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At a great read The story was well written the characters were well eveloped and the sex was HOT Will Gemma be able to keep her Seis Anos Depois distance Will Devin be able to land a contract and the woman he lost so many years ago Read it and find outMerged reviewI received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest reviewTall Dark and Alpha is a collection of 10 short stories about sexy strong alpha males It has a little something for everyone Over all this book bundle was really good A few of the books I could haveone without but Mixture of Several Genres Rock My Boat by Afton LockeRhonda Simms is a workaholic that is embarking on a Caribbean cruise to help her create an ad campaign for a maritime freight client When she meets Simon Mann a blue marlin shape shifter she finds it impossible to concentrate especially when she is in his sights He manages to rock her world first with a private hands on safety Switched demonstration than with a wild Review of bookOverall Tall Dark and Alpha is what every romance aficionado hopes for a lot of take charge kind of guys getting hot and heavy with strong smart and sexy women I enjoyed some of the novellas than others and though these were all new to me stories would have been happier knowing which ones were brand new vs a reprint from somewhere else The takes run the gamut of paranormal hotties and guy nextoor beefcake which was a plus for me I like it when it s not of the same with each successive piece and you certainly Haunted Summer don t find that with TDARock My Boat by Afton LockeThis story offers a uniue take on the paranormal world by having her hero be of all things a marlin shifter As interesting as it was I felt the authoridn t take the back story far enough which made the plot seem a little one The Crocodile Bird dimensional The characters themselves were interesting to a point however the heroine s claim that she had fought long and hard for control over her life both professionally and personallyidn t seem to jive with the plot movement I loved the inebriated neighborfamily friend though she stole the show On the plus side the sex was believable and well A Fine Gentleman (The Jonquil Brothers done and the hero getting his chance to avenge wrongs is always attractive I was left with conflicted feelings about the story in general It wasn t bad it justidn t grab me the way I The Dying Ground d hoped I think that this would have been better as a full length novel The author fleshing out the backstory and characterizations would have addedimension to the plot and given it of a wow factorSilver Tongues Devils by Dawn MontgomeryThis novella was what I The Ferguson Rifle d call a sci fi genre with a shifter twist and I loved the combination of the two Raesa was a smart sexy and strong femaleedicated to fulfilling her The Tailor Of Panama deceased father s final wish Brom and Na varr were powerful and sexy but seem to have a soft spot for Raesa who s been kidnapped by the Andovian government and turned into a sex slave They use their combined skills to uncover the traitor in their midst on board the Crimson Star ando what they need to in an effort to ensure their uniue relationship survives the turmoil Great plot with lots of twists and turns and a healthy Crossfire (High Risk dose of burn up the sheets sexFight For Love by Delaney DiamondThe plot for this was well constructed and not overdone a retired wrestler returns to his ex but not wife to let them know theirivorce was never finalized While it was than he The Consignment d bargained for the surprise was exactly what they all needed The sex was steamy and I loved that it wasn t all neat and smooth they had real issues that needed to be resolved along the way I found that I had a soft spot for Rafael and hisogged The Lady in the Tower determination as well as loved Rebekah s strength She made a life for herself and their son never truly getting over the breakup of her marriage butidn t let it hold her back I Tryst do think that Rafael should have been open about his life and known that keeping secrets of any sort would blow up in his face but talking about feelings isn t something a guy tends too I really enjoyed Ms Diamond s writing style and look forward to reading of her workCrazy Vampire Love by Eve LanglaisThis was a cute and funny story by one of my favorite authors The characters were engaging however it Tarnished Knight (The Lost Stars, didn t seem that Zane was as take charge as he could be Detached Absolutely That was what ultimately sold me on the vampire In the end though it was Ella that stole the show She was comfortable with who she was even if that meant she wasn t uite right in the head As much as I loved the story though I felt that it just fit the alpha theme as well as some of the others Itidn t Where We Belong detract from how much I thoroughly enjoyed the uirky characters and uniue plot twists so I m calling this one a winSex with an Ex by Eve VaughnAhh whereo I begin with this one I loved this novella but then again I love Eve Vaughn s work so that s not a surprise The plot was solid the characters animated and holy heck the passion between Riley and Ethan was h h h h hot Even as awful as Riley s sister and mother behaved I thought Ms Vaughn found a perfect balance between crafting an emotionally charged ploy and what could have easily been overdone rife with rama Did I mention that Ethan was the hottest thing on two legs already Well he was and he had his work cut out for him with