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And Ebon also happens to be the boyfriend of Sage Willow is infatuated with Ebon and has been lusting after him without anyone knowing But to Willows horror Sage does something unfathomable and this is where this story starts to get interesting I really liked Willow she seems very introverted to an outsider but yet she is fairly normal with the people close to her She s super intelligent and a plain Jane compared to Sage but she has a natural beauty that is definitely suitable for Ebon Daniels Not to mention she is talented at writing and the things she writes about will certainly make you blush or catch your attention However Willow has a few secrets she s keeping and the lengths she goes too to keep her deceptions from being revealed are pretty shockingSage while we don t get to know too much about her seems to be the complete opposite of Willow She s outgoing very into her appearance and has attracted the likes of Ebon It will be very interesting to see what part Sage will play as this story unfolds especially after the twists in the first session of this serial Then we have Ebon Daniels Ebon Ebon Ebon He s the teacher every girl wishes she had in college or even high school He s smart and extremely good looking tall with green eyes longish blackbrown hair and facial stubble It s no surprise he is perfect in Willow s eyes But Ebon has a few secrets he s keeping too and I can t wait to see what happens when all these secrets are exposed I don t want to say much because I was truly surprised with a few things that happen and am very anxious to see what the author has in store for these three Overall I really enjoyed the first session of Teaching Willow There were a few word choicesdescriptions that I wasn t crazy about but it didn t take away from story I thought the characters and plot were well developed for the first session of this series The pace was uick and it ended at a good pausing place leaving the reader wanting I really like this new trend in serial series and I definitely recommend reading this one It has a little bit of everything and a twist that I personally haven t seen before When I was asked to participate in this new different kind of tourreview I JUMPED ON IT I loved the fact I didn t have to read the WHOLE book ust a segment of it This is nice new refreshing way to review I NEEDED ITNow to the important stuff on to the book Teaching Willow is about a forbidden love a love that might be one sided or is it I do enjoy a good teacher student read I have read a few with this sort of set up but I loved that is was at a Collegiate level Made it enjoyable for me I plowed right through this segmentDid I mention there is a TWIST like a big one that I LOVED I love being surprised so engulfed in a book you don t see something coming well done Paige James well done This book caught me off guard wasn t expecting such a fast passionate book like it gets straight to the point The forbidden naughtiness sexiness of the book was exactly what Teaching Willow was for me I am excited to read the next segment in this series I totally have enjoyed what I have read so far totally looking forward to what s next BRING IT ON Kiki from Read This Hear That. Nd nothing will ever be the same againHow could one lie spark a wildfire that burned down everything in its path How could it get me all I ever wanted and then cost me everything that ever matteredIt doesn’t seem possible but it is It’s possible it’s true and it’s tragic In my book there is a happy ending but I don’t know if my life will have the same outcom.

Teaching Willow is a smoking hot uick read It s a teacherstudent story and to be honest I am normally not a big fan of those because the stories are usually far fetched for me The author has to make the student an 18 20 year old adult and for some reason that takes the forbidden element away for me I don t get why it is so wrong I know I am a little twisted That being said I really really enjoyed this one The writing had a beautiful flow to it and it was told with a little twist that upped the drive of the story Our Willow who is a sweet shy studious college student gets herself into uite a pickle with her teacher Her achingly hot teacher who she dreams about writes about longs for One that will be so fun watching her manage One that has the potential of working out well for her or exploding in her face I can t wait to see how this little game plays out Okay Paige I am ready for Session Two now 45 Stars Wowza Full review to come OMG HOLY CRAP PHENOMENALFULL REVIEWI was completely captivated by this book Teaching Willow was like nothing I expected I mean I knew it was going to be centered around college and a student being in love with her professorButBUTOH MY WORDthis was sooooo much I thought I was going to get this exotic forbidden love story but what lies in these pages will literally blow you away Paige James kept me on my toes from start to finish Thoroughly captured constantly guessing at where the story is going to take me Teaching Willow is an outstanding read I can t tell you how many times my Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали jaw dropped at the explosive twists and turns found in the plotWith this only being a novella it is bursting with thrilling heart racing moments along with some of the steamiest sex scenes I have ever read fans selfI don t know if I can truly express to youust how astounded I am at this breath taking novellaI will say thisTeaching Willow took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride Slowly taking you on that upward climbbuilding that suspensegetting you all worked upexcitednervousanxiousand then BAMYou are thrown in to the craziness of the uncertainty Flipping you upside down causing your stomach to Reinventores jolt at the madness of this electrifying tale Andust when you think you are coming to the end of this tumultuous rideyou are left danglingDYINGknowing that you are going to have to wait for the next spine tingling riveting session to continue on from this stunning break out authorI highlyHIGHLY recommend you pick this up and oin me on this exciting adventure I m intriguedThe premise is very interesting and this was good enough to make me continue reading Although what this is lacks is a proper beginning For example how did they all meet did Ebon meet first Sage or Willow Whywhen did Sage give Willow s writing to Ebon Some things are not explained but I like the fact that the characters are not exactly innocent and good So I m hoping things will be further developed as we go alongPlus that cover is HOT I thought the writing in this book was really great very fluid very clean My issues are with my own personal preferences regarding the story I thought it was a little over the top I absolutely love a teacherstudent romance it s probably my favorite thi. My name is Willow Masters I’m a senior in college I’m smart and I keep to myself I haven’t had an “incident” in years What all of these facts have in common is that none of them made any difference when it came to Ebon Daniels He started out as my sister’s date I was instantly infatuated but had no plans to do anything about it I even managed to keep my fe.

