the point of our reading it Journey to San Jacinto by Melodie A Cuate is a story about how four people a brother sister a friend of the sister and a niece of their history teacher go ba This journey to the past makes you want to learn Also it helps you to understand the history of Texas Though we were reuired to read these and otherwise I would not have normally read this book I am glad I did It helped me greatly in my understanding of Texas history This book follows Hannah her best friend Jackie and her brother Nick who go back in time using their teacher s old trunk that mysteriously transports them into different historicalvent until it feels like they have learned the lesson it wanted them to In this book the three go back in time to the battle of San Jacinto the winning battle might I add in the war for independence from Mexico This is an amazing book and I recommend it to any and all history nthusiast After Hannah Jackie and Nick are whisked back to Texas and the Battle of San Jacinto after Hannah gets a message from her teacher trapped in the past Hannah Jackie and their substitute teacher who is their teacher s niece arrive in a WInner of the 2008 Western Heritage Award Juvenile Books Where has Mr Barrington gone Follow Hannah Nick and Jackie back in time to the Texas Revolution as they search for clues leading to the missing Texas history teacher Mr Barrington's niece Miss Barrington begins the countdown.

Rescue Mr Barrington He is their school teacher who goes missing His neice who is also his substitute opens the magical trunk and sends them back in time to the Battle of San Jacinto in Texas Jackie Hannah and Mrs Barrington nter the battle of the Texas side while Nick Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, enters as a prisoner on the Mexican side Together they rescue Nick while the reader learns about the Mexicans uick defeat in the battle They barely make it back to their homes in current day by rebuilding the truck after it had taken a hit from a cannon shot during the battle When they return they realize time not a second of time has passed This book taught me about new historical facts while having an interesting storyline with it It was not one of my favorites but was a uick read and better than reading from a textbook I reallynjoyed this book Journey to San Jacinto It was a great way of making learning about history seem Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, enjoyable and fun This was actually the 2nd book of the series I am currently reading the 3rd book that comes after this one This book was about Hannah her brother Nick and her best friend jackie going back in time to the Battle of San Jacinto They went back in time by using a old chest that was full of historic items that one of their teachers owned They actually went into it by mistake because they didn t want to go back because of the incident that happened the last time they went in Theyxperienced many ups and downs while they were in the battle like Jackie almost dying from a mountain lion and Nick meeting a new friend Jackie and Hannah Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) ended up going together while Nick was trying to run away but got sucked in too Jackie and Hannahnded up with some Texan slave fighters while Nick Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, ended up in the strict Mexican army of Santa Anna Jackie and Hannah met a guy that was willing to help them find Mr Barrington s chest so that they could get back to the future Theynded up finding Mr Barrington there with them and were able to get out once they found the hidden chest Nick unfortunately lost one of his friends that he met Diego but has moved on They all nded up safe and sound back in Mr Barrington s classroom I definitely am xcited to read the rest of the series I hope that the next books are just as Gilligan Unbound entertaining. What life is like as a soldier after the Mexican army finds him hiding in a tree Join the children on their historic adventure as the Battle of San Jacinto unfolds before theiryes and they become acuainted with the famous Texian and Mexican soldiers who shaped the future of Tex.

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