Ella Bailey: No Such Thing

Seek and find concept where a ghost can be found on very page The terrible rhythm ruins this book Does anyone know where I can find this book The only used copy I can find online is 900 This was a lovely picturebook read by Ella Bailey who has gone on to produce Spinal Trauma even better work The story is simple as we follow a little girl around her house solving the reason why things go missing Unlike most of her peers she does not believe in the supernatural so blames the mysterious happenings on her family and pets The draw for the younger reader though is the beautiful illustrations and the cheeky little ghosts hidden onach page causing mischief of one kind and another The only reason I did not rate this higher is the narrative Bailey has kept a rhyming refrain up throughout but the rhythm and pace doesn t work for me However what we have here is a great illustrator and storyt. Ng characters and Shadow (New Species, effortless storytellingasily belie her years Her ngaging narrative rhythm and boundless imagination is instantly captivating Her art blends the plucky playfulness of a modern day Mary Blair with the whimsical sincerity of a millennial No Such Thing is her first published wor.

My daughters LOVE this book Finding the hidden ghosts in ach page is The Gathering (Darkness Rising, engaging and the art is GORGEOUS This is the perfect read aloud for your little ones as Halloween fast approaches Haven t we all heard that scary creak in the attic or found our book or cup or sock somewhere we re pretty sure we didn t live it Well Georgia knows there s NO SUCH THING as ghosts and sets out to prove there s nothing ghoulish in her home In fact it s probably just her cat Or maybe her brother But hidden acrossach gorgeously illustrated and intricate spread are hidden details that hint to something spooktacular that will have readers turning back to see what they missed the first time around With a beautiful retro art palette and humorous rhymes this book brims with mischief and whimsy Really gorgeous illustrations and charming story Great for Halloween My favorite part is when she chas. One cool day in late October Georgia noticed something weird Objects would move around the house and sometimes they MongoDB even disappeared Now some people may have wonderedspecially at this time of year if this was the work of something spooky But not clever Georgia She has all the xplanations and.

Es the spider down with a cup so she can catch it and put it outside instead of smushing it From an adult s perspective this book would 100% receive 5 stars The illustrations are so charming And I love the hidden ghosts on ach page I can see how it would be fun to read w A nice dose of skepticism with some sweet whimsy Very cute Halloween children s book This was a different take on Halloween ghosts Instead of trying to convince kids that there is no such thing as ghosts this story proves that Experiential Learning even though there are logicalxplanations for the strange happenings around Georgia s house there are ghosts behind them after all A book like this might have upset me as a kid but I want to keep it in mind for my three year old this coming Halloween since she is a complete skeptic and would probably remain convinced that ghosts are not real I also really like the artwork and the. None of the fear Join her in debunking the spookiest of ghoulish and ghostly mischief in this Halloween adventureElla Bailey is an illustrator and writer who recently graduated from Falmouth University England with a first class honors degree in illustration Although a recent graduate her charmi.

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