Ng ever So I love the forbidden attraction between Willow and Ebon I got it I also loved how their attraction is made to be further taboo by the fact that Ebon dates Willow s identical twin sister Sage This relationship has no shot in hell of being considered OK I love thatI love the premise of Ebon being secretly attracted to Willow for a long time being drawn to her for reasons than ust the physical I love that Willow s feelings are unearthed to Ebon through her writing I thought it was all really well created and originalMy issues came with Willow pretending to be Sage and with Ebon going back to sleep with Sage as a way to get things out of his system It Psicohigiene just made this really great story so completely unbelievable And before people throw things I realize this is fiction I respect that I know most of what we read is outside of the realm of realistic I also understand this is an erotic novella and for readers who love erotica this is going to be a perfect read because it s all about erotic fantasy And in that regard this author nails I think I must not the target audience or maybe my brain wasn t prepared going in to where this story went Again great writing obviously original story line it ust went into a farfetched direction that wasn t for me Holy mother of hotness and sex THIS THIS LITTLE BOOK IS SINFUL EROTIC ENTICING AND BREATHTAKING I absolutely loved it This is a really uick read I sat down and about an hour later I was done and DYING for book two The plot line really sinks it s teeth in you and doesn t let go The authors writing is good crisp and clean The characters are incredible It s a serial so it s going to be released in segments The ending leaves you DYING FOR MORE Willow is the good girl She has an IDENTICAL twin sister who IMO is an ass She s sort of a diva very very selfish Willow s in collage and lives with her twin She s got this crush on her professor who also happens to be her sisters boyfriendARE YOU SEEING SOME YUMMINESS HERE Huh HuhMmmhmm laughs anyway some stuff happens which I will not tell you because this should ust be DEVOURED without spoilers BUT it gets freaking TENSE and STEAMYIt s ust a fantastic uick and smutastic read I LOVED it and I can t wait to get read the next book I highly recommend it I am SO excited for readers to read this one It s absolutely fantastic Hmmmthat was certainly different Not at all what I was expecting but in a good way a different wayLet me start off by saying that I love absolutely love forbidden romance books And what is better than a good ole studentteacher forbidden relationship Nothing right Well that s where Teaching Willow Session One gets even interesting because it s not at all the typical forbidden studentteacher relationship story There are a few intriguing twists that will hook you and leave you wondering where in the world this story is going Teaching Willow Session One introduces you to the main characters and the basic plot of this story although I have a feeling there will be a few twists to this plot along the way There are two sisters Willow and Sage Masters who are also Identical twins Willow is a senior in college and a student in Ebon Daniels literature class. Elings hidden when he took over my Modernist Literature class for the semester The problems didn’t start until my sister took pages from my book literal pages from a book I was writing and gave them to the one person never intended to see them That’s when the lies started That’s also when I saw an opportunity to make my only dream become a reality So I took it

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