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In this post apocalyptic tale sand is like water maverick sand divers use their amazing sand suits to uncover buried pre apocalypse tools and materials otherwise life is pretty miserable and sandy there s an actual lossary of sand termshappily the book is so much than that admittedly original concept all the different voices of a disparate family Youre the Boss! give this future society flavor and nuance the characters themselves are warmly developed the depressing atmosphere was nicely alleviated by characters who are always striving always trying to move forward there was one particularly impressive scene where a young woman channels all the pain and trauma and sadness and anger she s experienced in her life toive herself the strength needed to perform an impossible feat that was an astonishing bit of writing poetic and visceral and intense moving overall Sand is a well written novel no clich s in sight and many surprises throughout the narrative perhaps the biggest surprise for me was how I was so successfully manipulated into supporting something I m morally against now I m a dyed in the wool progressive against war and state sponsored violence et cetera so I did not expect to eventually come to a place where I was cheering on the wholesale slaughter of thousands of people and the destruction of a city when I realized I was feeling such things the bottom sorta dropped out from under me but sometimes people are so crushed under the foot of their oppressors that they are driven to do things and sometimes those things are savagely violent and vindictive I wonder did Howey realize that his novel functions as an argument in favor of terrorism and the utter annihilation of one s enemies well he certainly constructed a convincing argumentone thing truly aggravated me the unnecessary identification of a minor character as black even a description of him as being black as charcoal now this would not bother me in the least if other characters were racially identified but that was not the case essentially Howey s decision to identify only this character s race implies that the default is white what the fuck I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF GENRE AUTHORS ASSUMING THAT THEIR POST APOCALYPTIC WASTELANDS OR THEIR ZOMBIE RIDDEN SUBURBIAS OR THEIR FOOFY LITTLE FAIRYLANDS ARE ALL WHITE WHITE WHITE SO ANYONE WHO IS NON WHITE WILL DEFINITELY GET THEIR SKIN COLOR MENTIONED BUT EVERYONE ELSE WELL THE READER SHOULD JUST ASSUME THAT THEY ARE WHITE WHITE WHITE ALL FUCKING WHITE ALL THE FUCKING TIME JUST FUCK OFF WITH THAT ALREADY AND JOIN THE MODERN WORLD THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING 1950s THE DEFAULT IS NOT WHITE GENIUSESstill all that said a Out of This Orbit (Cosmic Soul Mates, good book Four and a half rusted and sand blasted stars Mr Howey is a talent I absolutely loved Wool and part of the challenge is the expectations it created The setting for Wool and now Sand is brutal and post apocalyptic Something happened we don t know what nuclear war extreme climate change something happened And what s left is sand lots ofrit The War Planners Series gravel and sand So much that there is an entire lexicon around it which Howey reveals throughout the novel But somehow people are surviving Sand focuses on a family that persists They are broken and shattered They toil all day to keep the wells open They scavenge the dunes for treasures from the past And they sand dive I ll stop there you ll have to read the novel if you re intrigued Howey s prose is wonderful His characters are believable and interesting He tells areat story but also skillfully weaves in theme on a regular basis For instant Conner wondered if dredging up the past was even a Glidepath (Max Fend, good idea It was like being a sand diver in many ways There were all these rusty hurts buried deep I largely enjoyed the story but it s soritty and dark just like Wool I would like to see Howey with all his talents take on a brighter hopeful story Yes conflict and struggle make rich literary round but so little hope leaves the round a bit too dry a bit too Um Natal em Ardmore grimy in my view Maybe I need to read Beacon 23 not sure if that explores a bright future or not In addition I did think the ending was a bit abrupt Anyways still a wonderful book I could taste therit in my mouth feel the matte in my hair and see the sift in the air I m a fan and will keep picking up Howie s future works Strongly recommended maybe just not if you need some positivity or if you re the type that s really annoyed by the beach Sand has a very different feel to Wool It s a much Skeletons grittier sorry affair in many ways reversing the dynamic We now have an open environment and a totally disorganised and essentially lawless society where characters fend for themselves one dusty day at a time It has a much adult feel dealing with sexual themes andory comeuppances and is littered with swear words than you may be used to from this author but this fits perfectly with the world Howey has once again expertly built and while it may not be as intricate and detailed a world as that of the Silos it certainly feels much rounded in reality for some reason Not too much is explained about the technology iving it an almost steampunk feel we just know it looks cool and it works but we don t really need to know howThe beauty of Sand however is in the writing There is a true emotion throughout as we see a disengaged family struggle to reunite only to risk being torn apart again by the forces working against them The characters are subtly introduced and expertly enhanced at key points not only building on their personalities and history but also keeping the plot flowing steadily The vivid contrasting imagery can shift from beauty to ugliness in an instant and back again seamlessly and there are some moments of and I do not say this lightly. The new novel from the international bestselling author of the Wool trilogyThe old world is buried A new one has been forged atop the shifting dunes Here in this land of howling wind and infernal sand four siblings find themselves scattered and lostPalmer has never been the same since his father walked out twelve years ago His elder.

