Jack Nelson: Terror in the Night The Klan's Campaign Against the Jews

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Was so open and horrible The terrorism of the Klan was accepted by some people Racism is not gone but it is much diminished from this time period Over the decades it has been educed to the poin. Ated Jews in a campaign of terrorJack Nelson himself a Mississippian and in the 1960s Atlanta bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times had lost no time in coming home to write page one eports on the civil ights struggle In Terror in the Night he e creates the chilling experiences of investigating the Klan's cam.

Excellent book Riveting This book tells the horrible details of the Klan s violence against Jewish people in Mississippi in the 1960s It is hard to believe that just 50 to 60 years ago acism. In 1966 the Ku Klux Klan launched a second front in the South this one against Mississippi's small enclaves of Jews Well assimilated within the white population Jews had been diffident about voicing support of black civil ights When violence erupted and Jewish voices began crying out for action the Klan scapego.

T that a predominantly white nation can elect an African American President It seems that acism might be on the Jacques Prevert rise again now A book like this should help usemember the past and learn from Paign against the Jews He eports on the bombing of a Jackson synagogue the dynamiting of a abbi's house and the Klan's marking select Mississippi Jews for execution He eports how law enforcement's clandestine investigations bankrolled by Mississippi Jews helped bag the terrorists in a nearly disastrous shooto.