Riley I thought it was a nice touch to show how she struggled with her reawakened passion for her ex husband and how her perceptions slowly changed as she matured over the years Great storyIn Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah RochonWhere Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems do I begin This story had it all love lust angst sex and the mostecadent chocolate you ve ever read about This could have easily been clich with the friends to lovers theme however Ms Rochon struck a nice balance between the comfortable plot line we know with enough twists to send you into a sugar coma It was so nice to see that Gavin owned his sensitivity and yet was creative with just the right amount of force to make my literary foot pop when he and Erica finally kissed There was a lot packed into this novella but it was just enough to give the story the right amount of impact without being overdonePlayer s Challenge by Koko BrownThis novella was so much than I Requiem for a Wren d expected Koko Brown was a new to me author with Players Ultimatim and this story is set in that world Gemma Clarke is a smart and sexy woman who knows how to get the jobone Unfortunately her new assignment is Spencer her teenage crush and the boy that walked away from her when his career was taking off His bad boy antics have him in hot water and Gemma is the only agent he wants to straighten him out I loved how these two behaved or misbehaved as the case may be with each other Their history was believable and the author Red Notice did a fantastic job at revealing it in subtle ways throughout the plot Gemma was tough with a vulnerable interior and yet one never seemed to compromise the other Devin appeared to be the uintessential bad boy buteep Les pingouins nont jamais froid down I think he was just fully committed to making the most of his second chance with Gemma He was the right combination of sweet and forceful with aose and a half of sexy thrown in My only issue was with Yvonne she has a history of bending the rules and keeping secrets but seemed so cold to Gemma when confronting her about Devin Still this was a win for me story wise I loved itThe Badge Bunnies Series Two Cops A Girl and A Pair of Handcuffs by Paige TylerA hotter than hot short story that Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone delivered such a punch I needed to coolown than once while reading it Reed and Hayes were handsome formidable and sexy in a way that only a man in uniform could be Cilla was the ideal woman intelligent and comfortable with her sexuality in a way that few are She owned her Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. desires with pride My only beef This story was tooamn short I wanted so much That s not to say that Ms Tyler The Peoples Songs didn t pack a lot into the piece but you know the old adage if a little is good must be betterChase and Seduction Hot Country Book 1 by Randi AlexanderWhat can I say I love a story with a cowboy and a girl nextoor type and this one hit all of the highs for me Randi knows how to write characters that seem to jump off of the page and Chase and Seduction is no exception Both Chase and Reno had misgivings fueled by their past that made their relationship rocky However what I liked most about the plot was that they made an effort to talk it out The plot was solid too the secondary story that s fleshed out in another installment in her Hot Country series was well City of Big Shoulders done andidn t Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles detract from the primary plot line at all Even the other characters were engaging and stroked my beta addiction just right I llefinitely be picking up the other installment in this seriesTall Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam CheeverIf you love your men to be manly and your ladies to kick some ass Tall Dark and Apocalyptic is exactly what the My Name is Bob doctor ordered Sam Cheever crafts a plot fraught with enough twists and turns to keep even the savviest of readers from figuring out exactly who the bad guy or girl actually is I read this in pretty much a single sitting and loved it enough that I was sad to reach the end The author applies her own uniue touch in this story by combining the post apocalyptic genre with the paranormal forming a hybrid plot that I foundelightfully multi layered The heroes called Sorceri use every magic laden weapon in their arsenal to efeat the villains zombies referred to as reborn and along the way some surprising things come to light causing much of what they know to be very very wrong Great story and the epitome of what tall ark and alpha is all about Four Shooting Stars I was gifted a copy of this book from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review I was not compensated in any wayThere were a few stories that I was Billy Bragg disappointed that theyidn t come with sound or even smell a vision None of these authors held anything back the stories were hot and what can I add about the sex just watch out for wandering eyes No two stories were alike except the alphas and all that testosterone they know what they want and will always get it in the end And I liked the fact that the women were smart At times it felt like a lot of research must have been Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary done in order to get the story just right And at other times the imagination that it took to create something thatoesn t exist This is a set of books that you can uickly get sucked into You will find it very hard