Skyler Leigh: Blackmailed into Diapers

Ew toy Skyler is in real trouble He’ll walk between classes eat lunch and try to hide the bulky plastic Unless he’s very careful and very obedient Meaghann might ecide to let everyone know his secretPublisher’s Note This 23000 word story contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable Erotic themes include age play bondage public humiliation tickling female A Dark Sicilian Secret domination and enforcediapering All characters are over the age of.

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What would you o if the prettiest girl in school suddenly took an interest What would you think if it turned out she had a hidden agenda This story is a fictionalized account of what happened to Skyler LeighMeaghann Smith is beautiful and ruthless She leads her school’s cliue of mean girls Now she has a new game in mind She wants to play with the smartest boy in their class Maybe she thinks he’s too arrogant Maybe she senses some inner weakness He.

R reasoning oesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that she will take what she wants And she wants SkylerOnce she has his interest she invites him over to her house where Meaghann tickles him into submission eventually forcing him into a Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography diaper A few clicks later and she has all of the pictures she could ever need to ensure his obedienceAt school Skyler has too whatever Meaghann says And when she ecides her friends would like to play with her