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This is my second book by Mallory and I like her style This book is about two women and their relationship after some past drama and a ten year separation There is romance but it is placed at least third in importance We have a wounded veteran who left home years before having to face emotional actions from her youth as well as manage her PTSD and physical pain The PTSD definitely affected her behavior and her expected denial and stubbornness lead to some problem acts on her part The other woman is dealing with a high school reputation that hasn t been true for at least 10 years but she can t shake She is a bit of a doo gooder and seems to be a bit of a victim She starts to recognize the role she played in her past and to stand up for herself during the time of the book thank goodnessBoth women have some really messed up family history and since they grew up together and were best friends in the past they were both impacted by their other family s drama Then there is the drama that occurred between them right before Michelle left and oined the military That emotional pain lead her to stay away on leaves and to complete three tours of duty until she is wounded and sent home to recoverComing home is not smooth This is a small town so everyone gets into everyone else s business There are problems that developed during the past ten years that mean that Michelle and Carly must work together and need each other to survive Michelle may still “Mallery has set the bar highThe characterscome to life in their small town setting and will touch readers’ hearts and funny bones” RT Book ReviewsOn Blackberry Island friendship love and forgiveness are as constant as the ocean waves if only you can make room in your heart for hopeMichelle Sanderson may appear to be a strong independent woman but on the inside she’s still the wounded girl who fled home years ago A young army vet Michelle returns to the uaint Blackberry.

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E harboring anger and hurt but she has learned to separate her feelings from recognizing people s strengths There are a lot of interpersonal dynamics old history and Michelle s PTSD that intermingle and become the focus of the story The romantic interests are things that happen on top of everything else rather than being the focus of the story And they become signs of healing and moving on This is the only Susan Mallery book that I have ever given less than 5s to Let me explain why I did Throughout MOST of the book I absolutely hated Michelle Who does she think she is actually punching people I thought Sam was creepy and in the first part of the book I wanted to thump Carly on the nose But by the end I was liking everyone Sam was still creepy But I will definitely continue this series This is my second book from Susan Mallery and I loved the first one so I had extremely high standards for this book I think that Mallery does a wonderful ob writing literary fiction and has the ability to write about real life problems without completely romanticizing everything I like the fact that not everything is like a fairytale much like real life Of course everyone wants that happy ending but I also like realistic which I think Mallery has certainly mastered in her writingI did find a tad bit of difficul As a true Mallery fan I pick up the newest book the day it comes out and it is usually done before I can let myself sleep I know she is a great Island Inn to claim her inheritance and recover from the perils of war Instead she finds the owner’s suite occupied by the last person she wants to seeCarly Williams and Michelle were once inseparable until a shocking betrayal destroyed their friendship And now Carly is implicated in the financial disaster lurking behind the inn’s cheerful veneerSingle mother Carly has weathered rumors lies and secrets for a lifetime and is finally starting to move forward with love and life.

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Riter of romance but this is not a romance and I was prepared to be disappointedwow Did Mallery prove me wrong once again as she proves that she can write so much than romance and not let her readers down This is a truly moving and poignant novel that will make new Mallery fans out of many new readers Both Michelle and Carly are superbly written characters that will leaving you feeling torn about who to side with Michelle is an army vet returning home to Blackberry Island after ten years wounded both inside and out She returns to take over her family s small Bed and Breakfast a place that has been run while Michelle is away by her ex best friend Carly Carly is a single mother the one who was left behind when Michelle ran away to clean up and carry on When fate and the bank insist that the two must work together to run the Inn these two will have to try to overcome old hurts heal old wounds try not to cause new ones and see how far they can push the other until it all comes crashing down Now this is still a Susan Mallery novel so you have a dash of romance thrown in here and there but it is not your average boy girl story and it is almost better with choices and not knowing who will end up together in the endwill there be a happily ever after But for who A must read Ah yes I found a great beach read This one had the right amount of romance and drama to keep me reading Great characters and ending too Look forward to the rest of the series. But if the Blackberry Island Inn goes under Carly and her daughter will go with itTo save their livelihoods Carly and Michelle will undertake a turbulent truce It’ll take than a successful season to move beyond their devastating past but with a little luck and a beautiful summer they may ust rediscover the friendship of a lifetime Don’t miss the Blackberry Island series by Susan Mallery Order your copy of Three Sisters Evening Stars and the newest book Sisters by Choice toda.