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The two neighbours go to play in a small boat which is caught by the tide and are both lost drowned The baddie brother had had a hand in thisThe mother prays for her daughter in church and says she will give anything to know her daughter is alright She hears her daughter s voiceIn the mean time the baddie brother played by Sean Bean in the TV film we find has seduced a girl who lives on their street a girl with what we call learning difficulties now The girl is pregnant and lies so every one believes the goodie brother is the guilty one I am not saying any only that the plot becomes exciting and even if you are not a Catherine Cookson fan I don t like all her books this is a really good storyThe film of the book is a favourite of mine too same title I have it in a box set of Cookson dvd films and a freebie dvd kept in case one is damaged view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler From IMDbIn northern England around 1900 the worker John O Brien lives near poverty in a small house in the worker s district He falls in love with Mary the teacher of his highly intelligent younger sister Kathy and daughter of a rich family Their love is doomed by the social difference but the vigorous Mary refuses to allow outer circumstances destroying their loveA movie was made based on this book and it s available at YouTube4 Feathers in the Fire5 Katie Mulholland5 The Black Velvet Gown5 The Rag Nymph4 The Black Candle3 Colour Blind4 The Dwelling Place4 The Glass Virgin4 The Gambling Man3 The Girl4 The Maltese Angel5 The Round Tower3 The Cinder Path4 The Fifteen StreetsThe Mallen Trilogy4 The Mallen Streak2 The Mallen Girl3 The Mallen LitterTilly Trotter Trilogy4 Tilly Trotter5 Tilly Trotter Wed4 Tilly Trotter WidowedTR Tilly AloneAutobiography4 Our KateTR The Wingless BirdTR The Silent LadyTR The MothTR Dinner of HerbsTR The Tide of LifeTR The Man Who Cried Marvelous It s been entirely too long since I read one of Cookson s book This is one of her early ones portraying the dire poverty and struggle of many in Tyneside England The st. Ld of learning; Dominic fast tempered and strong willed; and there was John the most determined to escape the cruel poverty of the Fifteen Streets the most passionate courageous and loving of all the O'Brien.

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Ot of sympathy for John but some of my friends have been annoyed by how it seemed that John was self centered or didn t take Mary seriously He ust made decisions for the both of them in a high handed sort of way I was really surprised to hear this outlook In my opinion John was a wonderful person who was ust gradually overwhelmed by a huge number of problems and it wore him down over time But for sure if you prefer to read a story where the female lead is the one with the problems and the male lead is this perfect person who helps her through them then this may not be for you Easy to read but very hard to put down Storytelling at it s best Though this was a simple story Ms Cookson s world building her main characters traits and the utter poverty of The I read this during uiet bits at work because my best friend s mum recommended it to me shout out to Jill and I really liked it but I hated the ending an anti climax I don t really know what I wanted to happen but I felt like it was too neat Maybe he should ve killed his brother Who knows I watched the adaptation of it and Sean Bean was very evil My most favourite Catherine Cookson book the Kindle Edition has a different cover Plain purple with the head and shoulders of Catherine Cookson pictured on itPoor mean streets nicknamed The Fifteen StreetsA family with two older sons one good and one a baddie with a sick father and a mother who was the centre of the family and younger siblingsThe goodie falls in love with the school teacher daughter of a wealthy man of his younger sister The baddie chasing everything in skirtsThe goodie brother longs to marry and despite promotion is tied back by his responsibility of being the main bread winnerA family of Spiritualists move in next door and the father of that family assists the mother next door with a difficult childbirth The daughter of the Spiritualist is chased by the baddie son from next door so the family next door encourage their daughter to stay with her when her own older brother is aroundThe young daughters of. Scend the bitter poverty into which they had been bornFor Mary Ellen O'Brien hope lay in the widsom and strenghtr of her children There was gentle Katie whose bright beauty and uick mind led her to a new wor.

This is a doozy I wasn t familiar with this topic and found it very interesting and slightly sad but in a good way It is very much worth a person s time I ust find CC amazing for how she can get a story out and a good one and a real one That s what I love she was real This book is brilliant I love this book My favourite Catherine Cookson book by far I love the characters the story telling and how the hardship and reality of life back then cames out of the pages A fantastic book The TV movie of 1989 is EXACTLY like the novel so well worth a watch This was my first read by Catherine Cookson but I ve watched almost all of the miniseries based on her novels including the Fifteen Streets miniseries I thought this book was pretty good and or less what I expected The story takes place in England maybe 100 years ago or so John is a young man from a very poor family who falls in love with Mary a modern minded young woman from a wealthy family The class difference provides a big conflict not to mention his very difficult family situation he has several siblings including some real troublemakers and a difficult father and many responsibilities as the oldestWhat I really like about Catherine Cookson is that while she writes these spectacular romances the romance is never ALL that s going on in her stories The romance only fills a small portion of the book while most of it is dedicated to interactions within the families and between neighbors etc And yet she makes her characters so interesting and likable that it s not like you re skimming the parts of the book that don t have the leads interacting which I often do in less well written romance novels where basically the romance is the only interesting part of the story and the other scenes ust provide a skeleton for the romantic moments However in the end I don t think of this book exactly as a romance novel I think of it as a historical drama with a strong romantic elementIt s interesting to me how some of my friends have received this book I liked Mary a lot and I had a Life in The Fifteen Streets was a continual struggle for survival Some families gave up hope and descended into a state of perpetual despair Others like the O'Briens maintained a fierce determination to tran.

Catherine Cookson was born in Tyne Dock the illegitimate daughter of a poverty stricken woman Kate who Catherine believed was her older sister Catherine began work in service but eventually moved south to Hastings where she met and married Tom Cookson a local grammar school master Although she was originally acclaimed as a regional writer her novel The Round Tower won the Winifred Holtby