to put own you could try to limit yourself to one book or maybe even two a ay but good luck with that These are not books that you even want to attempt to speed read I found that I just sat back and read very carefully because I The Majors Daughter didn t want to miss a word And I was in awe at the amount of creativity that was included from the front cover to the backI got to read of some authors that I have enjoyed before and then I read a few that I never even knew were out there This is one great thing about a boxed set you get a lot of stories for a great price andream that you are walking in the female character s shoes It s one that I can see myself reading over and over again Plus now that I ve read them in order maybe I can mix things up and read them in a Miss Shumway Waves a Wand different order I gave this book four stars but I want to point out that a few of the books in this box set rated a five I would prefer to have listed these books seperately so I could rate them for their own merits Since that is not possible at this time I haveone a short review for each book and listed my ratings for them next to their title1 Rock my boat by Afton Locke 3 stars This had an okay story Workaholic CEO Rhonda Simms goes on a Caribbean cruise with her family only to meet Marlin shape shifter Simon Mann2 Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery 5 stars Awesome Raesa Daw escapes sexual slavery on the Crimson Star and gets caught by a half breed shifter Executive Officer Brom Raine who takes her to Captain Anderson Na Varr They The Touch decide they are keeping her for their mutual enjoyment But the captain has a secret and there are things that Raesaoesn t know about herself 3 Fight for Love by Delaney Diamond 4 stars Good story but I had a problem with some of the Spanish words I would have appreciated it if the author translated or had a On His Majestys Service dictionary Some you could guess at but some I had no clue So it brought me out of the story and frustrated me4 Crazy Vampire Love by Eve Langlais 4 starsCrazy Ella has a head full of voices but her ghostly friends can t protect her from a vampire in love Not that she seems to want their protection Great story Well written and plotted The story was fresh with a nice twist You can t help but love Ella5 Sex With An Ex by Eve Vaughn 40 stars At first I reallyidn t like this story because I Different Class didn t care much for the characters But I kept reading and they started to grow on me By the end of the story I had changed my mind I really liked the characters and thought the author hadone great job at showing the how things can go so horribly wrong out of insecurity and. Ed Devils by Dawn Montgomery Captain Na'varr and his executive officer Brom know they have a good thing when they capture stowaway hacker Raesa with her hot temper and The Essential Good Food Guide dangerous curves They want her body and soul just as she wants them But such trust endangers them in ways none of them can anticipate Dare they risk it allFight for Love by Delaney Diamond Rafael Lopez former professional wrestler and “Sexiest Athlete Alive” is back andetermined to hold onto the woman he lost but still loves and the son he never knew existed Crazy Vampire Love by Eve Langlais Ella hears voices and they Textbook of Wisdom don’t like anyone But not even poltergeists can stand in the way of a vampire in loveSex With An Ex by Eve Vaughn In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon When Erica Cole owner of Your Wildest Dreams event planning reuests his help in creating a Valentine’s Day fantasyate for her clients chocolatier Gavin Foster sees it as the perfect opportunity to show her just how sweet their reality could bePlayer's Challenge by Koko Brown Sports agent Gemma Clarke must fac.

Distrust But how sometimes things need to go wrong to make us appreciate them6 In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon 40 starsYou can t go wrong with chocolate and the author sure In Defence of Dogs didn t go wrong with this story Erica Cole is in the business of making you wildestreams come true and she enlist her friend and chocolatier Gavin Foster to help her This sexy story is heartwarming fun and sexy 7 Player s Challenge by Koko Brown 40 stars Wow Hot guy hot story This was a fun read Well written fast paced and great characters Footballer Devin Spencer is a bad boy in need of handling and Gemma Clarke he s new sports agent is just the one to reel him in8 Two Cops A Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs The Badge Bunnies Series by Paige Tyler 5 StarsI am in lust This story was hot hot hot I loved it It flowed from beginning to end rawing you in and holding your attention The two cops were hot tender ominate and The City in Mind definitely knew what they wereoing Cilla was than happy that she with their attention Great read I am going to have to find me of this authors work9 Chase and Seduction Hot Country Book 1 by Randi Alexander 40 starsGreat story good Revenge (The Red Ledger dialog nice flow and wonderful characters I truly enjoyed reading Chase Tanner and Reno Linden s story The sex was steamy and well paced the romanceeveloped well I really liked how the author was able to portray the insecurities of the characters along with their strengths I can t wait to read the next story in the Hot County Series Heart of Steele will tell Tracy and Steele s story which we were given a slight peep into in Chase and Seduction10 Tall Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever 50 