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Udgeon for nearly 8 hours which is a pity The female characters in this series haven t been bad save for a etail here and there This one A Dark Sicilian Secret detail simply went too far It broke me The remainder of this book is exactly what you expect from the premise What if The Matrix was stripped of its robot overlords and Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek discovered by a group of young men who loved ADD and fart jokesI purchased book three An Unwelcome uest an age ago and I ve agreed to read it before the end of the year so I m going to get it out of the way I just hope itoesn t leave me wanting to attend a book signing by Mr Meyers for the purpose of punching him in the mouth The list of men who make me feel that way is long I m tired beyond words What else could I have expected It s Scott and Luke at it again If this is the type of humor you like you ll have a blast Exactly as predicted the seuel followed the winning recipe to the letter Interesting story lovable characters geeky humor and general hilariousness Can t wait to grab the next bookScott has a great talent for writing crazy stuff and Luke to make it sound even hilarious Truly a winning combinationIf you re wondering why I m acting like such a fanboy you surely haven t read the first book Go on grab it I ll wait You ll get hooked too Maaaartiiiiiin Spell or High Water Magic 20 2 by Scott Meyer Goodreads Author Luke Daniels NarratorVerdict Exac Amazing but confusingWhen ealing with alternate time lines and realities things get kind of confusing no matter how many times I rereadBut what isn t confusing is how fun and creative this book is If you need a uick palette cleanse sit own for a few hours and try to wrap your head around this witty read What if the lost city of Atlantis was a lady utopia created by time travelers Well there s this book so you can find out one possible answer at leastLast time around we were introduced to the time traveling wizards who inhabit medieval England because computers and everything is in a computer and what are you gonna At the Italians Command do Our hero Martin helpedefeat the wizard gone bad Jimmy and has officially taken up comfortable residence in Camelot slash London It s only been three months since they Oh Baby! defeated Jimmy and Gwen left for the female friendly Atlantis but now Martin and his mentor Philip have been invited to a summit in Atlantis for time travelers The incident with Jimmy is just one example of time travelers abusing their powers and it s time to institute some rules and regulationsThe book is actually split into two separate narratives one in Atlantis and the summit and trying to figure out who s trying to kill the leader of Atlantis and one in presentay with Jimmy trying to bamboozle the FBI agents Murphy and Miller into getting him access to time travel again and that s uh ohI really like this series It s just fun But this book wasn t as fun for me as the first one simply for the fact that last time we were being let in on the secrets and this time we already know them We Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, do get to visit Atlantis for the first time but that was sort of an anti climax Actually going to Atlantis takes all the fun out of Atlantis you know Philip continues to be my favorite character especially the way Luke Daniels narrates him and there is a little bit of romance in here where last time it was just Martin getting shotown by Gwen all the timeIt s just a nerdy good time nothing special35 stars rounded up for Luke Daniels narration on the audiobook Executive Summary While not as funny as the first book I still found this book a lot of fun and look forward to the next oneAudio book I m convinced Luke Daniels could read the phone book and make it sound interesting When given a funny book to read he shines even He may be my favorite audio book reader His voices are great and seems to really bring the characters to life Full Review I grabbed the first book in this series a few months ago because partially because it sounded interesting but mostly because it was read by Luke Daniels I grabbed this book however because I really enjoyed the first one and was excited to see that a second book was outMy favorite character in the series is probably Philip and he seemed to get focus in this book This book also addressed my major criticism of the first book Where are all the womenThis book sees us visit Atlantis which was used as the explanation for why there was almost no women I enjoyed the female characters introduced in this one especially the BritsTime travel stories are really hard to write well as it can all be very confusing I think Mr Meyer The Maid of Lorne does a great job of handling this by having the characters be just as confused as everyone else They offer several theories to explain things but seem just as unsure of the plausibility as I was This isefinitely not a hard sci fi bookThe humor in this book probably wasn t as good as the first one but that idn t make the story any less fun I id find the parts focused on Jimmy to be less enjoyable than the stuff with Philip and Martin howeverOverall I think this was another great entry in this series Almost everything was nicely wrapped up while the epilogue planted the seeds for a possible third book I hope he How to Become a Virgin does write a third because I ll happily listen to it If not maybe I can get Luke Daniels to