Gwen B. Prosperi: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ts her biggest rival Moniue Dupree to help babysit herFrom sound checks to shows in front of thousands of her fans Ashlin must stay diapered Behind closed doors Eric keeps her as a little girl Forced to crawl she must drink from bottles eat baby food and watch childish cartoons He is going to teach her how to behave no matter what it takes Editor’s Warning This book includes explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable ABDL and BDSM themes include enforced age play diapering forced wetting baby talk public humiliation physical restraints among other domination elements This 30000 word book book is intended for adults onl.

Ashlin is one of the most successful pop stars out there so she thinks she can get away with anything But when her manager decides to take control of her career she will learn the true meaning of humiliationEric discovered her and he has managed her career for the last three years There is simply no way he’ll let this snotty girl ruin all of his hard work Now that she has become a success she thinks she can cut him out No wayReady to teach Ashlin a few lessons Eric calls her to his office Predictably she’s late since she thinks it’ll ust be some boring paperwork He gets her a drink and she downs it uickly not realizing it’s laced with a compound designed to weaken.

Her body Before she knows it Ashlin loses control and wets herself To make things worse she gets very sleepy and soon passes outWaking up Ashlin finds herself back on her tour bus only now it’s been remodeled The walls are pink it has a bouncer seat there’s a crib and everything is padded for a child’s use Eric explains that she’s been a bad little girl and needs some discipline Fortunately for her he can provide itFirst this means diapers She will have to wear them when she performs To ensure she doesn’t do anything silly like try to take them off or change them herself after wetting he also puts her in a special baby harness Adding to her embarrassment he recrui.


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