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Her p and lures her into a trap and then tries to rape her YUCK They get over it and so it s considered a happy ending instead of a holy crap police or divorce time dude That would not have been okay by me Yuck So much wrong with this storyThe heroine was blindsided when her boyfriend married her younger sister so she moved to Phoenix She works for the H who disallusioned by marriage wants a MOC with herSis and the ex arrive in Phoenix for a visit Surprise. When he got married he was determined it would be a match made with his head not his heartAnd who was to say it was the wrong approach Certainly not Alisa.

How terrible did women have it almost 30 years agoThis book reminds of of attitudes of women sexuality and workforce in the 80s and 90s So disappointing with spoilers the people seem decent and it came across like a Betty Neels book with the theme of why not marry since we are compatible and not in love It goes fine for the most part and then spoiler alertit gets disastrously freaky and violent in the end when he thinks she s sleeping with someone so he sets. What happened to falling in loveAlisa needn't have waited for Justin Abernethy's answer As a divorce lawyer he'd seen too much of romantic love turned sour.

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Surprise Sis is pregnant The h has to endure the two living off the fat of the land while the heroine endures subtle flirting and innuendos from her creepy exEventually the h agrees to the MOC I zoned out whenview spoilerThe ex made the moves on the heroine despite his wife being pregnant thinking literally he could have his cake and eat it too Plus when the heroine called out her ex s name on her wedding night Really how do you come back from that hide spoile. Whose own experience of love had taught her a painful lessonActually it seemed as if a marriage of convenience with no romantic frills would suit them bot.

wwwwritingclassescom She is the author of On Writing RomanceWhen Leigh was fifteen she wrote her first romance novel and burned it She burned five complete manuscripts before submitting to a publisher The first submission was accepted by Harleuin the only publisher to look at it and was published in 1984Michaels was born in Iowa United States She received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Drake University in Des Moines Iowa after three years of study and maintained a 393 grade point average She received the Robert Bliss Award as top ranking senior in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and won a national William Randolph Hearst Award for feature writing as an undergraduateShe is married to Michael W Lemberger an artist photographer