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Ture this book might be for ou The contents are valuable the format of the book wasn t just to my tasteThis review was originally published in my blog here It is a must read for those who feel that hierarchies bonuses command and control management is not the right approach for modern organizations to follow and needs to be changed for better performance You will enrich this list of things to change with even principles and approaches after reading the bookThis book covers many topics but not too deeply that s why it leaves Undercover Pregnancy you with uestions than answers after reading it It will definitely makeou think explore and seek for information to do the changeFull review may be found here Pflaeging presents his core ideas in this graphic heavy book suitable for both right brained and left brained readers that management is a problem rather than a solution that leadership is distinct from management and that there is a difference between alpha managed and beta led organizations Lots of connections here with things like agile though mostly implied rather than spelled out Radical decentralization of decision making is one of his key themes and he argues that this can lead to enormous competitive benefits Best part there is some prescriptive material on how to think about changing an existing organization into a beta formWorst part I think some of his history is a bit glib and misses the complexities of how we got current management structures though it makes for a good story A uick read nicely packed to the point If ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you saw Niels talk the book remindsou a lot of it which makes it much entertaining Not many new things in there afterwards but it makes for a good reference The strongest point in my opinion is that the entire content remains very straightforward no softening the blow no dressing things up just very factual and direct. Er competence siteWhen Pflaeging shakes the dogmas of management they crumble in his hands Financial Times GermanyNiels Pflaeging is always right up front where the new in business is getting measured and mapped Peter Felixberger change.

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Eir behaviour when they are wedded to a system that is not working for them personally or as part of an organisation Great book about modern leadership and management with ideas guided by Theory Y and globalization A must read for all who wants to build high performance organizations free of bureaucracy and command and control cultureIt s written to explain its ideias in a simple way full of illustrationsIf Hummer you want to read a complete book about the subject I do recommend reading Beyond Budgeting from the same author Ifou ve already done this Organize for Complexity won t tell With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you much just like an illustrated summary for Beyond Budgeting I got book Organize for Complexity when I was at Dare Festival in Belgium about a month ago Author Niels Pflaeging did also give a speech at the conference The contents of the speech and the book or perhaps booklet were mainly the same so this review is a bit about both of thoseTopic of the book interests me a lot I ve recently had many thoughts writings and discussions about how organizations should be organized in the future to be able to suit the markets of the future and the needs of next generation workforceThis short book is a good first step to the new organizational thinking It gives some initial ideas why the organizations should change and it gives one simple view to the challenge It is not a book as such of a booklet with few paragraphs and illustrative pictures It gives basic ideas well and raises some thoughts but it lacks all critical thinking and discussion about the subject I liked the ideas what Niels seems to have but I don t think this book really brings those forward It s almost as powerpoint slides would have been transferred to book format It isn t really a proper book but it has some powerful thoughtsIfou want to have a simple touch on the organizations of the fu. Organizations of all kinds 3rd eiditionBoldly Pflaeging dissects classic management theory and in a well hud manner offers coherent alternatives Harvard Business ReviewNiels Pflaeging is the father of the end of management Winfried Fels.

Is a Good book Soft Fast and inspirate Not has intending to be deep but to plant a seed of unconformity Have very friendly graphics and Insights generous I recommend it Yes I don t give five star because i wanna including tools and tips Great book The author had me at behavior shaping context This slim and engaging volume puts the emphasis on creating the process space that creates success It s about creating the circumstances that allow people to inte Things I will rememberProblem solving in a living system is about communicationCentralized coordination is a luxury organizations in complex markets cannot affordLearning chained interviews in stead of performance development reviewsp 108 109 is interesting influence speedometer I ve read the illustrated edition Like every illustrated business book it s easy to get in fun to read and a very approachable point of entrance to the theory I love the current tendency in creating them By counterpart it only scratch the surface of many interesting topics Enough for managers or business people looking for an general answer or putting some order in their change needs and ideas a good book to give to them On the other hand interesting reading for change agents that know deeper about some explained topics due to the systemic organization of all that topics If ou know Kotter Teal orgs and so on it s another must reading in the organizational design topic But if ou want to know how to deal with change and the initiatives explained briefly in this book ou will have to research in another publicationsEasy good reading recommended A great management book that describes and alternative way of managing companies and teams without mentioning agile I agree with his outlook and approach and see the same challenges as a Project Manager and a Consultant How do ou persuade people to change th. A book about complexity and work and about how to deal productively with both A condensed introduction to the theory and practice of organizational high performance A manifesto for contemporary leadership and profound transformation in.

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