read me the phone book Ion t think I would have been as Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, disappointed as I was with this book if I hadn t read the first one We re off to be the Wizard was smart charming and full of compelling characters who amazingly had some really relevant things to say about gender and malefemale relationships Philip in particular was a favorite character of mine because he was so even keeled and so good at pointing out to EVERY OTHER CHARACTER how STUPID it was that they couldn t just see women as peopleAnd then something happened with Scott Meyer because he suddenly stopped being the super cool amazing creative author from We re off to be the Wizard who magically saw women as people and instead fell back on every negative stereotype that we have about women in our very stereotype ridden modern western culture and churned outisgusting character after The Bosss Baby Surprise disgusting character Women in this book are either cowed by men or enjoy being chased they are petty they thrive onrama and when they fight it is by efensively anticipating the other person s move instead of being at all aggressiveIf that oesn t bother you too much which again it might not have bothered me if Meyer hadn t Command Performance done such an awesome job of NOT being that guy in his first book stillon t get your hopes up because the book is boringI was so excited for. Ant and lost Gwen has journeyed to Atlantis a tolerant and benevolent kingdom governed by the Sorceresses and a place known to be a safe haven to all female time travelers Thankfully Martin and Philip are invited to a summit in Atlantis for all of the leaders of the time traveler colonies and now Martin thinks this will be a chance to try again.

This was a Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, disappointment given how much I liked Off to Be the Wizard The first book blended Matrix esue computer metaphysics and Robert Asprin breezy fantasy in a way that was fun and engaging The premise was cute the characters generally likable and the casual informality of the whole story was part of its charm Sure the plot was lightweight and theetails were goofy eg medieval peasants speaking with contemporary The Perfect Blend diction and the implications of time travel generally handled by the not going to think about it my hands are over my ears la la la method but who cares Fun lowemanding readIn book two we re given a promising opening premise Martin taking on an apprentice which is immediately jettisoned in favor of a ull mystery set in a feminist Atlantis The change of setting is briefly interesting but the mood far less whimsical and fun than that of the prior book One problem is that the computermagic premise is no longer new we need something eually interesting to sustain our attention but never get itA fundamental problem here is that the main characters are portrayed as immortal there s thus no sense of stakes It s not gripping when characters are faced with grave inconvenience The time travel element worsens the lack of investment in everyone s fates The plot concerns a series of assassination attempts on a character Brit the Younger who is not only invulnerable but who is on speaking terms with her future self Brit the Elder BtE is effectively omniscient knowing all the events about which we re reading yet apparently not emotionally involved in any of them as they unfold Hence neither are we The supposed love interest Gwen is wooden and perpetually our and it s inexplicable why the feisty Martin has a thing for her I guess she s cute As in the first book she seems included out of sense of obligation to add gender balance to a male Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss driven story She has the opposite effect highlighting howull the female characters are in contrast to their colorful male counterparts The conflict between Brits the Elder and Younger is one of the few interesting ideas and their relationship with Phillip the book s only real emotional beat But even this feels half bakedA side story with Jimmy struggling to return from the mundane future has promise but escends into tedium His escort two agonizingly slapstick cop caricatures make these passages especially wince inducingOne gets the sense that Meyer is uncomfortably bored with his own story about halfway through and is racing through the motions to get to the end The writing is terrible in the C in English class sense full of clumsy escriptive abstractions and random Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, dips into omniscient third person for the sake of telling us what side characters are thinking rather than showing usThe series has blown its credit with me I ll start reading the next book but it had better be nonstop fun Originally posted at Worlds AboundSpell or High Water is the 2nd in Scott Meyer s Magic 20 series about Martin Banks and his belief shatteringiscovery that reality is actually a computer program In the first book we saw Martin Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm discover the file that contains reality and figure out what it actually was and how he could use it to travel back in time give himself pretty much anything he wanted and all kinds of cool geeky stuff like that We also met a bunch of other geeks turned wizards who found the file as well and all escaped back into history for the same reason Martinid being chased by the feds for bank fraud We left off with Gwen Martin s