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It is amazing Book DK Illustrated Oxford DictionaryYour Name Sandra SmithType of Reference DictionaryCall Number Ref 423ContentScope This contains over 180000 concise definitions and entries of every conceivable termCitation for where the item has been reviewed The Library Journal is a respected peer review that reviews many works to help personnel make appropriate choices The content scope appears to be presented in great The DK Illustrated Oxford Dictionary is the ultimate family reference book Combining the dictionary expertise of Oxford Univers.

Etail no imitations noted The accuracy appears to be authentic and no bias was observedArrangementPresentation The presentation pictures and information make it interesting and navigational for school aged students The presentation is interesting due to illustrations included and not just definitions The cover also stands out Relation to other works Other works were found that are similar but most were not as in depth as this. Ity Press with the visual flair and distinctive design of DK the DK illustrated Oxford Dictionary is a perfect blend for unders.

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Is AccessibilityDiversity It is accessible to most audiences Due to the content covered it would embrace different diversities and cultures The content does make it attractive to diverse audiences due to the fact it has over 180000 entries covering numerous definitions and termsCosts It is under 10000Professional Review Kister K 1998 December 1 Details DK illustrated Oxford dictionary Retrieved April 1 2013 from Book Verdict. Tanding technical scientific and other specialized words Usage grammar slang and an easy pronunciation system are also included.

There is than one author in the database with this name Not all the books on this profile belong to the author with this biographyChristopher Davis was born in Philadelphia PA in 1928 and raised there He was educated at public schools; at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Institute; at the Art Students League in New York; at the Barnes Art Foundation in Philadelphia; at the Academy of Fine