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Takes Off His Shirt In Every Art Gallery and beautiful title pages to boot Poems are full of imagery and introspection that occasionally dilutes meaning but there were also tons of ightning bursts Bark likeFav uote Hey kid doesn t say sureike a bored Sunday dad He says it On Such a Full Sea like he just saw the Grand Canyon one morning but works there and still isn t sick of it I m eager to read of Derrick Brown whose publishing company Write Bloody published Megan Falley s collection There was so much toove about this collection and I Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! love the back story that inspired it and ultimately brought Brown back to poetry I didn t know I couldike poetry until I read Pamela August Russell s B is for Bad Poetry Her poems were short funny and she didn t take herself so seriously I thought that was going to be the only book of poetry I d ever ownThen I saw Derrick Brown Cannibal live in Oklahoma City a few years ago He was opening up for Amber Tamblyn in a tiny hipster church that doubled as a tiny hipster venue downtown I was blown away immediatelyHIs poems wereonger than I thought my attention span could handle but I was hooked He was funny and didn t take himself too seriously but you could tell he took the art seriously and I was surprised by how much I Mastered (The Enforcers, liked that I thought poetry was inherently pretentious Brown s work broke through that cynicismI wanted to own this book because it included his piece Sour Mash I veistened to a Man, Son of Man live reading of it probably once a month It s on his site You can find it here believes poetry can be for the working man It s not just for the snooty and snobby He s the Bruce Springsteen of poetryThis book is a collection of sucker punches So manyines really knocked me outI can t get over the fact that I Alter Ego like poetry now It s embarrassing Derrick Brown has ruined my cool reputation I asked for this book for Christmas and when I unwrapped it everyone asked what is it and I had to say a book of poetry I m afraid my family is going to bully me nowBut I guess it s worth it for Sour Mash aloneIncredible Derrick Brown is my spirit guide This was excellent I continue to enjoy pretty much everything Brown writesI particularly enjoyed Liberations BluesMr MarksThey Loved You but You Telegraphed Too MuchCake WeekWhat Happened In Charles De Gaulle AirportLavaBrown just seems to have this ability to out into words the strange 3am thoughts that just drift around Its awesome. Best work to date was born this will be my 5th book Our Poison Horse touches on autobiography than the romantic and fantastical that was so present in his past work In Derrick Brown s words I found a poetry in the real events that shaped or broke me Every morning I would uiet down stare out into the field where we were watching our neighbors horse a horse that was poisoned with pesticide by someocal boys a horse with massive scars all down its body from it s skin peeling from the poison sprayed upon it maliciously by some bastard kids I watched the horse heal and finally come to me and trust me and eat carrots Something about that horse Lacey about it not trusting me and then warming up pulled something out of me that I didn t know I was ready for There is a theme that in beautiful places you wi.

Derrick C Brown set out to take a break from poetry Instead he unwittingly put together what is almost certainly his most powerful collection to date It has been my experience that many poets wane as they approach truly prolific output Brown proves yet again to be the exception This book is full of the weird and absurd hallmarks of Brown s writing but it also introduces a vulnerability that is rarely found in Brown s earlier work This book is a conversation a shared drink at a dusty bar somewhere off the beaten path And frankly it s a conversation you l want to be a part of Derrick Brown has a tighter grip on his comical yet stirring style than ever before He captures Texas what it s ike to be a poet and retells snapshots of his Uncommon Wisdom life with the vigor and precision of a true talent with far too many drink tickets Giggles guffaws andittle wonders I bought this from Derrick after seeing him perform Unseen City live before a Eugene Mirman show Iove his style and his clear Art love of the sound of words Hearing him speak helped understand the cadence of his poems but even without that the writing is just so natural that the rhythm is clear Though an English major poetry is easily what I have the biggest trouble analyzing and enjoying These transcended my own issues reading poetry and Ioved his gritty real yet by no means hopeless take on modern God Is in the Crowd life Il definitely be reading of Derrick Brown s work A glorious new book from the incomparable Derrick Brown hopeless romantic worldly optimist American celebrant in this great rite called Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard life Cosmic and indecent weird and hilarious humble and glorious motorcycled and recycled and always madly inove he s an antidote to deadening cynicism and an enema for too cool for schoolness This is about inappropriate singing ridiculous The Matriarchs (The Family longingisting the best places to kiss in California and in the very next poem citing the worst and many are the very same spots Humiliation and ecstasy He s funny enough to do stand up sexy enough to read out Notes for the Everlost loud in bed Hel crush your heart to dust and put it together again with stars in the intersticesHere s a bit of conversation on a plane with a kid eating nuts and reading a cool pocket Bible the poemstory is called Hey Kid They get on the subject of miracles when the poet talks to him facetiously about Moses and the possibility of feeding the Jews in the wilderness for 40 years sounds super crazy or. Our Poison Horse is the newest poetry collection released by Derrick C Brown Brown is the winner of the Texas Book of The Year Prize 2013 The New York Times calls his work a rekindling of the faith in the shocking weird and beautiful power of words Brown finally sold the ship The Sea Section upon which he When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) lived for years in the Long Beach harbor after which he took to hunting for a city that was affordable and had a bustling writer s community Heanded in Austin Texas and when the progress of that town got to be intense he moved to the nearby countryside in Elgin Texas and from that pastoral setting came unfurling this new collection of his most personal work to date Brown has been known as one of the most touring well travelled iving poets in America He has based his whole writing career on cha.