love interest traveling back to Atlantis to live with other female sorceress and Jimmy the bad guy getting sent back to his own time with no file access The story starts up about a month after Off to be the Wizard ends Camelot is Whispers Of The Heart doing well the people are getting over Jimmy s craziness and the wizards are alloing their thing mostly nothing Out of the blue Phillip and Martin get a message from Gwen in Atlantis inviting them to a conference that s being hosted by the head sorceress of Atlantis to The Dukes Gamble discuss unifying rules that will govern all wizards across all times The book starts out well Martin and Phillip are still hilarious but the book uicklyevelops issues that really kill the story for me Before going into the stuff I Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, didn t like though I ll go over the stuff Iid like 1 There s still a lot of humor in the story 2 The federal agents that were trying to arrest Martin had a bigger role in this book and they were actually pretty entertaining 3 Martin FINALLY told Gwen off and I was like HALLELUJAH She needed to stop being a wishy washy jerk 4 I loved the narrator he Let Go did an excellent job with this storyAnd that s about it for the good stuff There were a lot of things about it that made it not as good as the first one for me one thing being that this book seeminglyid not want to end I honestly had to just force myself to listen to the last 2 hours It s not that the story was bad it was interesting it just had too much crap going on and way too much plot Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition dragging Also I will be honest Atlantis really made me mad 1 The whole Brit the Elder and Brit the Younger story line was just convoluted and annoying 2 The male servants that all sorceresses had at least one of excluding Gwen If that had been a group of men that entire idea would be gross but it s ok because it s not womenoing the serving Honestly I can t think of anything really very redeeming about Atlantis I think they made a good point that in most times throughout history a female witch would be persecuted but they wholly lose the moral high ground when all of their working force is built of attractive men in revealing clothes In all I ll give the story a 25 out of 5 I will probably still read the next one in the series and just hope that we never have to hear about Atlantis again Toxic masculinity is never repulsive than when it s gender flipped by a male author and assigned to a fictional female character or matriarchal society It becomes the kind of annoying yet toothless harassment that occurs at a bachelorette party because the men being objectified never feel threatened The fact that this nonsense was supposedly at the heart of a society created by women in this story resonated a bit of Ursula K Le Guin s The Matter of Seggri with sarcastic male overtones and no payout as this chestnut s only purpose is to amuse the little boys who read this sort of humor with it s absurdity by saying Look women are just as petty as you areNeedless to say this wasn t amusing to me In fact it soured my mood sufficiently that this book held me in a state of high The adventures of an American hacker in Medieval England continue as Martin Banks takes his next step on the journey toward mastering his reality altering powers and fulfilling his Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh destiny A month has passed since Martin helped toefeat the evil programmer Jimmy and things couldn’t be going better Except for his love life that is Feeling ist.

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This book that I had it sent irectly to my kindle the moment it was available Despite that it took me than a month to finish reading itThe characters have circular redundant conversation after circular redundant conversation which are not made any interesting or acceptable when they acknowledge time and time again that they have already had the conversationThe side story also just felt like it was inserted to add a few chapters to the book It felt irrelevant and isconnected from the rest of the story which is STUPID because it was so beautifully set up in the last book Also the way the side story finally goes own was boring I think Meyer was trying to How to Disappear do something unconventional but it fell so so flatReading this book was a waste of timeThat said I will probably still try reading whatever Meyer puts out next because his first book was SO GOOD There must be awesome left in him somewhere Full review now postedRating 455 starsThese are such cheesy books but man are they enjoyableSpell or High Water picks up about a month after the events of Off to Be the Wizard Martin and Philip are invited to a summit for magical time travelers to be held in the mythical city of Atlantis where Gwen is now a resident In the present Jimmy has managed to get out of South America and is hot on the trail of Martin intent on convincing the Treasury agents hunting Martin to help him Plot wise that s basically it The entire book follows Martin and Philip s adventures in Atlantis with all the politics and romance and murder attempts involved there and Jimmy s experience with the Treasury Agents Between these two storylines there s a lot of laughter to be had My favorite thing about Atlantis which is where every single woman whoiscovers the File ends up has to be the man servants Musclebound men with little than fluff for