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Hesitantly accepts this and awaits his eave Their fourth and final friend Ivan comes home early because his eye was taken out but he resents this and feels that he et down his fellow soldiers and that he is weak He struggles to find out what to do with his ife without the Navy Morris claims that Ivan killed Rudy and Ivan seems to be aware that Morris might turn him in Then the book ends Disappointing right Nothing ever really happens in this book except people complaining about how bad their A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World lives are It just has no real plot and runs around these four charactersike every page The only redeeming factor of this story was the ideologies of how much our soldiers do to defend this country Sorry about the rambling but I honestly didn t enjoy this book very much I wouldn t recommend it to a friend for it would just be a waste of time It didn t really use colorful Anthropology as Cultural Critique language and it was really just a drag to read One example of the fewines of figurative Anyone language was a simile The grenadier is spotting into the distanceike a pro uarterback spotting the defense Walking wounded was a book about 4 friend s and 1 of then get drafted so they all decided to go in but as rudi get shot in the head by his own friendly fire they all got to keep it a secretmorris is the own that stays by rudi s dead body all the why back home but he doesnt have the guts to tell anyone what really happen as Ivan and beck are still over in nam fight a pointless war that cost so many men and boys there own ives The historical fiction book Vietnam Walking Wounded by Chris Lynch follows the story of four friends who enlisted into different branches of the military to fight in the Vietnam War The book follows the characters from the first four books but puts them all into one The story follows after Rudi one of the four friends is killed in battle and the story starts as Beck carries him to base When Beck delivers the body to base Morris anot I really enjoyed this book it was one of the best books I have read and the best of the series to me The one thing I didn t ike was the ending to walking wounded it ended with just Morris seeing Ivan at the hunting grounds I read WALKING WOUNDED by Chris Lynch The setting is between camp and the escort Boggs location Characters are Morris Rudi Ivan and BeckOne of the four friends were sent off to the Vietnam war Which wasater killed The other three signed up and made a pledge to keep each other alive So when they found out they have Battleground Chicago lost one One of them took his body while another one defys orders in the act of an protest while theast guy has to go in alone to win the warI Albert Camus liked the book I found this book for I wanna go to a special force. Ll defy orders in an act of protest And one of them will decide it's up to him to single handedly win the warIn the end Vietnam may claim than theirives As the war grinds on their very souls are at stake And their shattered friendship will prove either their salvation or their ru.

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Personal Response I really enjoyed this book and series and I wish it had one book I really Bitter Choices liked the characters mostly Ivan because they were all really great friends I think this book did a good job telling what Vietnam wasike and it does it in a way with fictional characters and to me it is really enjoyable Plot Summary Rudi is dead Shot by a sniper hiding somewhere in a bush Beck and Morris now have to help get him back to base and ready for transport back home Morris asks to be with Rudi on his trip back and gets accepted and one the multiple flights Morris talks to Rudi He tells Rudi that it s his fault that they are all in Vietnam and that his pledge got Rudi killed Once back home Morris does not feel comfortable at home in the city with friends and family Ivan is on an ammo transport that gets shot at by the Vietcong The driver of his truck ends up dying and Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic leaving Ivan to drive and thateads to his face getting shot and Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold losing his eye This injury is cause for Ivan to be sent home Ivan is not ready to go home and ends up not going on his flight and taking a bus home When Ivan arrives he is not the same and ends up going to the hunting cabin alone Beck who is the only one in Vietnam is close toeaving and he is fed up with the missions he is doing The missions are just shooting at nothing because there is nothing to do and the officers are just sending people to shoot at nothing People at the base start defying and sometimes even kill their CO Beck starts writing for the Grunts Press and Morris does not Mikhail Bakhtin like his stories Morris and Ivan s brother Caesar go to the hunting cabin to get Ivan When they are there Ivan starts shooting trees to scare them off Ivan is suspected of killing Rudi because he is a sniper and he was not there when Rudi died who died by a sniper and Morris tells Ivan that he will be with him through everything that is gonna happenCharacterization The war has changed Morris and made him realize that he isn t a kid any He accepts that he has a responsibility to deliver the dead soldiers to their home He feels that s what he has to do and that he owes it to Rudi He has grown up because of the war Recommendation I recommend this book to anyone who has read this series I think this book is good for anyone whoikes war books I recommend this to anyone 14 and up As we start this ast book in the series Rudi has been killed by a sniper Morris is there when it happens and asks to be sent back as the mortuary escort Beck has to stay at his job and Ivan has been separated from his unit and runs into trouble trying to get back to it Morris is significantly shell shocked and has some trouble dealing with his family as well as. The best Vietnam War novels yet for this age range KIRKUS REVIEWSMorris Rudi Ivan and Beck were best friends So when one of them was drafted into the Vietnam War the others signed up too They promised to watch out for one another They pledged to come home togetherNow that pledge ha.

Rudi s This book is about when four friendsMorris Ivan Rudi and Beck went to Vietnam war And one of them was takendrafted to war So the others signed up too They promised to ook for one another until one of them as been killed in action And when the other four friends found out the sad awful thing that happened one of them had to accompany his friends body home to Boston And one of them will decide it s up to him to single handedly win war At the end they go to Vietnam war And only one team wins at warI really enjoyed the book because it was interesting and it gets and intense some were to the middle end its the most attracting part And makes me want to read and and I really Citizens and Paupers like action so if you do to you should read this book if not you should still because its really interestingSo i suggest you should read this book I really enjoyed this series but i didn t enjoy the conclusion of this book with no final commentary on what happens to two of the main characters Morris Beck Ivan and Rudi have been friends since forever so when Rudi was drafted Morris convinced the others join up and go to Vietnam together thinking they could watch out for each other by joining a different branch of the Armed Forces Each of the previous four books in the series focuses on one of the friends Now in Walking Wounded Rudi has been killed by friendly fire apparently the friendliest fire of all and this novel follows each man s reaction to their friend s death Morris whose idea it was for them to all join up is feeling terrible guilt about having convinced them to do that He immediately reuests and is granted the job of escorting Rudi s body home There is aot of introspection during the trip But once home Morris has some difficulty being there in part because he knows the truth about Rudi s death and in part because the adjustment to suddenly being in a civilian setting is diffi If the Navy needs me to stick up for them I think they re in trouble Morris Pg 151 Vietnam walking wounded follows a group of four friends who decided to go off to the war in Vietnam together We open on Morris and Beck reuesting to personally go with their best friend Rudy s body back home Their captain says that Morris can and he will also be put on temporary Bargaining for Brooklyn leave and wait for his next orders Morris gladly accepts his mission and is sent off with Rudy s body back home in Boston When Morris gets there he feels empty inside contradicting what he thought he wanted which was to come back home from the war He struggles to find anything that gives him purpose and he eventually tries to enlist for a Military Mortuary job where he is told that hel have to go back to Vietnam for six months he. S been broken One of the four has been killed in action And the remaining three are the only men alive who know the awful truth about their friend's deathEach is eft to deal with their secret in his own way One of them will accompany his friend's body home to Boston One of them wi.

Chris Lynch is the Printz Honor Award winning author of several highly acclaimed young adult novels including KILL SWITCH ANGRY YOUNG MAN and INEXCUSABLE which was a National Book Award finalist and the recipient of six starred reviews He is also the author of FREEWILL GOLD DUST ICEMAN GYPSY DAVY and SHADOWBOXER all ALA Best Books for Young Adults; EXTREME ELVIN WHITECHURCH and ALL THE