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Have to be a plan Yes there does Dean and LivNevertheless they do separate for the time being but are always on ach other s mind The way that a picture will remind them of a distant memory the way that a certain place brings back a joyous occasion and the nights where both Liv and Dean have sexy Melody on Loan erotic dreams of coming back toach other all of this and was painstakingly breathtaking as they both The Toll-Gate explored the insecurities still festered within them but at the same time longed and ached forach other with a fervor and passion that only this couple could bring out I d had visions of our reunion hot sweaty naked visions DeanTheir reunion short and priceless as is is bittersweet More and problems from book 2 continue to shake Dean and Liv s foundation as well as buried insecurities come back to life and test the strength of their bond It got to a point where I had to stop pause and ask my boyfriend Can anything worse happen to this couple This couple that only wants to be left alone and simply love ach other Not ashamed to say this but this third book made me bawl like a baby The raw undeniable need and connection Dean and Liv haveit s unparalleled Dean s alluring magnetism Liv s seductive innocence Together their xuisite Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, enthralling love forach other It s truly a spiral of bliss Somehow always Ex On The Beach everything is okay when it s just the two of us alone together DeanBut it s notnough At least not then Not when Dean is on the verge of losing his Good Thinking esteemed job and reputation and Liv battling a past she never foresaw coming into the present We look atach other We both feel it the sharp invasion of the rest of the world into our space For all the obstacles that they had I never for a second doubted Dean and Liv s Death in Mumbai end outcome Throughout this book I found myself falling over and over and over again with them I fell in love with Dean s fierce protective and possessive nature I fell in love with Liv s gentle kind heart and most of all I fell in love with how they fell in love withach other completely and irrevocably all over again This is one phenomenally well crafted love story that will have its own special place in my heart and though the books are over their love isn t Their story is one I can read over and over again and NEVER tire of You and me professor You and me beauty ARC kindly provided by author in Baccarat : La lgende du cristal exchange for an honest review Please note that all uotes are from an advanced copy and may be subject to change in the finaldition 5 PASSIONATE STARSYou and me professor You and me beautyOMG I love this series so much I ts one of my favorites Nina really knows how to make you feel so many O Colégio de Todos os Segredos emotions through her books She is an amazing author Awaken takes the reader through the trials of Dean and Liv But in this book there is so much loveI hope that one day when I get married I can have as much love and as good of a relationship as Dean and Liv Awaken picks up with Dean going to Italy in addition to keep away problems from accruing with King s University and the alleged sexual harassment chargeThis leaves Liv alone wondering what she wants to do with her life professionallyAnd this moment her mother is backso She has to learn to stand on her own without depend on Dean forverything and to deal with her motherWhile the first books were about Dean and Liv s struggles to their marriage in this book there were about finding themselves and learning how to stand on their ownDean and Liv learn a lot about themselves their relationship and how to battle togetherThis series focuses on the passionate loveAnd believe me in this couple there are so much love 3 Say it for meI m yours Say it backI m yoursAlways will beTheir love is so intenseIt s filled with passionDean is hottest than March Violets (Bernie Gunther, everOMG he is amazingI don t think I havever been in love with a character as much as with DeanHe is so hot and sexy and he has to deal with his problems also he is still so protective with Livhe cares about her and he wants the best for herLiv oh LivShe is amazing tooIn this book she was so strongShe comes into herselfShe gains so much confidence I m glad to see her finally become confidentShe learns how to stand on her own make her own decisions and take risks And Dean couldn t have been supportive He was still willing to give Liv anything and Zoete tranen everything but he knew that she had to do this on her ownThere are so many hots moments in this bookI love them allSo much passion This series is so beautifully written and it is a story of two passionate peopleI can t believe this series is over I want of Dean and LivI m really so sadI m sure I will read this series again and again until I havenough of themAnd believe me I will need to read them than thousand times 5 million starsI was lucky Water Music enough to receive an Arc from Nina for this book and let me just say it made my day when I received that message and was the highlight of my 2014I ve waited for this book for months and monthsAnd boy did Nina Lane deliverIf there is one book I wish I could rate than 5 stars this would definitely be itDean and Liv overcome the mess they are in and we see Liv become such a strong person to the woman we first metProfessor DeanFrom Allure to Arouse to Awaken Professor Dean Allured meProfessor Dean Aroused me in ways I never thought possibleProfessor Dean Awakened me to the