Souta Narazaki: 僕の愛を知れ

R who pays off his loan shark Akio is the owner of a host club and Takuma goes to work for. As an amateur host Then one day as Takuma tries to be intimate with a customer in order to become a better host Akio attacked him and said Do you want to sleep with someone that badlyRead on to see out what unfolds between these two men in this gorgeous love stor.

Boku No Ai O Shire or Understand My Love art and story by Narazaki Souta is a feel good re. 借金の立て替えをしてくれたホストの秋生の店で働くことになった琢真。なんとか頑張る琢真だったが、かっこいい秋生に手取り足取り教えられて、なぜか秋生にドキドキしてしまい。From Mangaupdat.

Ad Chapters one to three recount college student Takuma s story how he meets Akio a strange. Es After a stranger named Akio pays off Takuma's debt Takuma finds himself working in Akio's shop only to realize it's a host club Takuma believes it's impossible for him to ntertain women in such a way but with proper guidance from Akio he decided to do his best.

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