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I m oing to o on a limb here and suggest that juuusssstttt maaayyyybbbbeeee the stories in Time Trips were the reject stories that didn t make it into the 50th Anniversary Collection Juuuuuusssssttttt maaaaayyyyyybbbbeeeeee the BBC shockingly realized that if you publish a hardcover book with orgeous blue edged pages sprinkled with lovely illustrations snuggled cozily inside a dust jacket that includes Verdammt verliebt gasp a hidden bonus story people willive you money Pretty blue pages don t make the stories better Ugh Here s a breakdownThe Death Pit by AL Kennedy Fourth Doctor B Almost funny Fun fact I recently discovered that AL wrote a full length novel based on this short story Neat The short story still doesn t make me wanna read it though even if it had blue pagesInto the Nowhere by Jenny Colgan Eleventh Doctor BCreepy Weird Doesn t uite et the Eleventh Doctor rightKeeping Up With the Joneses by Nick Harkaway Tenth Doctor A Clever and super fun to read Anything that feels like it could be a fun episode always works well as a DW short storySalt of the Earth by Trudi Canavan Third Doctor D Trudi Canavan owes me 20 minutes of my life back Seriously Salt Menacing salt THAT was your big ideaA Handful of Stardust by Jake Arnott Sixth Doctor C After Salt of the Earth this story felt like A Tale of Two CitiesThe Bog Warrior by Cecelia Ahern Tenth Doctor D Ahern somehow writes a story so uninteresting even the excitable Tenth Doctor seems like he s faking it Blah blah evil ueen blah blah Cinderella blah blah magic shoe weapon blah blah blah The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller by Joanne Harris Third Doctor A The BBC should repackage this damned book with JUST this story and a sht ton of illustrations with it Harris beautifully captures the spirit in which the Doctor embraces death along with life Unlike scary salt and bog monsters Harris tries and succeeds in writing a fun story that actually means somethingThe Anti Hero by Stella Duffy Second Doctor C Sure why not I enerally found the writing skilled and well paced especially from the experienced novelists but the science fiction itself was lack lustre and in some cases completely overlookedStories like these focused too much on the fairytale aspect of storytelling Doctor WhoNotable Stories Into the Nowhere by Jenny T Colgan the Eden twist was buried well into the plot and the bone scraping was unsettling A Handful of Stardust by Jake Arnott this unfolded like a classic episode with a bigger budget and a crafty Master Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller by Joanne Harris a story about a dying Doctor hasn t been done before and the last sentence is truly moving Doctor Who Time Trips is a nicely illustrated very pleasant anthology of stories featuring various incarnations of The Doctor While the various items can be purchased and downloaded individually this ebook anthology is excellent value and should Inverloch Volume 4 givereat pleasure to all fans of The Doctor I m not sure I have the words to describe home much I enjoyed reading this collection Beautiful illustrations for the title of each story plus a bonus story on the dustjacket matched with blue edged pag. Time Trips is a uniue and beautifully illustrated collection of Doctor Who adventures from bestselling and award winning writers including Joanne Harris Trudi Canavan Nick Harkaway AL Kennedy and Taking you from ancient Alexandria to nameless planets in the far future these tales are at turns funny frightening.

