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Mining what makes a communication theory good encouraging critical thinking from the start This edition features a new chapter on the history of the communication iscipline and a chapter that explains and illustrates two The Guardship (Thomas Marlowe, different approaches to communication research and theory social scientific and humanistic Totally new sections on intercultural communication and gender communication are also included Ten new theories are presented including William Gudykunst s anxietyuncertainty management theory Stella Ting Toomey s face negotiation theory and Deborah Tannen s genderlect styles This book manages to make communication theories very interesting even for people like me that come into this book thinking they will be bored This was the textbook for my Communication perspectives course I thought it was very well written andid a good job of explaining the A Secret Place different theories in a clear and concise manner An incredible look into communication theory Clear precise practical An excellent read for anyone interested in communication and its function in our lives It s a must read book for anyone who wants to know about communication theory and how thisiscipline functions This book is revolutionary I might be biased becuase I actually had Em as a Communication Theory professor but Been ropped Ethics are covered throughout the text A First Look at Communication Theory is the most widely used textbook for the communication theory cours.

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If you are a communication studies student then you can o without this book Does not encompasses all theories out there in the field of communication but captures the prominent ones An easy to read book that goes from simple to complex thoughts I feel though there are other theories that are neglected by this book that have an eual weight to the theories enclosed in the book Great introductory textbook A lot to Brute Force (Nick Stone, digest reading it straight through but I found it very helpful and simulating Well written punctuated by cartoons from The New Yorker and full of additional multimedia resources I highly recommend this for anyone stepping into the communicationsiscipline Though I must admit one of the fem There were moments that were Beautiful Breasts Pictures difficult to follow but that could just be the individual theories themselves Overall I think Griffinid a fantastic job writing about the various theories His examples and the way he incorporated films really added to my understanding I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the basics of some of the popular communication theories A wonderful clear and witty introduction to Communication TheoryGriffin cleverly provides a scientic or humanist perspective continuum on which he proceeds to place ifferent approaches to communication theoryH. This best selling text analyzes the major communication theories at a level appropriate for both lower and upper level courses The material is presented in.

E also manages to include a very apt and usually very funny cartoon to illustrate a major point of each theoryThe book covers a lot of ground including theories about communication and verbal messages nonverbal messages cognitive processing relationship evelopment relationship maintenance group ecision making organizational communication public rhetoric media and culture media effects intercultural communications and genderI read the third edition of the book published in 1997 and am looking forward to reading the new eighth edition published in 2012 This text presents 34 communication theories from classic to new work based on one chapter per theory Extended examples are used to explain each theory which should help students understand theories by applying their explanations and predictions to real life situations Ethics are covered in a special chapter and throughout the text helping students to focus on the ethical implications of communication theories Each chapter concludes with a critiue of the theory summarizing its strengths and weaknesses and raising critical uestions to encourage analysis and give students an appreciation of the on going process of communication research Cartoons are also included to illustrate important concepts Chapter One provides criteria for eter. A coherent manner and strikes a balance between humanistic scientific classical and contemporary theories In contrast to previous editions no theories have.

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