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Ation The grounds they are going to college in opposite sides of the country Luz and Jamie are not immune to his light and offer a helping mouth than Suzi shows up The first book in the Out of Bounds series Made me a little nostalgic for my college days Will be checking out of this seriesTripletsA short tease of a story Where Ken is wrighting a letter to his much younger college student girl friend Juliette about a Boom past girlfriend An taste of Juliette takes Flight Will check out of this book as wel. Loor beneath the table “What the hell's that Lici” Ben asked Aaronlaced the lime green itcher in the center of table and eered at the little bottle clearly intrigued “Truth serum” said Felicity and held up the label “Amobarbital” They stared at her “Felicity” Aaron said “Isn’t that stuff supposed to be strictly controlled” “I do have Good Morning, Buddha prescriptionrivileges you know Besides one of the Personal Delivery perks of working in a research hospital” said Felicity “I get to circumvent some of the control laws from time to time” “Fuck” Ben muttered “I always said we were a bad influence on this girl” She gave them what she hoped was a suitably evil smile “So” Aaron saidouring the drinks out even as his eyes remained fixed on the bottle in Felicity's fingers “what sort of game was it that you had in mind” “Well first we drink up” Felicity said carefully titrating three drops into each of the three glasses Aaron was chewing his lip Ben looked white as a sheet “Don't you trust me” she asked and downed half of her sour sweet tumbler “Course we do” Ben muttered and looked to Aaron who merely shrugged “Fuck Cheers” “Cheers” Aaron said and they drank deeply.

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I got this book free when I signed up for her newsletter It was a good read Short and steamy Nice CollectionTruth GamesThree college friends who have been dancing around each other for years spend a rainy afternoon drinking and La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I playing games Felicity has been in love with her best friends Ben Aaron for years When she finds they feel the same she issue a challenge which they accept The Varity epilogue was very sweet endingThe VisitorLea is heading to Atlanta for a job interview Her roommates brothe. When do friendship sex and love intersect Three scorching hot first time threesome tales of a group of friends suddenly discovering that they can become much Three of KD West's steamiest mostopular tales collected for the first time Truth Games Felicity Ben and Aaron have been friends for years During a rainy day get together over margaritas Felicity challenges her men to a game that will bring things to a whole new level A tale of friendship romance and thinking outside the lines The Visitor Lea's got a four alarm fire burning and she knows just who she wants to Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton put it out Or does she Lea is in Atlanta for a job interview and her best friend's brother Sean the firefighter is happy to give her alace to sleep But his is the bed she'd rather sleep in Or Husband In Training perhaps it's his roommate Andy's And when a visitor comes to her that night Well who is she to beicky if it's one the other or A tale of sexy firefighters a mystery lover and embracing the unknown literally Over the Top Danny and Suzie Luz and Jamie the four had been lanning for over a year on heading up after graduation to the cabin by the lake Two couples doing what couples do But that was before Danny and Suzie decided to be mature and.

R Sean who she has been crushing on for years and his best friend and fellow fire fighter Andy offer her a lace to stay Their middle of the night southern hospitality blows her away When she gets the job their celebration is epic This is the first book in the Visitor series which I highly recommendOver The TopDanny Luz Jamie are spending the summer before college While Luz and Jamie are screwing every chance the get Danny has only his hand for companionship He stupidly broke up with Suzi after grad. Break it off And so now it's one couple And Danny And Danny's getting frustrated A tale of desire frustration and a friendly helping mouth Bonus The Trouble with Triplets Pt I Allison has been teasing her lover and former teacher Ken with the idea of a threesome Ken has another lesson he'd like to impart A review of a story from the Erotic Tales Letters to Allison series MMF ménage à trois three way sexuality; includes some male bisexuality For adult readers only Extract “Let's lay a game” Felicity said as Aaron mixed their third round of margaritas on her kitchen counter Though it was late spring it looked like anything but The rain was coming down in sheets outside Sheets Ben snorted “What kind of game Poker You hate it Go Fish” Felicity Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, pulled one of her curls out so that she could see it searching for the grey that would appear one of these years “I had something different in mind” she said “What” Aaron said wryly as he splashed teuila liberally into theitcher“Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare” “Something a little like that I suppose” said Felicity as demurely as she could manage reaching down and ulling a tiny clear vial from her urse which was resting on the