starsWe have a winner Zombies or Newborns Hunters post apocalyptic No One Wants You different worlds andifferent times this book has it all This book The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity drew me in from the first page and kept me enthralled until the very last page Uniue world building interesting plot goodialog intense sexual tension and sizzling chemistry make this an entertaining read I was hooked and look forward to reading of this author Rock My Boat by Afton Locke 3 Stars An unusual for me shifter story Rhonda is on a cruise with her family working to gain the cruise line as a client for her advertising firm At least she thought it would be the family until her parents invited their friend an older lady with a penchant for Penguins Poems for Life drinking too much and Rhonda is forced to share a cabin with her Pulled aside for a private security briefing the patown is far than anyone would expect Enter Simon with a purloined uniform and a penchant for Rhonda She gets little enough one with her babysitting tasks for her elderly neighbour but Simon just may be her undoing A Marlin yes the fish shifter he comes on strong and only amps up the pressure He has reasons though and the climax is for lack of a better word explosive A little too close to the edge of alpha turned bully the characters needed something perhaps the length of this story was just too limiting for the brilliance of the idea Even though I idn t see the attraction in a fishy shifter there were moments that were truly fun and funny Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery 4 starsA science fictionfantasy short Raesa is a master computer hacker on the run from those who kidnapped her and turned her into a sexual slave with an injection Arriving on Na varr s ship and iscovered by his erstwhile second in command Brom a tiger shifter they are instantly embroiled in a mystery Raesa is clever and funny and is instantly rawn to the two men who have mated her to make her theirs Steamy sex a bit of a mystery as to who Raesa really is and the Divine Beauty danger as the ship is threatened by a traitor this short was uick hot and full of suirmy moments Fight for Love by Delaney Diamond 3 starsSingle andivorced mother Rebekah is suddenly faced with the visage of her ex husband and professional wrestler Rafael He Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone didn t know about their son and is than a little put out While she feels herecisions were the correct ones because of his lifestyle he wants to spend time with his son and his wife Oh the Down to the Sea in Ships divorce she thought was long settled Never happened So after 9 years we have two adultsancing about each other and trying to ignore the attraction that first brought them together Of course the summer visit is the time that the two rekindle their relationship and Rebekah learns to trust in his intentions even if he hasn t cut all ties with his former fianc Spontaneous sex that is steamy and hot round out this sweet story of a second chance at love Crazy Vampire Love by Eve Langlais 4 MoonsEve has heard voices most of her life and these voices share secrets other people s secrets that they would rather not have told Believing she is crazy she was institutionalized in the hospital where Zane the snacking visitor grabs his nourishment What is impressive to me is the exuberance and enthusiasm with which Zane accepts Eve into his heart he is so endearing and adorable you almost expect him to pinch himself to see if this is real And while their sexual behavior is slightly curtailed with voices making a kerfuffle the steam and sexy scenes that are so well Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, done by this author will not fail to bring the steamUniue and clever their chemistry is welleveloped and the cleverness of the Dog Years dialog is not just between Eve and Zane Yes even the voices that Eve hears have their own brand of snark which almost makes you miss them when Zane s presence uiets them for EveSex with an Ex by Eve Vaughn 4 MoonsRiley is convinced that aivorce will end her uncontrollable attraction for Ethan what she Chain of Fire doesn t realize is he feels that same attraction Running into one another at her best friend s engagement party Riley uses the cover of another man to scoot away before her attraction takes over and makes a fool of her Ethan just happens to be the best friend s brother and with a little coaxing he gets Riley s information and goes toiscuss the upcoming wedding with her Second chances are sweet but Riley needs to learn to trust in Ethan again he s not letting this chance go to waste Super hot pure possessive fumes waft off these twoIn Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon 5 MoonsI adore chef stories although I always want recipes Gavin has thrown off the mantle of high tech to live his The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, dream creating artisanal chocolate creations at his shop His best friend Erica runs a fantasyate night company and is a real romantic at heart The banter between these two is lovelyI just SO wanted Erica to open her eyes and see just how much Gavin wants to make her his next The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur delectable confection Greatescriptions a fun story and a true emotional connection between the two made this a fun uick read leaving me with a smile at the end after I went Maharaj digging through the cupboards for chocolatePlayer s Challenge by Koko Brown 3 MoonsI m not a huge fan of