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That much of the Tedric series was written by someone else which might explain it. E order of Vemplars Tedric mjust warn the Bioen that their castle is a gatewhile for the annihilation gathering in the grey depths of space but who will believe the word of a barbarian against the lightning whipsword of Fra Villi.

Similarities between the two Not really Doc Smiths best work but then I understand. Crew are bound together by the strong loyalty of outcasts Yod Cartwright ex pirate; Juvi a prostitute turned expert pilor; Ky shan the exiled Wykzl; Wilson the renegade robot; and Pal Galmain brave but banished Knight of the nobl.

Classic SF in the old school Having read the Lensmen series its easy to see the. Lord Tedric of the Marshes ex Corpsman and interplanetary warrior faces a crucial mission to crush the threat of the Destructive Forces by capturing their agent on the Bioman sphere the ruthless Black Knight Fra Villion Tedric's.

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Edward Elmer Smith also EE Smith EE Smith PhD EE “Doc” Smith Doc Smith “Skylark” Smith or—to his family—Ted was an American food engineer specializing in doughnut and pastry mixes and an early science fiction author best known for the Lensman and Skylark series He is sometimes called the father of space opera