Lucy Ruggles: The Witch's Amulet Tales from Halloweentown

This book is about a summer that has arived to halloween town but they dont mean beaches suntans and icecream it means trouble is coming and it is up to mary to keep an eye on all the students in Mrs pipers classroom also she is wating her sister stephine and about a hour later she comes up missing and Mrs piper starts to wounder since its haloween something bad might happen and it did So they say that its someone in there famliy that took her and they have the amulet to the family so if you might want to stop being bored and sart reading some ood books like this then hoop in and we can read aloud It s Operational Culture for the Warfighter good It s about a witch named Marnie This book was so fun As cheesy as they are I love the Halloweentown movies and this was just a super cute addition to them Extremely short the lack of length meant that I could not reallyet into the book This was the cutest little book I actually finished it about two months ago but I hadn t been around to up. This original junior novel is based on the popular characters from the four Halloweentown Disney Channel Original Movies It's summer break at Witch University but Marnie and Dylan Piper have their broomsticks in high ear Marnie has.

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St read Cute fast read I read it in about 40 minutes I love Halloweentown and all the characters Its one of my all time favorite movies and I wanted to read this because of my love for the movie Very short Easy read Just a uick little story to et you back in the halloweentown world for a short time It follows Marnie the Cromwell family and some friends at witch university See what happens Worth the read Im Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, glad I read it I love the movies and this book Would love it if were written I thought that this book was very interesting with who the characters were and their personality s were weird but still interesting I thought that this was kind of like from the animation movie batman versus dracula because theuys name was backwards which read his real name which is what they did in the animation Batman movie But I did like how they made the mother to be all worried about Taras Song going away on vacation I also like how the author made the teenagers personality. Eloping a youth serum But when La Biel steals The Gift an amulet thatives its wearer ultimate power over hearts and minds will Marnie have the power to defeat the cunning warlock or will her entire family fall under La Biel's spel.

Date my Goodreads I found this particular little Atlas of Anatomy gem sticking out of a box at our annual library sale I had to have it Irew up onLOVE The Halloweentown movies and had no idea they ever made books out of them It looks like this should be one of a series that was ongoing but I don t know if they did away with that after this book but I haven t been able to find any info on it Anyone know if there is It was so cute and nice to reminisce on the things I loved from the movies The spooky little Halloweentown and the trolls and the witches house the spells and magic etc Just brought back a lot of Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, great childhood memories of watching the movies around Halloween This book is a minor scary book with a splash of action It is a ver very detail book about witches and warlocks For those who enjoy these types of things this would be aood book cute little story lad I bought it I hope I find of these books online if you love HALLOWEENTOWN then this book is a mu. Her hands full as a Resident Advisor and is keeping an eye on her younger sister Sophie who has enrolled in the University's junior sorcery school Dylan's working as a lab assistant to Professor La Biel a powerful warlock who's dev.