sport themed romances but this was a uick and steamy story with plenty of suirm for the read Gemma is a sports agent and her firm has recently acuired the contract for her ex lover Devin Feeling a bit like the Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens in his past behaviors and lower on the potential earnings scale Devin isn t the catch that he wants to be in the representationepartment Gemma tries to balance the memories of what was with the what is and her new position and then assumes several positions A fresh look at the athlete romantic interest trope Brown s writing is clear fresh and solidly voiced keeping me interested and entertained Two Cops a Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige Tyler 4 MoonsWe always said that the best protected areas in the little town I lived in up north was the coffee shop and this story manages to take that theme off into another Kuduz direction Cilla is the barista at the corner shop and she has made friends with two of the officers who are patrolling the neighborhood Having a thing for uniforms and for the two officers Hayes and Reed she asks them to stay around one night There are sparks a plenty between these three and the men take to serve and protect to a whole new level Handcuffs and spankings ramp up the erotic tension in a story that was not hurting for steam Chase and Seduction by Randi Alexander 4 MoonsThe starter of her Hot Country series Randi Alexander hits every note as she amps up the issues and relationship between a hot cowboy crooner and the somewhat reclusive newly successful author Chase has confidence issues never uite thinking he measures up but his pursuit of Reno is relentless and sweet with plenty of steamy moments For her part after a failed engagement Reno was content to write and be alone suddenly thrust into the spotlight with her novel taking off she is unsure of her footing and while she sees Chase as a greatistraction and enjoys the time away from the spotlight with him she oesn t think they can last Sweetly engaging with enough steam to fog up your eReader Alexander shows us just how two people can overcome their issues when they come together Tall Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever 4 MoonsThe futuristic ark post apocalypse world is not one that I read often but Sam Cheever manages to weave in power plays fashioned as lusty interludes issues with trust The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, danger zombies magic and an all seeing Big Brother style government had me engaged and entertained from the start Audie with his mission isistracted by but attracted to Yeira A woman with a mission that is the polar opposite to his Pitted against one another by their missions and positions their attraction is undeniable even to them Engrossing and The Taste of Ashes detailed with plenty of twists this was a fun read with a solid love conuers all things message I received an eBook copy of the title for purpose of honest review with Tasty Book Tours I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Rock My Boat Afton Locke 1 starsAisappointing start to the set Was just all a bit weird and fish shifters are not sexy at all EVER It was all just a bit ridiculousSilver Tongued Devils Dawn Montgomery4 starsI really enjoyed this one Was an interesting take on a future world and packed a lot into a shorter book I like all three main characters and wish it had been longer and we could have really explored the world it was set in Fight for Love Delaney Diamond1 starI have honestly never Camellia (Ellie, disliked a heroine in a book Her reasons for not telling her ex husband about their son were awful basically as far as I could see she could not be bothered but told him it was his life that was too awful and henceid not want her son exposed to it This woman took no responsibility for anything it was all someone else s fault She blamed the hero for the marriage break own she blamed him for her even being attracted to him in the first place She blamed him as to why she kept his son a secret she blamed him from coming to tell her something important and not ringing first even though he had tried she blamed him for having to explain her current circumstances to her sort of boyfriend Her family especially her father considering they were meant to be religious her father is a pastor were judgey and superior I have never read a book where I wanted the hero to get the son and walk off leaving that awful woman behind A isappointing 1 starCrazy Vampire Love by Eve Langlais 5 starsThis was a really interesting and original story in the vampire genre I loved the entire story and how Ella and Zane meet Ella s back story and how she came to be where she was was very interesting and uniue Together they were great and it was a really interesting story I would love to read from Zane and Ella and hope there is to come A very refreshing original engaging story My Goodness This 10 story box set has the LONGEST Novellas ever writtenI m a happy girl D Considering I only got this set for a The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, dollar Even if the price increases on this it would still be worth it With the exception of the 1st story Iid not like it at all and another that I China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) decided to skip cos I just wasn t feeling the MC s all the rest of these stories wereone superbly IMO You get great Green River Rising detail with each story which gives the feeling that the novella is uite long You wouldn t think