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Ilitieskira s kombat training and strategic plans on the other hand it gives us a peek about the beautiful love story that was kind of implied to in the second book and clearly elaborated between Julien the dashingbrightrevolutionary and Kira the broken hearted little girl who tries to escape her agony after loosing Raf by endulging herself in gun training and the determinaion to bring kestrel down Through the entire novella we see ulien and kira fighting over Maestro julien s need to protect her from unnescessary dangerespecially since she has no consideration for her safety whatso over totally understable btwon the other hand kira has her mind set on going on this extremely dangerous and important mission to neutralize kestrel and she goes all the way to showing to Julien that she s ready Well maybe a bit out of her way that it nearly Killed her I loved this story as much as i loved the other mindjack books and i am looking forward to reading and of every letter suzan kaye uinn writes because between all the books I ve read i can honestly say that nothing has set my mind racing that the mindjack triology and its novella s0 This story between Closed Hearts and Free Soul It is from Kira s point of view The four months that is mentioned in Free Souls of Kiraoining JFA This is when Kira finds new ability about fast running Lol it was on accident that was funny. That takes place between Closed Hearts and Free SoulsMINDJACK KIRAOpen Minds Mindjack Kira Book OneClosed Hearts Mindjack Kira Book TwoFree Souls Mindjack Kira Book ThreeMINDJACK ZEPH Locked Tight Mindjack Zeph Book OneCracked Open Mindjack Zeph Book TwoBroken Wide Mindjack Zeph Book Three.

Se skills and abilities are growing Hoping to be included in the next mission Kira sets into motion a series of training sessions where she experiments with her ever increasing powers Julian remains determined to keep Kira out of harm s way but finds it difficult when Kira points out that she has certain abilities that no one else hasKEEPER is a short novella that looks at Kira and Julian s mindset following their recent encounter with Kestral and Kira s ex boyfriend Kira is determined to prove she is able to hold her own in the coming war and Julian is certain that Kira will be the principle target in the upcoming battle Susan Kaye uinn pulls the reader into a world of have and have nots betrayal and trust discrimination and fear If you know someone could read your mind or erase your memory what would you doCopy supplied by the authorwwwthereadingcafecom i have recieved a copy of the keeper novella in return for an honest reviewthe first thing that pops into my mind whenever someone asks of this stroy is that I COMPLETELY LOVED IT1the thing about short novella is that they usuaLly do not fully satisfy the readers expectation after them reading the booksWELL NOT THIS ONE this short story is a thrilling and exciting read it s occurence is between the 2nd the 3rd mindjack bookS on one hand it handles the JFA s preparation to bring down kestrel and his fac. In charge thinks she's too valuable to risk in the operation No matter how she feels about Julian and how he’s inspiring Judgment Under Uncertainty jackers by the day Kira’s certain of one thing he’d better not try to stop her from bringing Kestrel theustice he deserves The Keeper is a missing moment story.

Another episode in the Mindjack series Some of the events are really frightening to think of What if someone could make you do something against your will with only the powe Of course I love being back in Kira s head It was nice to get another glimpse of her especially since I know that the last book in the trilogy is all I have waiting for me to completeThis short story delves into Kira s ability to manipulate her own mind and get some insane speed bursts She also hints at the fact that she might be able to do this for others if needed and if she had enough practice She ultimately uses this as an attempt to get on the mission to kill Kestrel In typically Kira style though everything goes horribly wrong scaring Julian to death in the process We also get to watch Kira and Julian try to figure out their relationship They are friends but it is clear that Julian wants to be than that I thinkThis was a very short read but gave me a happy little glimpse into this world I love so much 375 starsKEEPER is the latest novella from Susan Kaye uinn focusing on the urban fantasy world of the Mindjack Series In a futuristic world where global pollution has left much of the population with psychic abilities and abnormalities the Jackers have revealed themselves to the world and opened up to a potential warThe storyline premise follows Kira Moore a powerful Jacker who. He’s responsible for her boyfriend’s shattered mindKira’s boyfriend has holes in his mind where she used to be and FBI Agent Kestrel is suarely to blame She’s determined to break into Kestrel's secret prison and take him out but Julian Navarro Jacker Freedom Alliance leader and guy.

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