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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have a ift for lyrical prose implication of formality and understated descriptiveness that is in evidence here Unfortunately the story revolves around the removal of will manipulation and soul staining actions of a main character who started out building to something clever While I might forgive the authors their sensual lingering on the niceties the Fey offer I cannot forgive their lingering on the torment of soul for sensual thrill The second half of the story is nothing than a series of assassinations and assignations made all the horrifying by the main character s will less participation in her own rape and abuseI have supported the Liaden series since it was introduced to me in 1988 I do not support this new series I suppose I will now have to decide whether to continue to support the authors who choose to promote this kind of abuse as storytellingETA The book I finished just previous to picking up Duainfey was Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs In Iron Kissed the heroine is forced to drink a fairy potion which causes her to completely believe anything the villain tells her so he tells her that she wants him and loves him etc and ends up raping her on the floor of the arage Yuck Ok so that scene is over and the story oes on to explain how sick and sickened the heroine was afterward and how Langlais correct pour les Nuls guilty she felt for having not fought her attacker There is a veryood discussion between two other people about how a person who does not physically resist does somehow not make it not rape Briggs made some excellent points about manipulation and Constantly Craving guilt as well as vulnerability and pain This entire conversation was lacking anywhere in Duainfey and might just might have redeemed the book for me to some medium of okay nessWhile I m annoyed about this kind of debauched Kushiel esue scenery it s that I am saddened by the lingering artistic love that Lee Miller put into those scenes of rape and abuse The authors lavished care on something I would just as soon not read and certainly don t need to have repeated over and over Lee Miller have fabulous prose and an incredible talent for communicating deep emotions in a few choice words It s a pity that they spent their time repeatedlyraphically humiliating the heroine If you re looking up this book it probably means that you ve read through the available books about the Liaden Universe are hungry for And like myself thought that this would be of the same style and stories but in a fantasy A Preface to Democratic Theory genre And this is my cautionary taleThis is a story A and story B book one chapter tells the story of the heroine the other the story of Longeye That s Story B with a capital B that stands for boring But story A is a horrifying tale of well rape The heroine of story A is repeatedly violatedI couldn t keep count what with theang rapes and regular rapes and pretty much any way that someone could sexually victimize a woman I think the total stood at about 16 at the book s close Story B has some horrifying and Aryan Idols graphic tales of rape and sodo. Rebecca Beauvelley is a ruined womanIn a moment ofirlish folly she allowed a high flying young man to take her up in his phaeton not realizing that he was drunk When he dropped the ribbons she recovered them but not in time to avoid disaster The young man was killed in the accident Rebecca.

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E read a lot of books by Lee and Miller and always find their style of writing appealing However they can be very subtle and they expect the reader to pay attention and figure out the story as it unfolds instead of just handing it to you They also tend to end their books a bit abruptly for my taste but maybe I ve become spoiled by the ubiuitous epilogue It doesn t change the fact that these books are really well done There IS some uncomfortable sexual content in book one It isn t added to make the book romantic or erotic by any means but to allow the reader to really understand how depraved and craven the evil monster is Since the Liaden Universe series has very little sexual content and that little bit is mostly implied it may come as a surprise nasty or not to some readers to find it here Myself I m happy to see two of my favorite authors displaying yet another facet in their mighty talent A very difficult book to read It started slow and really very Cinderella ey It ot a little interesting but was laden with scenes of rape mental physical and spiritual I ended up skipping multiple pages with a rieved heart I am a huge fan of Lee and Miller This book is darker than most of the Liaden novels although some of the Liaden books do have their moments It also ends on a big cliffhanger Or several big cliffhangers Rebecca DeBeuvelly or however you spell her name has a maimed arm and a spoiled reputation although her virtue was never soiled She s about to be married to some old man who is harsh and lives up in the cold north and seems to care only for money and appearances but she s whisked out from underneath his nose by a Fey However it s unclear whether or not this is actually a better fate for her And we certainly don t know by the end of the bookI liked the book well enough but wasn t captivated in the same way I am by the Liaden books I liked teh beginning of this book but once we hit the middle I disliked the plot the situation the main character s idiocy and ullability I wasn t pulled along by wanting to know what happened to the main character Now I do admit I always peek at endings It usually makes no difference in my enjoyment or willingness to read the rest of the book But this time it made me feel I didn t miss anything to stop And as I wasn t liking that book at that time I uit reading I ve been meaning to read this book by Sharon Lee Steve Miller for a while and I m sorry I waited so long Rebecca is about to be forced into a marriage she does not want when she is offered an escape by Altimere a fey who takes her away from her family and home At the same time in the land of the Sea Fey Meripen Vanglelauf has awakened from an extended sleep that he fell into to recover from an attempt by humans to force Fey secrets from him The two stories parallel each other and the viewpoint switches between themAs is typical of Lee Miller the characters are well developed and sympathetic and the stories are absorbing I read it today in one sitting and will be starting the seuel Longeye. Utures In the first she is abused and neglected as the dutiful wife; in the second she is dressed and bejeweled like a princess Rebecca chooses the second future and elopes with Altimere Unfortunately Altimere has an agenda of his ownThe first of a two book series  Watch for the seuel Longe.