feelings of love which wish I had in my life We were taken on the breathtakingly beautiful love story of My Professor Dean and his sweet wife Liv I love that you love me professor I love loving you beauty They are the perfect couple butven the most perfect marriages also have their own share of problems and dramasI really don t want to give away anything with this book as I feel Revived everysingleperson owes it to themselves to be part of this beautiful Series My Professor is so perfect I dreamed him into life and married him in the process Awaken book 3 of 3 Professor Dean West his Beauty s journey of love commitment self reflection growth hardship triumphMy sincerest thanks to the lovely ladies on our BR Melissa Patty Katy Elizabeth Gisele Alleskelle and Linda Ouryes meet and a thousand hopes fears and wishes pass between us Books in the Spiral of Bliss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 ArouseBook 2 AllureBook 3 Awaken In Arouse book 1 we followed Olivia West s and her husband Professor Dean West as they Student Research Projects in Calculus experience marriage troubles Mainly misunderstandings and miscommunications but also their pasts coming back to haunt them In Allure book 2 Dean and Liv made huge progress in overcoming issues and opening up the lines of communication only to hav Oh how I venjoyed Dean and Olivia I hear that there are some books in this series but I m stopping here for the time being Why Mainly because Dean and Olivia seem to. Betrayal in order to save their marriage Now reeling in the aftermath of a personal tragedy Liv and Dean are driven further apart by a vindictive threat to Dean's car.

5 beautiful xuisitely written stars Spiral Bliss is by far one of my favorite series of all time From the very beginning of Dean and Liv s journey in Arouse and then Allure and now with Awaken I have been rooting for this couple I laughed and cried with them through this journey And now their story has finally come full circle Awaken is xuisitely written in both Liv and Dean s point of view Everything was well Love for Imperfect Things executed and the book captured and held my attention from beginning until thend I didn t want to put the book down I didn t want it to A Heart of Stone end On the one hand I m glad Dean and Liv are finally at a secure place in their relationship without anyxternal threats But on the other hand I m sad because this series is Taking Instruction (Taboo, ending Awaken immediately picks up where Allure left off with Dean in Italy to supervise an archeological dig and Liv in Mirror Lake They both hated the separation Deanspecially With the threats to his career still looming he s helpless to do anything He s frustrated that he can t be there to protect Liv Liv hated the separation too but she knew that for them to survive the threats to their marriage she has to learn to stand up for herself and protect her husband in the process Further Liv also needed to confront the ghost of her past and move on And boy did she I was so happy for her She came full circle in this book She was no longer the scared and insecure girl that we met in Arouse but a confident and assertive young woman ready to fight for her husbandI was amazed at how much her character has grown during this series Language and Linguistics especially in this book She was the one who protected Dean and really made a conscious decision to assert herself I was fist pumping saying to my Kindle You go girlvery time she stood her ground whether it was with Dean her business her family It was awesome to finally see her take charge I can think of a thousand reasons to say no he says Me too I press a hand to my chest and close my Divertimento eyes But if we look hardnough we can always find a reason to say no We can always find a reason to be afraid So maybe it s time to stop looking and see what finds us instead Dean was his usual charming self There are not Love Is a Fairy Tale enough words to describe how wonderful a hero Dean is His love for Liv and his passion for her not just physically butmotionally as well was palpable It was just wonderful to read about a hero who is just so in love with his wife and would really do anything Promise at Dawn even sacrifice his own career just to protect her He is just amazing You re beautiful You re my wish come true I just love love this couple Their relationship is intense passionate vulnerable and as a reader you just can t help but cheer for them When I was reading this book I felt like I knew these people And seriously I want to hurt those who wanted to hurt them in this book And trust me there are a lot of people who wanted to hurt them their careers their marriage And if trust me again you d want to hurt those people too for causing so much misery and heartbreak for both Dean and Liv And I would remiss if I don t mention that this book is HOT Like scorching melt your panties HOT Dean and Liv have thisxplosive chemistry and Nina Lane can write a sexy scene like nobody s business There are a lot of smexy times in this book but let me assure you that ach of those smexy scenes were fabulously written and add so much to really knowing what Dean and Liv s relationship is like One surprising thing about this book for me was the humor I just loved that Dean and Live despite the things that they re going through when they are together can actually laugh and be silly with ach other It s refreshing to read that Some of my fave uotes and funniest moments really came from scenes where Dean and Live were being silly playful and sweet to Bangkok Wakes to Rain