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Checked in with a minor ailment that balloons unnecessarily all juggled masterfully and engrossingly by Diane JohnsonRecommended This novel is set in a hospital and contains the drama one would expect rom such a setting But Johnson avoids the soap opera approach of a lot of dialog and drama instead spending a lot of time developing the interior lives of the characters Not a great book at all but absorbing and scary someone is misdiagnosed sent to the hospital and nearly killed a warning to avoid doctors. Spital community stirring up currents of ear courage ambition rivalry doctor hate and doctor loveHealth and Happiness captures the endless moral dilemmas and life and death decisions that are the oundation of hospital life portraying the continuous dashes of motive and sensibility that create the ongoing comedy of medical manners.

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Half stars I enjoyed the book but wish I d stopped about 50 pages sooner It was like someone told Ms Johnson that it was time to end the book so she did A cast of characters doctors nurses volunteers patients and relatives at a bay area private hospital A real insiders look and still timely even though written in early 90 s at what goes on The ultra confident doc who isn t actually such a great one The good doc not good at promoting himself and prevailing over the bad ones The patient caught between them. Lvanized doctors surround her interns specialists virtuosos incompetents prima donnas saints the head nurse who knows her patients' vital signs and her colleague's love affairs and the brilliant doctor who Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space falls dangerously in love with her As these lives intermingle Ivys potentiallyatal condition sends shock waves through the ho.

Not sure uite how to rate this Slightly a step above luffy chick lit I was reminded of Armistead Maupin in some ways gossipy and ollowing many characters I was a bit upset though with the medical malpractice Not the way it was handled by the author but the act of it I ound the ending to be a bit rough she didn t rush to tie up loose ends she just didn t tie them up at all It was as though she was telling a number of stories about a number of people and just stopped telling the storiesSo maybe two and Ivy Tarro a young single mother awakens one day with an oddly swollen arm a minor problem that should have her home Un Cadeau pour ma Femme from the hospital by dinnertime Instead sheinds herself detained and hospitalized her life mysteriously at risk A near atal misdiagnosis over medication and neglect leave Ivy a victim of modem medicineA swirl of ga.

Diane Johnson is an American born novelist and essayist whose satirical novels often contain American heroines living abroad in contemporary FranceBorn in Moline Illinois Johnson's recent books include L'Affaire 2004 Le Mariage 2000 and Le Divorce 1997 for which she was a National Book Award finalist and the winner of the California Book Awards gold medal for fiction