Alyssa Paige: Feminized by the Cheer Team

Pat Ralston follows a roup of cheerleaders into a Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections gymnasium and winds up staying to watch a cheer competition becoming aroused at the women s tight young bodies He sets his jacket over his lap and reaches under it to surreptitiously touch himself while they perform Afterwards he heads up to the second floor intending to slip into theuys locker room to take care of himself but he oes into the wrong door and winds up face to face with Amy an angry and uite naked cheerleaderPat is uickly surrounded by members of the cheer team and stripped naked as cell phone cameras record his ordeal The women laugh at his undersized euipment and when his name from his drivers license is announced he is recognized by Jenny someone. When Pat mistakenly enters the wrong locker room he uickly discovers that you don't mess with the cheerleaders He is unable to resist as they decide to teach him a less.

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Him agree to wear thongs every day before Jenny allows him to finish himself off and lick up the result as she and Katie watchPat s feminization by the cheerleaders continues until he eventually learns that he is to be auctioned off as a irl for a date with some frat boy in order to raise money for the cheer teamThis is an enjoyable read and although I never felt particularly sympathetic to Pat s plight I enjoyed how the cheer team humiliated and eventually monetized him for their amusement Good fun Been awhile since I ve read one of Ms Paige s booksI forgot what a ood writer she is The title pretty much sums up the book I read several of Alyssa s and they always tell a interesting story You should check her out. Arns he is to be an item at a charity auction he wonders how far they will push himThis 11000 word story is adult entertainment for those over the age of 18 reader bewa.

He has lusted after in Algebra class Several women hold him down over a bunch as he s spanked with a hairbrush and then the women demand that he play with himself or they ll call the cops on him After he cleans the result off of the tile floor he s dressed in cheer panties and sent on his wayOf course this is only the start of Pat s troubles Jenny invites him over to her place after class to work on homework She and her friend Katie strip him naked and dress him in a bright red thong and call him Patty They order him to stroke himself and Jenny demands he stop before he s finished When he hesitates Jenny spanks his behind first with her hand and then with a belt They make him beg to join the cheer team and they make. On he will never forget and change his life forever Humiliated feminized and shamed at every turn Pat is powerless to stop the embarrassment they heap on him When he le.

Outwardly Alyssa enjoys video games hiking reading movies and a large array of normal activities Inside her head is a different story and perversion is the name of the game She enjoys writing a mix of true life adventures bizarre erotica BDSM stories and whatever else strikes her fancy She loves to get feedback from fans so any comments concerns uestions or corrections please send