each other You know I love you like a bee loves honey You know I can t wait to pollinate your flower I chuckle It s been a while since you have huh Way too long baby sighI could talk all day about this book I just loved it that much It s unforgettable and truly amazing Read this series people Full review will be posted during the blog tour stop on my blog How was I so wrong about this author in the beginning How the hell did that happen I ve been pondering it for a little while and I think I get it Somewhat The first book in this series Arouse centers around the beginning of trouble in paradise for our married lovebirds I found it rather interesting because it was different in the sense that the couple has been together five years they re married and now the reader is seeing what happens when the honeymoon phase has completely worn off and the two have to start facing real issues like pregnancy The second book to me wasn t as good because while they were still dealing with the fallout from their marital problems now we ve got a whole slew of other shit going on and the sex was getting on my damn nerves It s freuent Very freuent Even for me and I believe couples should have sex at Full review posted on 1 7 14LOVE LOVE LOVED IT 5 BIG BRIGHT SHINING STARS Oh Professor West you and me baby let s go REVIEW My Husband doesn t just love me He knows how to love me He knows what I need and when I need it sometimesven better than I do He knows how to unfold all the tight rough parts of me and smooth them out with one glide of his hand LivThis series is utter perfection Nothing is beautiful then reading about a married couple so deeply in love and dedicated to The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery each other The growth we get to see with Olivia was absolutely magnificent Such a fitting title Awaken Liv desires tostablish her own independence by feeling her way out in this world no longer feeling less then but whole with nothing It s live 6 BREATHTAKING MAGNIFICENT SOUL ETCHING STARS My LivMy Dean Sometimes your heart gets so filled with Darkmere emotions that words alone can txpress them all So you need singing and dancing a philharmonic orchestra and a full chorus backing you up Because there is THAT MUCH inside you That sentence above just described my thoughts for this book As a voracious reader whose acuired tastes constantly changes my feelings for Dean and Liv however have never wavered This married couple s journey was Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? emotionally tumultuous intensely passionate and their love is one of those rare special incomparable loves that lasts for anternity This book picks up right after the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den events of book 2 where Dean faces the imminent crisis of having to leave Liv In the past no matter what happened or who stood in their way Dean and Liv have always been able to stand their ground because they were together Now with Dean leaving they are at a loss I don t know where we go from here I don t knowither But why does ither of us have to know There doesn t always. I love that you love me professor I love loving you beautySince their intense passionate beginning Professor Dean West and his wife Olivia have fought dark secrets and.

Have arrived at a happy place and I m not willing to let anything change that right now After reading and listening to these three books back to back I feel like I should be able to bask in my HEA for a whil FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED spoiler free 5 STARS BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL A stunning conclusion to one of the most beautifully written and intensely passionate love stories I have ver read Dean and Liv s romance is simply breathtakingWhat makes 5 chivalrous beautiful and intensely The Eric Carle Gift Set erotic starsReview completed December 12 2013Awaken was my first beta read and I m very grateful for havingxperienced Liv and Dean s journey come to an Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century end at first hand Thank you Nina you re an awesome author and a wonderful woman A special thankyou goes to my dear friend Jen Doing the beta read with you was a true blast 3I don t tell you any news when I say that I loved all three books yet it s obvious that Awaken is my favorite regardless of my beta readSince I started to read Dean and Liv s journey in Arouse Nina achieved to deliver a very compelling story and character growth and came to anxtraordinary conclusion with Awaken Liv and Dean have come full circle Even though I beta read Awaken it doesn t get any honest and objective when I say this is an outstanding Fashion Design Course erotic romance bookmphasis on Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, erotic and romance I mean it with all my heart and I love Dean and Awaken to pieces This is Nina Lane at her very best I know Nina did all the writing and she deserves all the praise and Awaken is definitely her baby Yet a tiny part of me is very proud that I got the chance to make a great bookven better and I m very happy about the outcome In conclusion this is also a little bit my baby and Jen s of course and I feel protective about this book Nina Jen and I discussed Awaken Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga extensively and after the first round of beta reads Nina performed some major rewrites which proved to be very advantageous for Liv as well as Liv and Dean as a couple Fans of the Spiral of Bliss series know already that Liv and Dean s