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The location and characters rolling onwards at a nice pace and then suddenly the end Blegh I don t like short stories really The dust jacket story is really very short 500 words maybe I didn t count it took me too much effort to just unwrap the cover and keep turning it around to find all the bits in the right order but that was a lot of fun really but yeah it s definitely a short story considering it has to fit inside a dust jacket with lots of illustrations but it was a cool little vignette and I enjoyed it You don t really lose much for not reading it but I really don t regret The Good and Beautiful God getting the book for it This new hardback is the collected edition of the 8 ebook only Time Trips sories not uite novella length but weighty for short storiesI had previously read these as they were released individually but really wanted them hard copy too As it happened I realised I had not read Stella Duffy s Anti Hero so it wasn t a completely indulgant purchaseThe other drtaw to buy this was the extra exclusive story A long Way Down by Jenny Colgan Which in itself is a very brief but fun story certainly not of the length of the other tales what made this interesting further is that the story can only be read by removing and unfolding the dust jacketTotally charming and engagingThe edition itself is nicely done The previous collection of short stories of the 50th Anniversary shorts had been released in a large format collection but felt by the numbers a swift release to sate those who couldn t or wouldn t read the ebook versionsHowever when it was re released with a new 12th Doctor story a special little box with all the tales separately bound was released a very charming little releaseI mention this only because the innovation behind it seems to have rubbed off if only a little to add value to this Time Trips collectionThere s a part of me that would have loved another box release but this edition is very nice What with new coverpiece illustrations for each story it makes for a worthwhile purchaseNot sure if I would recommend it for those who have already read all the stories the thing retails at 20 as well as a few duff tales but if you are a completist or a must have DW books hardcopy as well kind of person like I seem to be then I d sayo for itI have reviewed most of the other books individually so I won t repeat that hereI hope they publish Time Trips and collected editions although I would reuest an extra full Time Trip tale as an exclusive for enxt time to really add value to it Far entertaining than most collections of short stories even Doctor Who short stories Featuring 2 Tens 2 Threes a Four a Six an Eleven and a Two so don t be taken in by the suggestion that there s a Twelve in here these seem to be somewhat centered on themes of control and mock realities and were long enough to be fairly in depth with arguably two exceptions uite worth the read At the peak of my love for Dr Who I had to pick this up from the library It was a reat book that I read with my partner I feel some of my star rating may also be due to the experience and memory reading a book with my partner but the reading was smooth nothing too jarring. Death Pit featuring the Fourth Doctor by AL Kennedy A Handful of Stardust featuring the Sixth Doctor by Jake Arnott The Bog Warrior featuring the Tenth Doctor by Cecelia Ahern Keeping Up with the Joneses featuring the Tenth Doctor by Nick Harkaway Into the Nowhere featuring the Eleventh Doctor by Jenny T Colgan.

Es make this book one of those otta read types Some of the stories I really wished lasted longer though that s my only complaint There s a lot to commend the latest BBC Books roundup of their eBook output First there s the orgeous detailed design including a dustjacket which with a little origami work tells an amusing little short story along with some nicely stylised frontispieces for each story Then there s the ender balance I m not certain any Doctor Who short story collection has been skewed towards female contributors before certainly not by a three to one ratio And of course it s always interesting to see what novelists who ve earned their stripes elsewhere make of the chance to play in the Doctor Who sandboxWith the nature of the collection the level of uality is inevitably variable Pick of the bunch is Joanne Harris s The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller Whilst uoting poetry doesn t strike me as a very Pertwee thing to do the use of the story s chronological placement to emphasise story and theme is welcome Only A L Kennedy s The Death Pit has a similar virtue mainly through being able to locate a The Horse in Celtic Culture gap for a solo fourth Doctor story and even then it feels like it should be placed a couple of seasons later than it is Stella Duffy and Jenny T Colgan s contributions are also well worth reading the former borrowing some body horror from a Steven Moffat script as part of a nicelyruesome tale and the latter having fun updating old New Adventures tropes I enjoyed this collection of short stories about the Doctor and his adventures The variety of authors ave each story its own voice and feeling It was also reat to Every Boys Dream get a sampling of several different incarnations of the Doctor with different companions This is one of those times that I wish I could rate the book as an object separately from its contents Because this is one lovely hardback Double page opening illustrations for each story the dark blue edges of the pages and of course the main draw of the hardback for those like me who d already bought and read all or most of the individual stories as they were originally released as ebooks the wrap around dust jacket containing an additional exclusive heavily illustrated very short Twelve Clara storyIt s aorgeous book and while it took me a while to decide to buy it because it wasn t cheap I d already bought and read all but one of the inside stories and didn t really care for most of them But hey pretty book and some official Twelve Clara in this excruciatingly long eight month wait between series 8 and 9 How could I resistAnyway I ve rated reviewed most of the stories before so I m not Starflight Zero going to bother doing it again especially as I didn t re read them I ll just say that they ranged from urgh awful to pretty decent with mostly meh I mlad to say that the one I hadn t read before Anti Hero by Stella Duffy a Second Doctor Jamie and Zoe story was towards the pretty decent end of that scale being well basically a rather nice short story even though it suffered from what 99% of DW short stories I ve read in the last few years suffer from a ood start nicely building up the story establishing. Moving and thought provoking short stories that are bigger on the inside Time Trips includes The Anti Hero featuring the Second Doctor by Stella Duffy Salt of the Earth featuring the Third Doctor by Trudi Canavan The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller featuring the Third Doctor by Joanne Harris The.

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Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin She is now published in nearly fifty countries and has sold over twenty five million copies of her novels worldwide Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series