brains congregate in Atlantis hoping to catch the eye of one of the sorceresses In Act Like You Know doing so they guarantee an easy comfortable life for themselvesoing manly stuff like cleaning and filing papers while the sorceresses take care of the womanly things like politics and city infrastructure The gender role reversal was very entertaining for me and the uniform these men often wore comprised of mesh shirts and short kilts just made me role my eyes so hardJimmy s storyline with Agents Miller and Murphy was laugh out loud funny The lengths that Jimmy had to go through to work around his magnetic field that A Guide to Americas Sex Laws destroyed all electronics was one of the most amusing things I ve ever read But what really killed me was Agent Miller s extreme anger issues The man is hilarious And again what made this book so incredibly fun for me was listening to it on audio Luke Daniels is a treasure and his voices for the Treasury agents were fabulous All in all this is a very fun light series Iidn t enjoy this book uite as much as the first but the Agewise difference wasn t large enough to adversely effect my rating If you re looking for a fluffy blend of science fiction and fantasy that will have you chuckling as you read give this a go And if you want to upgrade those chuckles for full belly laughs pick up the audiobook Original review can be found at Booknest 35 stars Spell or High Water is a good follow up to Off to Be the Wizard Admittedly a bit of the novelty factor from the first bookid start to wear off and I find this volume to be weaker but the narrative retained its enjoyable comedic tone Martin and Philip were invited by Gwen to Atlantis a safe haven for all female sorceresses from a society which is far from friendly to those whom they eem as witches where a grand summit to gather all the leaders of all known wizard colonies in the world will be held In the meantime Jimmy was masterminding his way of getting back in time through the two federal agents who were looking for Martin back in the 21st century Firstly I will have to stress that this story is best enjoyed via audiobook The narrator truly brought out the best of what the author had to offer In the few times when I was just reading it off the pages I found that while it was still funny it was nothing compared to listening to Luke Daniels acting out each character to perfection Sure some the voices sounded a bit exaggerated but in the spirit of the comedic turn of this story it is appropriate The good cop bad cop representation of the two unluckiest federal agents was corny and clich but I had to admit I really had a good laugh over it Like I ve said in my review for the first book you should not take this too seriously Miller and Murphy employed an exaggerated version of the old good copbad cop routine that Jimmy liked to call violently unstable rage aholic cop friendly talkative youth pastor cop Meanwhile in Atlantis Martin and Philip met the Britts and got entangled in a web of murder and intrigue The plot around the Britts was at times long winded and thoroughly confusing as their very co existence created a time travel conundrum that resulted in regular alliteration of its theoretical possibility And of course while all that is happening Martin was still trying to win the girlThe worldbuilding element of Atlantis was pretty A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World darn cool That it was all created by a woman kind of makes sense from an aesthetic point of view However a society that was solely ruled by womenid result in certain aspects which were not exactly tasteful in my opinion While some readers might feel offended by how such a female Anthropology as Cultural Critique dominated society is portrayed I took it in stride as a form of parody given theeliberate comical narrative of the story Seriously or perhaps not so seriously some of the action scenes could belong in a campy slapstick comedy He saw the fearsome creatures the wall of flame the large audience and the international task force of wizards all clearly ready for action standing in what he had to admit were mostly bad imitations of kung fu poses Although the writing is easy and Anyone direct the author has a way of playing with and putting together iterations in a whimsical fashion that fits the narrative He was half of a two man task force assigned to investigate and possibly solve a series of possibly connected impossible occurrences that were possibly crimes While this was not as good as the first partlyue to some long winded sections and partly ue to the villains who annoyed me I still find it enjoyable enough to want to continue with the next books in the series It s rare to find smart comedy like this and one with an amazing narrator as well Last but not least I love the whimsical 8 bit graphic covers This review can also be found at Booknest. With Gwen Of course this is Martin Banks we’re talking about so murder mystery and high intrigue all get in the way of a guy who just wants one shot to get the girl The follow up to the hilarious Off to Be the Wizard Scott Meyer’s Spell or High Water proves that no matter what powers you have over time and space you can’t control rotten lu.

Scott Meyer has been a radio DJ a stand up comic a writer for video games an office manager and a pretend ghost bellhopHe is the creator of the comic strip Basic Instructions and has now written a novelHe and his wife live in Florida to be close to their cats