Nigel Pennick: Natural Magic

Although I do not live in a place with the trees and weather that the author does I did not find Natural magic is the way to work in harmony with the natural energies and forces that surround us all Practising natural magic involves simple but effective practical techniues that all can use to become closer to the natural order of which we are al.

T annoying like I do with many books like this He did not make it seem like you had to live in a sp. L part In this comprehensive introduction to natural magic Nigel Pennick author of 48 books on European traditional spirituality and folk lore provides us with an accessible in depth approach to this most basic form of magic The contents include an


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Ecific place to perform natural magic I did actually learn some new things too which was refreshing. Xplanation of earth mineral and plant magic; the magic of landscape and place; magical animals and how we can work with them; the power within the human body; natural magical charms talismans and amulets food and drink and how to make and empower the.

Nigel Campbell Pennick born 1946 in Guildford Surrey England in the United Kingdom an author publishing on occultism magic natural magic divination subterranea rural folk customs traditional performance and Celtic art as well as runosophyHe is a writer on marine species as well as an occultist and geomancer artist and illustrator stained glass designer and maker musician and mummer