happiness but also Dean s career are threatened by certain circumstances For the sake of readers who have yet to read the series I prefer to not get into details here Suffice it to say that a lot of things are going on in this conclusion and it ties up all the loosends perfectly As a matter of fact Awaken leaves nothing to be desiredOn the one hand this third book deals with a specific nasty problem On the other hand Awaken depicts an Olivia who Cincinnati and Other Plays evolves thrives and in thend truly shines This is Liv s awakening and she starts to stand on her own Also she s ready to take a risk to make her own decisions and refuses to accept Dean s safety net As a conseuence she Speak Out! evolves from the somewhat shy and innocent Liv to a mature and much decisive woman It pleases me tremendously to tell you that I loved Olivia without reservation in this story arc She has come a long way and really deserves my praise DeanDean a licious Dean is my knight in shining armor Looking at Awaken he s so chivalrous and honorable protective selfless handsome and sexy as all get out Whatever is thrown in their path he d go to hell and back to give Liv anything andverything she needs Whatever the cost Dean never flinched from doing what was best for their relationship His love for Liv is so incredibly deep I always feared for him that a probable loss of the love of his life would destroy him irrevocably No worries though there is no such thing So here we are at the I Like You the Best end of their journey and what anxceptional journey it was Please keep your tissues at the ready I promise you ll need themDean is a fabulous dirty talker and this particular scene went down in my book history Soon you re getting on your knees in front of me I tell her Naked The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles except for tight cotton panties that rub against your pussy You re going to sueeze your pretty tits together so I can push my cck between them and fck them Thrusting into that tight damp valley all the way up to your throat I ll shoot hard all over you like a goddamn geyser My come will drip off your tight nipples before I make you rub it in Then you re going to lick my cck clean swiping your tongue all over the shaft taking it all the way into your greedy mouth Do you still want me to touch myself Holy fck do Iver Do it I tell her The love between Dean and Liv is uniue and their intense The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico emotional connection will make your heart pound and race Awaken is an intensely passionate conclusion to their journey and I m convinced that this story is going to make your fingers and toes curl It s advisable to have a bucket of cold water at the ready so you can cool off now and then Honestly the sex scenes are fantastic and scorchingly hot Witnessing theirrotic Lone Star Standoff encounters is not only a physicalxperience you ll be swamped by many feelings and deep Punishment Of The Cheating Wife emotions You can feel their bodies tremble the air is saturated with heat and sparklinglectricity their strained breaths are palpable The damp skin the drops of sweat trickling down bare skinit s mesmerizing The thrill of anticipation all the sensations the blazing heat that surrounds these two whenever their bodies are melding togetherit s going to leave you breathless Liv and Dean s chemistry is truly More Punishment For His Cheating Wife explosive and the urgency need lust passion and longing will push you over thedge Also I m sure that the sexy dirty talk will make you all hot and bothered Don t forget to breathe otherwise Liv and Dean are going to drive you senseless fans selfI d bend over for Dean anytimeThis is another little sample of one of my favorite scenes What are you going to do with all those pictures Liv asks Plaster them on the ceiling like stars so I can look up at them at night Aw She smiles Good one Dean you re my star swoonAwaken has been beautifully and compellingly penned by Nina Lane and it shines in its various and intriguing facets Excellent plot great and witty dialogue some well placed banter and first and foremost two very likable main protagonists made this story a huge all around winner This is a labor of love I could feel it and I will always hold it very very close to my heart The way Liv and Dean love Decision each other is primal visceral and intense It s like breathing because it s so vital andvery beat of their hearts is pure devotion and strengthens their unbreakable bond Awaken provided not only scorchingly hot sex scenes I could also swoon over many intimate and utterly romantic moments between Liv and Dean Fortune favored Readers you re in for a real treat Savor and cherish The View from Alameda Island every loving and titillating moment of this story because it doesn t get any betterSteam 4 to 45Nina this is for youReading orderArouseAllureAwakenHighly recommendedhttpbababooklikescomRelease date January 7th 2014 All uotes approved by author. EerThe tumultuous journey that began in AROUSE and continued in ALLURE now comes to a breathtaking conclusion as Liv and Dean battle to protectach other and their lo.

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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot sexy romances about professors bad boys candy makers and protective alpha males who find themselves consumed with love for one woman alone Originally from California Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies which means she loves both research and organization She also enjoys traveling and