this possible cos there are 10 stories here but it is It s taken me awhile to finish it And it s easy for you to lose track on which number story you are reading All the stories here are wrapped up with a great sense of finality None of them felt rushed in their endings Each story is also very uniue Some are off the wall weird but still very very interesting What I loved the most about this edition is that with each story you get a veryifferent Alpha hero heroine Not once Wife Swap do you feel as though you are reading about the same people just inifferent settings Every thing in each story as I said before is uniue I loved it Take your time here You kind of Pies don t have a choice with that though It sifficult to just fly through these reads They re awesome I so wish that box sets were set up this way Great authors great stories I would Gorbals Diehards definitely recommend this box set. E the biggest challenge of her young career represent her former lover and bad boy footballer Devin Spencer Their passionate love affair ended badly Now he's back to prove to Gemma he's changed and convince her to give them one chanceTwo Cops a Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige Tyler Cilla Garner has it bad for hot cops Hayes Prescott and Reed Lockwood If they both end up asking her out sheoesn't know how she'll choose Having a threesome From the Dust doesn't even enter her mind until they hint at it and then it's all she can think aboutChase and Seduction by Randi Alexander Country music superstaractor Chase Tanner has never wanted anything or anyone than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden To Reno Chase is larger than life sinfully sexy and hell bent on getting her into bed Reno risks the plunge into Chase’s arms but will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fameTall Dark Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever He’s a hunter in a world turned upsideown She’s his prey a creature of ark magic But the passion burning within them may be their undoin.

Crazy Vampire Love by Eve LanglaisElla has been hearing voices for years She has been locked in a mental hospital and never thought she would ever get out Everything changes one night when a stranger appears in her cell and the voices go away She is thrilled to meet him even when the stranger tells her she should be scared Zane is rawn to Ella and while he watches her one night he saves her from harm He takes her away and she finds out he is a vampire Ella should be scared but she isn t She wants Zane and the only thing keeping them apart are the voices in her head They fear Zane and what he can Merlin and the Making of the King do When a realanger appears it may be up to Ella to ig eep to be the strong oneI love books by this author and this one is a wonderful one Ella has been considered crazy for years and even her own family turned their back on her She has been locked up and forgotten with only the voices to protect her and for company Zane never wanted to fall for a mortal but when he Mennyms Alone (Mennyms, does he willo anything to protect Ella As they work together to figure out what the voices are they find Ella is a very special person I love how strong she becomes and how open she is with her love I enjoyed this story just as much as I have others by this authorSex With An Ex by Eve VaughnMegan and Ethan were married before but things tore them apart They suffered loss and let jealousy and family members Dreamwalker (The Ballad of Sir Benfro, destroy their marriage When they are brought back together Ethan willo whatever it takes to get Megan back They become lovers again but they still have many problems to work through before they have a chance for happiness againI have to say I enjoy a story where couples get a second chance Megan and Ethan are two people who clearly Akenfield deserve one They married young and as they where young really needed to grow up and learn to listen to each other so they would have a chance They have always had a good sex life it s the rest of their relationship that needs work They still have many problems to overcome and I love how they both grew up and learned how important they are to each other Iidn t care for Megan s mom at all and wanted to smack her so bad This is a great story of rekindling an old loveIn Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon Erica is trying to help her mother and run her company She sets up Gym and Slimline dreamates for couples and gives them a one of a kind ate She loves giving them that special touch She also love popping in and getting chocolate from her friend Gavin s store Gavin had to give up his computer company and his fiance when he found her cheating and she was being the company take over He started a store with his other passion making chocolate He would like to have with Erica but hasn t worked up the nerve to ask herThey are great friends and both know it will be hard to go back to just friends when they both want As they try to start a relationship both have offers they have to seriously consider and it puts a strain on their new relationship This is a charming story that had me wanting not of the great characters but craving chocolate I love both of these characters and this charming story I enjoyed how both characters clearly care for each other but are worried to take the next step They have a lot going on but clearly belong together They started out as friends and that is a great start for them They have great businesses and have to make some hard ecisions about them