Nina Silver: The Handbook of Rife Freuency Healing Holistic technology for cancer and other diseases

To help strengthen mind body emotio. Ht 200 page cross referenced Freuency Directory addressing cancer colitis and digestive disorders candida HIV multiple sclerosisother neurological disorders mycoplasma parasites Lyme respiratory infections retroviruses regeneration Book is 8 12 x 11 inches 448 pages and weighs three pounds Photos Extensive bibliography Meticulously researchedcutting edge data brilliantly interpreteda valuable addition to your library Phyllis Balch CNC holistic health practitioner author Intelligent well researched politically courageous very valuable resource Barry Lynes author of Rife books This Handbook is long overdue.

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A dynamic book or healing with Rif. Extensive primer on holistic health plus complete information on Rife technology reuency medicine In scientific but understandable terms you will discover what Rife technology is; how laypersons and health practitioners can easily use it; the vast number of health conditions that can be helped by it; precautions to take; complementary therapies; history of medicine; Partial contents differences between allopathic Western medicine and holistic health care How synthesized drugs suppress the body's natural unction How the FDA and drug industry conceal negative drug test results How double blind studies ar.

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E Freuency s A wealth of information. E unscientific besides unethical Drug related causes of teen violence Dangers of vaccines Life cycles of a microbe pleomorphism and why germs alone do not cause disease How emotional and mental states change DNA Royal Raymond Rife's life and inventions plus the device that cured cancer Freuently Asked uestions about Rife sessions and euipment how to select a unit that's right or you; who can safely use this technology; how to give a Rife session to yourself The Longevity Diet familyriends and pets Complementary health oxygen therapies water herbs natural vs synthetic nutritional supplements ood bodywork sauna detox lig.