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D chapters loaded with information That way when I m not visualizing the Matrix like twists and turns the athletic Dr Eve is doing to handle four or five zombies at a time I am thinking through the look and feel of wakizashis and Solingen swords of Browning Hi Powers versus Glocks and USP forty fives In other uieter chapters I am given opportunity to think through the veracity of cryptonecrophagia vulgaris the virus that turns people into zombies when it interacts with bits of protein called prions That makes the uiet moments between action seuences technically not uiet since I am digesting information about human physiology or martial weaponry All in all it makes me a very involved reader I am either glued to the action or thinking through concepts and that eeps the pace of the book on a fast clipI would gladly recommend Dr Eve Zombie Killer Book 1 to readers fond of action and adventure and horror I enjoyed reading it and I would very much like to find out what happens to the very busy Dr Eve in Book D from the undead Only she can prevent the emergence and dispatch the converted Although schooled in the Art of Medicine the Art of Killing came naturallyNow she sees the world differentlyShe heals the sick by day and slays zombies by night and she’s an expert at bot.

Mark White s Dr Eve Zombie Killer Book 1 is a fast action edge of your seat rollercoaster ride I found myself mimicking the action in pantomime just to get a visual on how Dr Eve twisted and flipped and turned to decapitate the hordes of zombies and ghouls she was up against The action seuences are fast and gory and in the uiet moments I am treated to uick lessons in weapons human physiology and viral vector infection tactics There s plenty of cliffhangers for brains and brawn oriented readers in this action packed storyLife s been rather grim and rough for sexy diminutive Dr Melanie Eve She s got her hands full as the Medical Pediatrics doctor at Central Hospital plus she also pulls the hospital s graveyard shift as the attending ER doctor A year or so ago she lost her darling fianc Bradley through mysterious circumstances in the Caribbean and she has been searching for him ever since That was where she met Voodoo Priestess Mambo Asogwe who revealed that Dr Eve is the destined Huntress and her life will. Dr Melanie Eve a petite curvaceous blond who looked better suited for the cover of a men’s magazine than a white lab coat was on her way to having everything She had a medical practice a fiancé and soon she’d have a wedding ring But fate saw it differently Her wor.

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Be fraught with danger as she battled the zombies and ghouls perennially emerging to take human life Mambo Asogwe also told her of the rud Zombie ueen who controls the zombies and ghouls and that finding her will lead Dr Eve to her beloved Bradley So poor Dr Eve juggles her demanding day job with fighting Zombie Cells ZCs that emerge in the Oklahoma City area all the while searching for Bradley and researching the possibility that zombification is a virus run rampant rather than a supernatural occurrence The ZCs are emerging often now and as she battles the ZCs that crop up and freuently she has to figure out why the zombies and ghouls are coming out in force She s about to get in over her head but with the unlikely help of a battleaxe of a nurse a good on the eyes good cop and Salvo the Butcher she just might be able to overcome the most dangerous enemy she s ever confrontedI found Dr Eve Zombie Killer Book 1 a fun read from the very beginning There is a complementary pairing of fast paced fight scenes an. Ld turned upside down when her fiancé mysteriously disappeared while they were vacationing in Jamaica That’s when her other life beganWhile searching for her lost love she uncovers her own destiny she is the Huntress The Zombie Killer The one destined to save mankin.

Dr White is a journalist first by training with degrees in professional writing and health sciences He is a member of Kappa Tau Alpha the National Journalism Honor Society He completed his degrees with honors He has written extensively about technical subjects in healthcare and taught the same He enjoys anomalous science and history His work has included but not been limited to respons