Just crazy crazyHe says I don t know It was a miracleDo you ike miracles ike believe in them nowHey kid teen says Yep It s just fun that wayExit science Exit cynic Exit mystery gloss Exit upper class sneaky genitalia they ve just seen two people coming out of the plane bathroom together I ook out the window Flight Attracting Birds to Your Backyard lends me an infinite concern for far awayittle things swimming pools are tiny sparkling rectangular crystals are the things inside of saltI want to know even a small miracle and become brighter than space goldHey kid We I mean scientists just found out that gold comes from a collapsed star called a neutron star and came here on meteors All the gold we have on this planet was born from the smash of dense stars billions of years ago If you wear gold you wear a piece of the most violent thing in our universe a thing that was made in freaking outer space Is that a miracleSureHey kid doesn t say sure Deep Listening like a bored Sunday dad He says itike he just saw the Grand Canyon one morning but works there and still isn t sick of itA poem about young soldiers being teargassed to know how it feels called You Will Be Destroyed In Your Own Way is a heartbreaker It startsAll the pictures I tried to take were too suddenand poorly framedHalf faced soldiersBlurry telephone polesToo much ceiling not enough bodyI m 18 and don t know how to plan a shotI feel a thing and I grab the thingthat captures the thingand shootYou must be uick on the drawbecause everything goes awayso fastI shoot with confidence and confidence is nothing recognizablenothing is recognizableI m constantly making the world s worst filmyoung men in green same haircutloaded down with the Bird-by-Bird Gardening lonelinessof dying townsthe world won t remember their namesMe neitherThey are going through the tear gas chamber todayYou have to take it all inYou have toet it destroy some of youso you can have confidenceThere is no other way This book was beautiful hilarious and an amazing read It s currently my favorite poetry book and I d highly recommend it The aspect of Brown s poems that I The Works of Saint Augustine loved the most was his tendency to create stories with his poems A flow was therefore created and it made the reading of his cleverly crafted poems that much interesting Bought in The Wild Detectives in Dallas TX 2015 my copy was pre signed by the author with nice face Our Poison Horse is divided into six segments with titlesike Why Matt. Nging peoples minds about poetry and he feels a uality unforgettable Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone live experience can achieve that Brown told himself he needed a 10 year hiatus from writing poetry when he felt the well of creativity had dried up 2 years ago he wrote a one hourong poetic play called Strange Light commissioned by The Noord Nederlands Dans Group in Holland The piece was performed by 14 dancers and accompanied by a My Teacher Is a Robot live orchestra using music composed by fellow Americans Emily Wells and Timmy Straw While he was working on a newibretto for Wayne State University in Detroit he was set up in a seemingly pastoral country setting where as Brown says an incredible war broke out inside and out such bright massive storms snakes guns howling wind hard sun all kinds of poems gushed forth I gave in to the process and my.

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Derrick Brown former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne gondolier magician and fired weatherman now travels the world and performs his written work From Long Beach CA he is dedicated to bringing American poetry into rock and roll statusAs a poet he has toured or performed with Indie rock act Cold War Kids The Decemberists Comedian David Cross Richard Swift Pink Mountaintops and at th