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Was she is worried about the MC lifestyle and has still not made it clear to anyone that her engagement to Bobby is over Things are heating up for the MC as well and Bobby has made his own threats to Alejandro warning that the Sheriff will not continue to assist the Padre Knight s Bobby wants them gone from the townEvelyn Glass s writing is clean and straightforward she oesn t over embellish but tells it like it is She s very easy to read I just wish this book was longer So now it s on to the 3rd book in the serie Cross Fire seriously that s how book 2 is ending sigh Very well written and edited Major cliffhangerInstallment two of the series remains interesting although not very satisfying since it s just the middle of an ongoing saga As I wrote in my first review of the series this isn t a typical biker story The story remains an interesting confluence of old school politics family expectations club loyalty community perception and the love of soul mates versus the love of life partners which is a lot to shove into less than 100 pagesAlthough I really on t like the serialized format I am hooked on this like a soap opera so will likely read the next one. Ch poking around where their noses on't belong Circumstances will force them to make choices neither of them wants to makeThere's a price both of them are willing to pay for love But as events spiral further and further out of their control the two of them must come to grip with reality and face the hardest ecision of their lives.

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This one was pretty good too It made me want to know what was going to happen next Major cliffhanger i hope the next ones out soon Exciting and compelling Wow life is heating up for Ali she gave Bobby back his ring telling him she had to o some soul searching Alejandro is back in her life but she s being targeted because of the Flawed (The Butcher, dangers in his life She loves himeeply she loves Bobby too but The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS doesn t feel he is her soul mate So manyecisions Will she make the right one Really struggled reading through this as I have huge ass issues with goody two shoe weak Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins defenseless women I was literally wanting to pull what little hair I have out in frustration As for the rest of the charactersidn t have any problems The author spent a good Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, deal of her time narrating which also got to me So my advice read other reviews and thenecide if this is for you Good luck Open Road was the second book in the Padre Knights MC series by Evelyn Glass Again another solid MC book that was well thought out and executed This book had everything you look for in a MC bookeven with it being a short read The characters were well Pages From Bee Journal developed and had great chemistry Looking forward to rea. He's finally found his reason to stay but he's is inanger than everWith both the Bezerkerz and the Diablos Verdes MC making inroads into the region Alejandro Rojas iscovers that his one month stint in Arroyo Flats is uickly turning into something much longer But he tells himself that it would all be worth it Ten years of separat.

Ding by Evelyn Glass Love it picks up right when the the first one left off now I wont spoil it but I have to say a certain biker outlaw is about to crash his woman s wedding I hope when she sees him that will will just on his bike and they ride off together no matter what their fears are Now I have to know when Cutting Fire will be out I got to know whats about to happen by the way I really cant stand cliffhanger lol Another free continuation of Padre Knights and the relationship between Ali and Alejandro as she still fights her feelings for him but with the complication of her engagement to rich boy Bobby I hated that this ended in yet another big cliffhanger I really on t like having to read these short novellas and wait for the next oneugh Just when you think Ali s made her choice she is forced by circumstances beyond her control to go in another My Indian Kitchen direction What will happen next Going to have to wait for the third installment to find out 4 you can t always have who you want stars Open Road by Evelyn Glass is the second Padre Knight MC book it s every bit as good as the first book Ali is still seeing Alejandro their attraction is as intense as it always. Ion from Alaine has left him ravenous for her touch her warmth and her every sigh Now that she's with him again he couldn't be happier She know sheid the right thing but why oes it feel so wrongSince Alejandro's return Alaine's life has become anything but simple To make matters worse strangers have been appearing around the ran.

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