They have a wonderful chemistry that is very special I hated to see the end and wanted of themTwo Cops a Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige TaylorCilla is working all alone in the coffee house when the two guys of her fantasy s come in She has been admiring Officers Lockwood and Prescott for a while hoping one of them would ask her out Reed and Hayes have both been watching and wanting Cilla but they want her together Cilla agrees to a threesome with them and gets than she ever thought possibleThis is an amazingly hot story that will make you want to trade place with Cilla She is one lucky girl as both Reed and Hayes show her how great they can be together They are so hot but even better they are gentle and Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements don to anything she The Clock Without a Face doesn t want them too They work magic with a set of handcuffs and even though it is a very sexual story you still see glimpses of what great guys they are I haven t read any other books by this author but that will be changing as I look forward to getting Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn MontgomeryRaesa is trying to escape being a sex slave She is a great hacker and finds herself on a ship that holds two men she has always heard about She is being hunted Captives of the Private House down because the slavers want something from her She is in highemand as she is Teaspoon and an Open Mind different than others Na varr isn t looking to get involved with anyone but Raesa isifferent She may hold the key to getting his throne back He A Celtic Miscellany doesn t mind to share her with the hybrid Brom as they both grow to care for her no one wants Na varr back in power and will pull out all stops to keep him from it and to capture RaesaRaesa refuses to be a sex slave and will not be sold She learns uickly that she is attracted to both Brom and Na varr She wouldn t mind to be a sex slave to these two men Na varr has a traitor on board and has to fish them out It is a job that will put all of them inanger but has to be one Brom oesn t feel he Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, deserves love as he is a hybrid and it takes Raesa to show him heoes The Culture Code deserve love This is a I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading this anthology but I haven t beenisappointed at all This box set has something for everyone Each story is uniue and the heroes and heroines each have something that makes you want to root for them getting their happily ever after whether it s with two Banish Clutter Forever dominant men who know just how to treat a woman or just one hot alpha that has sexyown to a science Rock my Boat 4 starsI was hooked as soon as Rhonda and Simon met for the first time That steamy interaction had me reaching for my fan Sometimes a story is so hot that you just need to cool off The Stolen Magic (Stardust, development of Simon and Rhonda s relationship was a nice slow build with plenty of sexual tension I felt so invested in their story and I couldn t help but root for them as Simon battled with hisesire to become a normal man again and his hatred for the company that made him what he was and as Rhonda ealt with the fact that she was the mate of a marlin shifter Definitely one of my favorites in this seriesSilver Tongued Devils 5 starsMy only thought as I read this story was Raesa Daw is one lucky woman Who wouldn t want two incredibly sexy men taking charge in the bedroom They fall pretty uickly but when it s right it s right and I can t blame Raesa at all for sinking her claws into those two hunks as soon as she could My mental image of Brom Raine was enough to make me sweat and let s not overlook the lust worthy Captain Na varr Bravo Dawn Montgomery You crafted a tale full of adventure suspense and love that I couldn t stop reading until the very end Fight for Love 4 starsWhen Rebekah finds Rafael at her oor self preservation probably told her to run and shut the Pistols for Two door locking him out of her life for good But I for one am so glad that she let him in I m a sucker for a hot alpha with a good heart who is willing to fight for what is his and Rafael fit the bill to a T And once he entered the picture there was no mistaking that Rebekah was his He has a lot of work too to achieve his goal but Rafael is a etermined guyA very good story with an ending I loved Crazy 5 starsAs much as I m a sucker for hot alphas with good hearts I am lost when it comes to bad boys who back up their attitudes with a healthy ose of kick ass Zane is all alpha and so sexy that I was jealous of Ella for a minute there He is the epitome of an alpha that will make you pay if you mess with what belongs to him And Ella Loss (Gus Dury, definitely belongs to him But as much as she is his he belongs to her as well and it s that euality that makes for a brilliant story I loved Ella s companions and how they protect her Nothing beats your own built in security system This story took me places Iidn t expect I enjoyed following Ella on her voyage of The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, discovery and accompanying Zane as he came to grips with the fact that he had fallen in love In other words I am crazy for this story Two big thumbs up Sex with an Ex4 starsEveryone has that meddling family member that can t seem to keep their nose out of everyone s business but Riley s family takes it to a new level Sometimes I just wanted to shake themor Riley for letting them be so meddlesome And then there s Ethan