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Ie who attempts to tell is perfect story only to be foiled by Splinter huge globs of peanut butter and jelly and the like dropping on to the page from some imagined reader above Once upon a time little Louie went skipping merrily along begins the story which worryingly continues on in such a staid manner threatening to bore young readerslisteners But then on page three like most kids books do the author throws inis monkeywrench and soon enough Louie is being bombarded by all manner of sticky messes impertinent fingerprints and various sorts of stains He becomes so exasperated that Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles he gives up but just when it seems there s noope for this book the story begins again Louie makes it all the way through without a single droplet of PBJ and all is right with the worldEmma s favorite part and mine too was when the peanut butter plopped right on Louie s face Many a giggle ensued A laugh out loud funny story about a picture book protagonist who is The Princes Mistress having a tantrum over the fact that the owner of this particular book doesn t appear to take very good care ofis belongings It s sort of the meta picture book version of And this is why we can t Immortal Jellyfish have nice things This is Louie s story soe gets upset when the book encounters all sorts of messes and spills But Louie grows to realize that California he lovesis story messes and all This Afgantsy humorous meta fictional picture book reminds readers regardless of age to embrace all the messes in our own stories The illustrations extend the text extremely well The peanut butter and jelly look uite real as do the fingerprints and paper towel Cute. Ll it perfectly But whene stops and takes a deep breath Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., he realizes that everything is actually just fine andis story is a good one imperfections and

Ayon and watercolor It definitely Somnium has that Patrick McDonnell flair a combination of whimsy and uirkiness and unsurprisingly potent emotional content one time on the info desk MeJane made me cry A Perfectly Messed Up Story is no different My favorite little flourishes are the This book belongs to Me on the front pages and opening the story up with Once upon a time and going from the watercolor scenery to the white blank background is a striking visual cue Along with a good dose ofumor we get the idea that even though life isn t always a fairy tale we re all still The Cronos Complex I here and that s awesome Every children s librarian and media specialist needs this book It may become my new go to read aloud for library tours Louie is enjoyingis story in the book until e encounters a blob Sniff sniff lick lick it s jelly And then a blob of peanut butter And fingerprints and orange juiceWe need to show some respect ere Books are important Louie saysCan I get an amenIn the end Louie realizes Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, his story is still a pretty good story messes and all and the reader is still reading Good one Read Reviewed by Me and My Niece Emma More likeA Perfectly AWESOME Story I can t believe Emma didn t want to get this When I found it at the library and suggested it she gave meer scrunched up Whaaat Really I don t know face but I persevered Something about A Perfectly Messed Up Story ad er name written all over itVINDICATION She loved it Granted I Heart Beat had to play it big in my reading going over the top as the main character Louie a Casper pale midget with a bad comb over sporting a yellow ones. About embracing life's messes Little Louie's story keeps getting messed up ande's not The Site Book happy about it What's the point of tellingis tale if e can't te.

Despite being a picture book this was so uplifting and was just what I needed A Perfectly Messed Up Story by Patrick McDonnell gets wella little messy DBetween bloops and blobs of peanut butter jelly drink rings and Louie tries to tell us is tale A tale that shows readers of all ages that messes and mistakes Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, happen in fiction and life Life gets messy It s not perfect That s what makes it interesting The story our story must go on Through the stickiness Through the drops stains and smears Work through and with the messes in lifeMy nephew absolutely loved this story Louie s reaction to the messes and attempted clean ups madeim laugh and laugh A very fun read that pulls kids into the story and messA joy to read out loud Highly recommended So great Teaching kids to take care of books This should be your go to read aloud Pour little Louie His story keeps getting messed up Or does it Cute for little ones to read A nice change from traditional stories 4 Would it be over the top to say that Louie and I are connected across the astral plane Perhaps I will say that a picture book Vrolok hasn tit me in the feels like this since Baby Bear To begin with consider the fourth wall obliterated Personally I m not a fan of photoshopping real world objects over inkpaint illustrations but 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] here it actually works and doesn t just look creepy I m looking at you 17 Things I m Not Allowed to Do Any that one still gives me theeebie jeebies According to the About This Messed Up Book blurb Jeff Schultz takes responsibility for the messes and the rest is done in pen ink brush pen cr. In this interactive and engaging read aloud bestselling author and award winning artist Patrick McDonnell creates a funny engaging and almost perfect story.

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In 1994 McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS which now appears in over 700 newspapers and 20 countriesIn 2005 McDonnell embarked on a children's book career His first children’s book which featured the MUTTS characters The Gift of Nothing uickly became a New York Times bestseller Art 2006 his second release told the story of a boy named Art who makes art His next release Just Like