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I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and was so excited because I LOVE the Victorian era mysteries and female detectives And I was not at all disappointedNot only did Christine Trent write a fantastic fictional piece she used a lot of historically accurate practices events and namesHer knowledge of Victorian funerary practice is extremely morbid and descriptive The characters are very likeable the bad guys are the perfect amount of bad and the annoying drunkard psychic servant is perfectly writtenAt first I was disappointed because I thought the mystery solved by the end of Chapter 12 and I was like Well that was predictable and then BAM she hits you with Chapter 13 Perfect plot twistI will definitely be seeking out books by Christine Trent she may have just made it onto my list of favourite authors Violet Harper undertaker is still living at St James Court and the beck call of ueen Victoria Much to Violet s dismay she is summoned by the ueen to attend a spiritualist message session given by the ueen s Ghillie Mr Brown Mr Brown s tarot eading warns the ueen that there is death plots abounding that will be their undoing While attending the ueen Violet befriends both. A gripping tale of vengeance inside the extraordinary world of ueen Victoria’s court this ichly layered novel from Christine Trent will delight fans of historical mysteriesueen Victoria still mourning her late husband Prince Albert has found solace in John Brown an enigmatic palace servant who dabbles.

Princess Beatrice Princess Louise Princess Louise is involved with a group of aristocratic young women who are working against to abolish The Contagious Disease Acts 1864 66 69 When one of the young women in the group dies Princess Louise is convinced that her friend was murdered and sends Violet to attend to the emains When two young women of the group are found dead with similar symptoms Violet is forced to go to Scotland yard for help Aside I Au bagne re This book was very detailed with so many twists and turns that I had to keep taking breaks byeading another book There is a great deal of detail in Victorian funeral customs which was interesting There are many suspects and you are left wondering which one it could be until almost the very end when it becomes apparent I was entertained but the story moved very slowly which was frustrating at times Violet Harper has been Indistractable roped into helping with another mystery at St James In this instalment we get of the very insular thinking ueen Victoria as well as Mr Brown We also get to meet several members of theoyal familyThe has to be a bit of a suspension of disbelief surrounding the proximity that Violet and her husband have to. In the occult Undertaker Violet Harper is invited to attend one of Mr Brown’s eadings during which he implies that Buckingham Palace will soon be shrouded in death’s dark veil Well acuainted with death Violet shrugs him off as a charlatan until his sinister divinations begin to prove trueThe aristocr.

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Wards the oyal family particularly at the end of the novelThe mystery was good but I don t find Violet the best investigator She blunders around uite a bit and should share her information with Scotland Yard as usually it pays off when she doesI do like how the mysteries aren t easy to figure out thoughMy one gripe is that I don t find the same connection with the other cast of characters that we found in the first novel Her husband is away again her daughter is in America Mary goes to find her wayward husband All of these interactions is what made the first story so engaging Now we ve had two novels with no Sam or Susanna eally and only a bit of Mary I hope the next one has of Violet s friends and family around So I ve ecently been introduced to 2 series set in this time period that I m eally enjoying Came across this series while looking around on The idea of a female undertaker in Victorian England was interesting so I gave this a shot The first 2 got mostly poor The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reviews but this one got much higher marks Shouldn t have bothered Didn t like Violet the Royal family and court were annoying as Hell and the story was justeally mediocre Won t bother to ead further. Atic young friends of the ueen’s daughter are dying mysteriously The deaths merely buttress the ueen’s enthusiasm for Mr Brown’s ominous talents Is Mr Brown an innocent court favorite or does he have a malevolent plan that involves both the ueen and Violet Or does Violet suspect the wrong man entire.

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