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Smother which was attached by cables to the ceiling She pettedthe curb s soft fur and saw the mother above struggling againstthe cables She put her hands on the cub s ars and said youdon t have to hear anything you don t want to and I m sorry forwhere you are right now there should be trees here Themother bear told her thank you for being so gentle with mycub but I will have to Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, eat you when I get down The trees thatweren t there grew big and strong and then died and fell andnew ones grew in their place Sara used one of the fallen onesto create a canoe that wasn t there She curled up in it andpretended she was a little girl again fast asleep in bed Sheimaginedverything going in reverse until the bears weren tthere any She rewound it all until nothing was left butempty space and she was just another thing along with The Baby Album everyother thing that wasn t there No one wasaten 20With rebounding Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose empathy Sara solves her many trials on her own peaceful terms But inuisitive bears are the least of her problems When she wakes sputtering and wheezing with a dry mouth full of seeds 13 she struggles alongside her pet dog to plant them wherever possible in her apartment telling them her dreams for weeks until they sprout green and shining almost luminescent in her dimly lit home Another great part of this book is the clever series of accompanying interviews whether between Sara and her dreams her dog and a cockroach or A giant fire s interview with Sara s house F I m sorry if I m bringing you downH That isn t funnyF I knowF I m sorryThis apology in a delicate situation is yet another moment where the finely balanced tone keeps us smil. Not so very far away from wanting toat it To feel it growing inside of you stopping your breathing clogging your pores To be a way of keeping of forestalling our inevitable crumble into the ground And we can feel so very much alone sometimes that loving is almost like hugging the sand like wanting to marry the be.

This one is not for me Sara s dog notices his legs He noticed his fur and his Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., ears and his snout Sara s dog noticed the sky The sky appreciated this about him and always looked at him lovingly Sara s dog made footprints with his feet sometimes made sounds with his throat Some of the sounds he made were heartbroken A dog can be heartbroken Everything Sara hadver written was a prelude to something she hadn t written yet I imagine Sara is in a kind of waiting place Like purgatory She is often on a beach She is devoured by hordes of fist size flies She s both dreaming and awake There are others around her but she very rarely interacts with them It is Sara and her dog Sara s house burns down And her world burns which is transformativeI ve heard this is Sara the author imagining a childhood for Sara Giving her memories and a story but I didn t think Sara was part of the Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, existing world She was of a dormantntityA really Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, enjoyable book of poetry Sara or the Existence of Fire the second book by Sara Woods is a heartfelt portrait of a young girl growing up in an imaginative world where her mother is made of moths and her father is a wolf Whileach prose poem unfolds as a new surreal Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) experience whether handling the ghosts of her food s ingredients a smug mountain at a party or a clamoring crowd for a date the main character s warmth carries her through this playful series aboutxploration in the face of loss Followed by fire Sara still tries to Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, embrace her many strange guests be they be worm pickle or Two Bears Sara found two bears in her apartment One was a cubthat was curled up sleeping her dog s bed The other was it. Sara's father is a wolf Her dog is a miracle These little poem stories are feral in content but meticulous in construction They are little miracles adding up to the sum of a beautiful storybook Dena Rash Guzman author of Life Cycle PoemsAs I have learned and as Sara helped me to understandven loving something is.

Ing bringing about its own kind of optimism But these interviews provide than just reprieve providing deeper Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, examination into the main character such as in Sara s Interview with the Author where she wants to return to her collapsing dreams about bear people I could fix it now I knew I could somehow 43 She continues reaching out despite her surreal mishaps yearning to help the lost and left behindA writer of immense imagination and heart Sara Woods is one of my favorite surrealists This book of hers longs for peaceful gardening It knows the Morse code of rain and carries the secret marks that make us courageous It replaces the wreaths stolenach year These are poems about the safety of beaches Of fevers forgetting and how hard it can be to find others who love you Sara or the Existence of Fire is a book about discovering yourself in that place of knives and sea and how the choices we make are verything sara has a cool dog and house that are always burning I adore this book Like Wolf Doctors it is funny and smart and sad and cool and surprising Each page is a little word bomb ticking inside your chest releasing radon gas and memories you tried to suppress What I m saying is you should probably read this book I wantneed to read this 100 times um this is so good I had to curl up on the couch and shake for a little bit after reading it This is literally the perfect book to read with a cup of tea in the morning New bedtime stories for new humans Strange tales poems Gasps Bolts of strange mushrooms coming up in thunderstorms surrounding the life adventures of Sara Dreamy dusky and calling out for revisiting often. Ach or kick the water Almost like being dated by masses of people screaming their phone numbers at you in unison But maybe with these beautiful small heroic bites in Sara or the Existence of Fire we can ingest if only for a little while what makes us good what makes us human Gale Marie Thompson author of Soldier On.

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