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This is a graphically bold very modern and very appealing picture book for kids and adults of all ages It s absolutely my favorite picture book in a long time When a bear cub outgrows his home a little boy joins him on a journey to find a new one Young readers will appreciate the bear s picky search the gentle illustrations and the reassuring repetitive text Don t miss the final illustration on the copyright page Despite what you may think from the title no one is bit by a bear and then becomes a bear Instead a boy tries to find a new home for his friendpet bear a place where it can live The art was fantastic I love an artist who can be so Ancestral Voices expressive with a minimalist styleThe story has a nice dialogic component to it When a new home isn t right like say the circus readers arencouraged to shout no This makes it a good book for preschoolers as you ll have fun And Bid Him Sing encouraging them to shout no along with the characterskit Twitter Tumblr This story includes a range of phonemes making it perfect to ready witharly years The use of repetition makes it Aristotle Detective (Aristotle easy for children to foll. Nothing short of magnificent Library Media ConnectionA winsome debut New York TimesThis beautifully illustrated fun read aloud picture book will have kidsverywhere asking the same uestion Where bearOnce there was a bear cub who lived with a little.

Ow and the storyline allows children to understand the importance of friendship This is a vibrant book for foundation children as the language is repetitive and simple This could also be used for an EAL child due to the Bones, Clones, and Biomes easy language This story isasy to follow and the pictures really hold the children s imagination They really set this one up for a seuelI liked the use of typography to convey a single word no This is a cute story but it feels unfinished I also would have appreciated a different font color on some of the darker pages Black text over darkly colored images is a bad combination that I m surprised wasn t addressed during the Bringing the Empire Home editing process I read this book as a part of the reading challenge and I had the opportunity to read this in front of anarly years setting The children thoroughly njoyed the comedic aspect of the child with the polar bear the short sentences and rhyming words allow the children to follow the story asily The book was Building the Cold War easily decodable for the children and a few of the children were able to sound out the book Anndearing story of Boy But over time the bear cub grew and grew and GREW And did things that bears do and do and DO One day the boy looked at the bear and realized he was just too big and bearish to be living in a house I think it's time we found you a new place to

Bear living with a young boy but then grows so much he is unable to live there any longer The boy goes in search of an appropriate place for the bear to live none of which are to the satisfaction of the bear That is until the boy takes the bear to the Arctic where he discovers his love of snow and decides to live there The boy and bear remain friendsThis would be a good story to read in the Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) early years as it containsxamples of phonemes with different graphemes There once was a little boy who had a small bear as his companion Over time the bear grew and grew to the point that he no longer fit into the small confines of a family home The boy and Bear began discussing different places the Counter-Amores ever growing animal could live but none appealed to the large animal However once the idea of a polar habitatntered the discussion Bear loved it Dancing at Armageddon especially with all the snow that would surround him However there was one fork in the road When and how would the little boy and his longtime friend see one another You ll have to read the book to see how it all plays out Neo loved the book th. Ive where you can be bearish and big said the boy But where bearFrom the only two time World Book Illustrator Sophy Henn here is a delightful journey that reminds us thatven when best friends are apart they always stay togetherPraise for WHERE BEA.

wwwsophyhenncom lives and works in Sussex England She studied Fashion at Central Saint Martins accidentally had a London based career as an Art Director in advertising then completed an MA at University of Brighton in Illustration Now she writes and illustrates children's books in her studio with a large cup of tea by her side and can't uite believe her luck WHERE BEAR is her first book Follow sophyhenn