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But he has no money Will he get a job or just steal ood The main character is the king My Through the Language Glass favorite part was when the king escape. Efore the young King realises that life on his own is going to beull of challenges Meanwhile Lord Von Dronus the most senior of all the King’s courtiers is determined to ind the young King before anyone realises he's disappearedBeautiful touching and surprising The Kingdom Revealed is about appreciating the everyday and learning what matters most.

Ave a lot of unanswered uestions though The Kingdom Revealed by Rob Ryan is castle iction The problem is that the king escapes. Idden door in the ceiling creeps down a long Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, forgotten passageway opens a small window and leaves behind everything he’s ever knownAtirst the world outside the palace seems a magical place that the King delights in exploring But with no You Are Not A Gadget friends to call on no money in his pocket inact nothing apart rom the clothes he is wearing it isn’t long

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The story was just okay but the illustrations are wonderful Ending wasn t what I expected but also made it all the likeable I A stunningly illustrated airytale Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, for all agesrom internationally acclaimed papercut artist Rob Ryan – the Friendfluence follow up to THE INVISIBLE KINGDOMThis is a story about a young boy who doesn’t want to be KingWhat he wants than anything is to be normalSo one night he runs awayrom the palace He climbs out of his our poster bed disappears through a

Rob Ryan is a British Paper cutter artist who specialises in papercutting screen printing and drawing and painting He is now most famous for his detailed paper cut outs Ryan was born on 5th November1962 in Cyprus to Irish parents Doris and Buddy Ryan who divorced in 1966 He is the youngest of three brothers and his father was an RAF mess hall officer He studied at Trent Polytechnic and has a