K.C. Silkwood: Shame On Her Volume 3

Vor” for the cheerleading suad’s only lesbian “Shaming the Shoplifters” – Two college girls think it’ll be easy to steal new outfits from the city’s hottest clothing store but they’re wrong After they’re caught the girls are taken to the manager’s office where they’re stripped frisked and photographed One girl services a security guard in the hopes that he’ll let them go but when that plan fails the girls end up running out an emergency exit stark naked They think they’re in the clear when they finally reach their car but the humiliation doesn’t end ther.

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Her on TV in skimpy outfits then he forces her to conduct an important interview totally nude The final act of humiliation comes when the woman is persuaded to get down on her knees and service her old boss “Shaming the Class President” – After she’s caught cheating on a test stuck up class president Stacy Sharp is blackmailed into helping the school football team with their car wash fundraiser First the cheerleaders trick Stacy into washing cars in the nude then they spank and abuse the poor girl the entire time To get her clothes back Stacy has to perform a “special fa.

Explore our wildest fantasies in a hot new series where women are stripped shamed and publicly humiliated before they’re coerced into degrading sexual acts with a little blackmail or bribery as extra incentive The action is so intense that sometimes the women get aroused themselves Each volume contains three stories VOLUME 3 “Shaming the Anchorwoman” – A hot 40 Literature Across Cultures year old anchorwoman returns home to Estonia after 20ears of working in the USA The European beauty ends up groped and mistreated by her old colleagues but that’s not the worst of it First the news director puts.

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