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Y British Roman Admidios who wishes to join with both Owein and Tegen He recognises her powers and knows of Owein s birth right both of which he wishes to tap for his own ndsAdmidios uses vil magic to get his way and Tegen struggles to find the strength to resist As the druids gather at Sinodun a force of Roman soldiers are building a garrison across the river Admidios has plans for his own advancement Owein offers council to minimise bloodshed but the fierce British warriors wish to fight to preserve their old waysThe conniving and allegiances brought to mind Game of Thrones although without the gratuitous sex and gore Knowing the history of Iron Age Britain the final outcome can be assumed but not the detail of this battle While it is asy to see the benefits of good roads and improved sanitation this story brings to life the cost A way of living that respected the Pursuit of Justice ecosystem was thrown away for profit The most powerful may have benefited but not their slavesLike the first book this story offers a fast moving plot with darkness and dangerver present The writing is assured conjuring up a world of smoky roundhouses and damp wool cloaks which somehow feel warm and welcoming The magic and ritual add to the atmosphere while the historical detail is an Dangerous to Touch educationAs thispisode in her adventures comes to an Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude end Tegen moves on Her world hasxpanded and her powers increased I am now ager to read the next installment in her tale. Ures her she will find a guide But Admidios is also waiting there poised with all his demonic powers Then a murder by magic brings the British alliance tottering on the brink of disaster and a black raven of ill omen flies in the face of all Tegen holds dear Her only hope is to dare to walk through the flames of Sacred Fir.

Mmmm the first book was good but cannae finish this one While the first book Star Dancer was set in Roman Britain but was New Age than historical fiction in this one the Romans actually appear and history suffers The perspective of the British Tegen means that the Romans are all cruel destroying the land and never xpressing any individual ideas or My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze emotions Even though Tegen s own people like the Romans own slaves she anachronistically proclaims that Slavery is wrong when she wants to save a particular boy from that fate and which she succeeds in doing also improbably It doesn t help that she behaves as inconsistently as any teenage girlven though she has been chosen by the Goddess to save her people Mixing magic with named documented characters can be disconcerting too Will Tegen reach Mona and finish her druid traini Skimmed most of this and I caught glimpses into the storyline Let s just say it was dark dark magic creepy people and disturbing relationships and I couldn t make myself read it Nuf said Oh my not sure I ll make it through this although healthy doses of snarking might do the trick Reading for a different take from Sutcliff s on Roman Britain I kind of agree with the other reviewers here I really really Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses enjoyed Star Dancer and I was super duperxcited when I found this one But reading it was a bit of a bore I think I read Star Dancer some 5 years ago so my reading maturity has obviously changed My perspec. It is 58 AD As the Romans tighten their grip on Britain so the tribes' resistance increases But lust for power knows no loyalty A demon promises failed king Admidios untold wealth and glory in xchange for the soul of Tegen the young 'Star Dancer' druid in training Britain's only hope Unaware of this dark bargain Tegen set.

Tive on Star Dancer still remains the same because I felt it was as good as a stand alone as well Fire Dancer not so much It was okay that s all I can say Loved the book Really like how it contains some information about pagans and druids I really liked the book I hope there is another because the nding didn t seem to be the My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, end I really didn t like thending because Tegen should of at least tried to help Owien s leg but oh well I am hoping that there is another book Fire Dreamer by Beth Webb is the second book in a fantasy series for young adults which began with Star Dancer The protagonist Tegen is now fifteen years old and has left her home village in search of Mona where she hopes to train with the druids and learn to better harness her powers Until she can find someone to show her the way she is working for her keep and waiting for a sign from the Mother GoddessBritain is facing upheaval as the invading Roman army moves across the land imposing their ways and crushing any who refuse to comply A young Britain who was raised in Rome Owein passes through the village where Tegen is working He suggests she accompany him to an important gathering where lords and druids will congregate to discuss the crisis Tegen agrees hoping that this will Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, enable her to reach her desired destinationAlong the way they find villages burned to the ground their occupants displaced and afraid for their lives Among the invaders is a power hungr. S off to find Mona thelusive Isle of the Druids where she hopes to learn the magic that will defend her homeland On the way she meets Owein another young druid who is not what he seems and knows far than he is willing to tell ven to Tegen Owein offers to take her to a Grand Council of druids and war leaders where he ass.

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