My all it s very own This is not the work I ve come to expect from the Sharon Lee and Steve Miller writing duo Honestly reading it made me think less of them as authors and fear the Liaden Universe may o tripping down plot paths as dark and morbid as this one in the future I wish the editors and publishers involved in the fruition and release of this book would have thought twice had this book been written by a previously unknown author that author would have had a stack of rejection letters not a contract But established authors with an established readership sellsand my advice is to not buy it this time I ve heard that Duainfey contains disturbing sexual content I mention that as a word of warning in case you re a reader who dislikes that sort of thingThat said I can t speak to that personally I didn t Something in Return get that far Duainfey starts with an overly confusing prologue set in the Fey realm I was never uite sure what was actuallyoing on in this scene Then the story shifts to the doings of a human family in Regency society The plot is less confusing here but this dialogue is just not for me Here s the heroine s brother upon being asked about a Fey lord s hair color Yellow oh aye Dickon returned slowly you might call it yellow but not like yours Lady Caro And his eyes you see I anticipate your next uestion you might say that his eyes are a pale brown His coat attend me now Mother was tawny and his breeches rust colored his boots polished so high I could see Ferdy reflected in themRegency novels have never been my thing so I can t say for sure but I m wondering if this overly mannered speech is a convention of that Byzantium genre All I know for sure is that it s driving me bonkers On to the next book in my TBR pile Duainfey starts with a fun concept of elves and humans living warily as neighbors Two individuals a human woman and an elf man are each hurt horribly by the other race And that is it No real explanation of how humans and elves are different Little charactarization No explanation of human or elvish society Many fantasy books are designed to leave you a little confused at the beginning but new concepts are eventually explained Lee and Miller just leave everything including the characters bland and vague I dive this book negative stars if I could It s just rape porn and I felt defiled after I read it I m not sure why I even finished it except I expected from the authors I love the Liaden books 455 5 stars AThis review will apply to both Duainfey book 1 and Longeye book 2 I don t believe its accurate to view these two books as a duology but they are halves of the same whole There is no point IMO in reading one if you don t also plan to read the other book Anyway I found this duo of books to be captivating disturbing engrossing and satisfying in the sense of traditional high fantasy There are the Fey there are humans there are sentient trees and animals there is an evil monster who was so vile he made my skin crawl there is the triumph of ood over evil and a positive happy outcome I Survived with a withered arm to remind her of the wages of folly and a reputation in tattersAgainst all expectation her father has found someone an elderly rogue who will marry her Rebecca's life seems set and she resigned to it when Altimere a Fey appears and uses his magic to show her two

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Steve Miller Sharon has written twenty novels of science fiction and fantasy — many of them set in the Liaden Universe® — and numerous short stories She has occasionally been an advertising copywriter a reporter photographer book reviewer and secretary She was for three years Executive Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Inc and was subseuently elected vice president and then president of that organization