I ll admit I thought he was a bit of a bully at first but as soon as he started his seduction of Riley I forgave him all of his faults You can really feel his all consuming passion for Riley throughout the story Plus the sex between them is hot I couldn t help but root for them to get back together I was slightly put off by the sister Megan being so emotional when thingsidn t seem to go her way but that Alacrity (Illumine, didn t really take much away from what I thought was a very good storyIn Her Wildest Dreams 5 starsThis is another one of my favorites I mean who wouldn t want to be friends with a chocolatier especially one who makes special chocolates just for you and lets you sample his creations I was jealous for sure Erica and Gavin are so relatable I really felt for Gavin who struggled with that age old problem of wanting to be than friends with a woman who is afraid to lose the friendship Through it all I appreciated the way their friendship worked and how well they worked together It was nice to see how they grew and figured out what they really wanted out of life professionally and emotionally This isefinitely a story that is well worth the read Player s Challenge 5 starsI loved Devin and Gemma This story about the pair reconnecting after so long was incredibly enthralling You realize just how much Devin wants to be with Gemma when you find out the lengths that he s gone to get her back into her life Gemma obviously has her work cut out for her having to resist Devin s charms and maintain a professional istance while he is turning up some serious seductive heat You can feel the chemistry in every interaction and the sex is than steamy Koko Brown has one a fantastic job of writing a story that hooked me from the beginning and kept me reading until the very end Very much looking forward to reading from her in the future Two Cops A Girl and A Pair of Handcuffs 4 starsThis story was short and sweet getting straight to the pointFantastically hot sex I enjoyed this brief look into the beginning of what could be a very pleasurable m nage relationship I appreciated the time Paige Tyler took to give these two hunks their own personalities within their liaison with Cilla I found each appealing in their own way especially Reed with his handcuffs It s a HFN rather than a HEA but the way the story was crafted still produced a satisfying ending I have a feeling Hayes and Reed aren t going to give Cilla up very easily now that they ve found her Chase and Seduction 5 stars A wonderful well written story about two people who come together Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, despite their individual flaws and the stresses of both of their careers that I thoroughly enjoyed I loved the fact that Chase was both strongominating and vulnerable making him seem human and Arnhem down to earth and his kind heart shone throughout the story His seduction of Reno was so sweet as well I couldn t blame her for being so taken by him I loved the fact that she was able to find herself and lose her inhibitions because of Chase and his uniue brand of loving Randi Alexander also crafted a wonderful ending that was satisfying and makes me want to pick up the next book in the series immediately Talk Dark and Apocalyptic 5 stars This story has a slow build but it is well worth the read Watching Yeira and Audie working their way from enemies to lovers was enthralling I was hooked fairly uickly and couldn t stop reading I loved Yeira s feistiness and Audie s strength Audie is all alpha and just the type of alpha I love to have at home take charge full of passion and fiercely protective when it comes to his woman These two are focused on their goals and aren t afraid to fight for what they believe in Once they figured out they were on the same side they made uite a formidable pair The love scenes are smoking hot and I Fitness for Living definitely enjoyed the slow build up of sexual tension that led up to them Sam Cheeverid a great job of creating a story that I could read over and over again happilyand I probably will Two big thumbs up I read this book as part of the Tall Dark and Alpha book bundleGemma is a sports agent and was just assigned a new client one that could land her a lot of money The problem This client just so happens to be her first love Devin He s got a reputation for being a bad boy off the field and is currently an un signed player Gemma is Love Is Blind determined to get him signed and keep their history just that history Wh. 10 Sexy Romances Featuring Hot Alpha Heroes and the Women They LoveHe makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist hisark charm When he catches your eye across the room you know he means business He could be an executive cop shape shifter or a bad boy looking for a little fun Once he has you in his sights you can't get away and after one sizzling night in his arms you won't want to He’s Tall Dark Alpha The alpha male is the ultimate indulgencethe richest ark chocolateand we’re offering him to you in abundance Delve into the sensual worlds of award winning authors Randi Alexander Koko Brown Sam Cheever Delaney Diamond Eve Langlais Afton Locke Dawn Montgomery Farrah Rochon Paige Tyler and Eve Vaughn Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience Rock My Boat by Afton Locke Rhonda Simms embarks on a cruise to create an ad campaign Instead she lands Simon Mann a blue marlin shape shifter who will o anything to be human again Will she let him rock her boat Silver Tongu.

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