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S at 95% on my Kindle To me it feels like he was So Far from the Sea getting close to his target word count and decided to just tie up the loose ends then and there Hours after reading the last page I still feel like there s supposed to be Iet what he did but it feels unfinished So this Hugh The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge guy is pretty alright I ve made it no real secret that I adore the Silo Series I felt it was one of the most creative haunting and visceral stories I ve ever read a series that stays with you like inside you deep inside In your feeling I only have one With Sand Howey has created ANOTHER world in the same ilk haunting emotionalloomy And like the Silo books Sand will stick with me for a whileSand follows a down on their luck family of sand divers in a future Colorado a Colorado you uickly find is nothing like what you would expect from the state Everything is covered in hundreds of feet of sand the book is aptly named as essentially everything surrounds the stuff However there is so much beyond even the sand as a metaphor Palmer Victoria Rob and Conner formerly lived what would pass for the high life in this dystopian esue world as their father was the leader of a ruling The Draft group called The Lords However their father ran off left the children and Rose their mother with next to nothing to their name but a whore house This fractured their family especially as Rose s debt piled up and she transitioned from running her whore house to working in it as well which shamed the childrenThe children are all or aspire to be sand divers people who wear special electrified suits that allow them to maneuver through deep sand moving it around their bodies or if skilled enough moving large areas of sand to their will The sand diving and sand suits in themselves are an incredibly creative concept and Hugh does a masterful job of introducing them slowly letting youet accustomed to the idea a bit then Bible Prophecy gradually introducing and these suits can do Beyond the suits themselves sand diving is very dependent on the diver themselves their ability to move sand to keep their cool while being crushed under mountains of pressure to risk their lives The children are all oddly skilled in this art taking after their father who was known for it Palmer and his friend Hap are hired by a uestionableroup of brigands to make a very risky and uestionable dive to find the lost city of Danvar buried under years of sand hundreds of meters below the surface Upon finding it Palmer is betrayed but Yaratma Cesareti gets the better end of the exchange as Hap is murdered by the brigands upon his resurfacing Palmer through some luck is able to resurface a time later When he wanders into the camp of the brigands he overhears a sinister plot on their part to kill all of the residents of the sandy slums on the dunesAs the story moves past that following each of the children in their own thoughts and channels following their mother Rose for a time the oppression of the people in the sandy Colorado strip is revealed and and in a very Wool esue unknowing oppression based manner Withoutiving much of the story away needless to say they discover that things aren t what they seem Vague obviously but this is a story I think almost anyone should readOn the writing side I will say this is a The Astral Codex grown up book for Hugh both in terms of content and prose The language is much stronger than in the Silo series and a lot of the subject matter is as well However this is all held up by Hugh srowth as a writer prose was never his weakness but he s Here There Be Witches gotten even better He has a flowing way with words he s not flowery he s not overly wordy he s not a thesaurus referencer he just writes in a way that sucks you in keeps the pages turningives you a visceral image of what he s talking about without ever bogging things down with unnecessary items He s a joy to readI had high hopes for Sand but was not sure what to expect By the end I was blasting through pages and texting friends how much I loved the novel It truly is one of my favorites already and I have very few things to say about it that are not positive Another excellent book from Hugh Howey who has now joined my list of favourite authors Like Wool this is a kind of post apocalyptic thriller with some Story of the Liberty Bell great original ideas The descriptions of sand diving were brilliant and kept the reader permanently on edge wondering if each individual would survive The characters were drawn well and as for the ending loved it This book could be stand alone or the first of a series Either way it was exceptionallyood actual rating 35there wouldn t BE world hunger if you people would live where the FOOD IS YOU LIVE IN A DESERT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT NOTHING GROWS HERE NOTHING S GONNA GROW HERE Come here you see this This is sand You know what it s Fake Mustache gonna be 100 years from now IT S GONNA BE SAND YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT We have deserts in America we just don t live in them assholes Sam KinisonUnfortunately moving out of the desert isn t an option for the denizens of Low Pubor is it Much like Silo the Sand stories are a bleak dystopian nightmare set sometime in the future only this time the world is one big desert There was some really cool ideas in this book such as sandscrapers which are tall buildings buried under the sand and the vibrating dive suits that allow the wearer to submerge through the sand much like a scuba diver Hugh Howey is a reallyreat world builder I also liked the way the story was told through the viewpoints of the various members of one familyI was not thrilled with the ending however and that s the reason for the 35 rating instead of a 4 I thought the ending was somewhat abrupt and left a lot of uestions unanswered Maybe Howie is leaving room for Sand. Rn respect sand diving Plunging deep below the desert floor in search of relics and scraps of the old world He is about to embark on the most dangerous dive of his young life aiming to become the first to discover the rumoured city belowDeep within the sand lies the key to bringing his family together – and tearing their world apar.

Sheer brilliance in Howey s prose and for all it s rough and tumble Sand has some well placed and enuinely tender moments which at times can cleverly disarm the reader temporarily leaving them totally unprepared for the next fiendish plot twistBut fear not this ain t no sandy Seventh Heaven Sand is a highly charged action filled thrill a minute ass kicking jawbreaking blockbuster and makes no apologies for it The panic and claustrophobia of the dives is portrayed perfectly and the tension is retained every single time a character dives into the unforgiving sand even if just for a moment knowing the slightest error of judgement means instant death This savage world leaves no prisoners and Danger brashly loiters around every dune and street corner It s a world where it s much easier to look away than help and sadly this is already starting to mirror today s society but as our characters prove the most exceptional of circumstances can yield the most unexpected response from some peopleIf there was ever any doubt about Hugh Howey s longevity as a writer Sand is proof that there can be none Consistency is hard enough for a writer to achieve constant and sustained improvement is another thing entirelyNow I know it s only January but I think I ve already found my Book of 2014 About three months ago my Science Fiction Lit class and I had the opportunity to interview Hugh Howey During the interview naturally we started talking about his upcoming projects and publications and he offered some really ood advice about his then as of yet unpublished novel Sand don t read it It was according to him too dark too vulgar and too different from Wool Omnibus Silo 1 So don t waste your time don t bother don t read it he said Naturally his telling a class of high schoolers not to read his book made every person in the room move Sand to the top of his or her To Read list I m sorry Mr Howey You ive fantastic advice on your website and you ave fantastic advice and insight during our interview But I have failed you I read SandAnd I loved it It s been said before in other reviews but it bears repeating that this is not Wool Wool was amazing because it had Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories good characters and an amazing twist filled mystery plot Sand is amazing because it has aood plot and amazing downtrodden sympathetic Drawing Straws gut wrenching characters Sand is a book filled with hopelessness and a sense of never being able to rise above because life doesn t actually offer that opportunity Howey writes several times in his book that the world of Sand is one on which theods have turned their collective backs He was right Sand is that kind of world Also not to dump on Wool it was well written but Howey s writing in Sand is filled with page after page of beautifully scripted passages The amount of rowth between the writing of Wool and Sand is remarkable Eually remarkable is the dialogue For some reason many authors have a very difficult time writing dialogue that sounds like it s being spoken by a human being and not a monologuing cartoon character Even authors who can write otherwise fantastic stories plots action scenes and such trip stumble and fall either into the pit of My Character Speaks with an Exposition Stick Up His Ass or My Character Speaks Like He s Fourteen The characters in Sand on the the other hand are all rather uiet reserved individuals who never let their dialogue et in the way so when a character does speak hisher dialogue is filled with weight and value I loved it It s really hard to think of novels similar to Sand Perhaps The Road for its extraordinarily bleak look at humanity or perhaps The Running Man for it s You Cannot Beat the World plot Actually a Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference general comparison to Stephen King is rather appropriate hopeless charactersritty dialogue a uiet plot punctuated with severe claustrophobia moments of The scarecrow grotesue violence and my particular favorite the Life as a Desert metaphor These elements are all hallmarks that are found inreat Stephen King novels I Elizabeth Cady Stanton guess now I ll have to say they re hallmarks found in a Hugh Howey novel I hope every novel he writes in the future is asood as this one If they are it will do nothing but continue to cement his place as one of the best science fiction writers we have A firm 25 if I was permittedThe last status update probably says it best Started out After the End great finished OK but staggered around a bit drunkenly in the middle Also a few awkward overlyraphic scenes that felt out of place I don t want to say uncomfortable since I wasn t offended at all but they just seemed over the top compared to the overall tone of the rest of the book In particular the scenes depicting Dystopian Mom prostitutes s after sex rustic contraceptive routines just plain awkward The ending seemed a tad rushed compared to the pace of the earlier parts tooAs always a very interesting and engaging premise just not executed nearly as well as Wool in my opinion Am I really only the second person to rate this 1 starAm I the asshole hereSo be itAs a huge fan of Wool Omnibus Silo 1 and Hugh Howey I was extremely disappointed with his latest effort I found myself unable to The Doll and Her Friends (1893) get into the story to connect with most of the characters to visualize this sand buried world No matter how hard I tried I couldn t feel any of itHowey s writing isood as always He is definitely skilled with the written word But the plot left me trolling other reviews for answers for some limmer of hope that I wasn t the only one struggling through this bookI think the biggest reason is the lack of a I wanted to like Sand than I did I was completely into the story and curious where Howey was taking his characters and readers I started to wonder about the ending when I realized I wa. Sister Vic is trying to run away from the past; his younger brothers Connor and Rob are risking their lives to embrace it His mother left with nothing but anger is just trying to forgetPalmer wants to prove his worth not only to his family but to himself And in the barren dune covered landscape of his home there is only one way to ea.

I'm the author of WOOL a top 5 science fiction book on I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can't do certain things and then does them anywayA theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process Most of them are classified