Barry J. Faulk: Punk Rock Warlord

Cs n both sides Goin' the Extra Mile (a Mary Jo Melendez mystery Book 3) of the Atlantic Contributors represent a wide rangef disciplines and their work examines all phases f StrummerOCOs career from his early days as Woody the busker to the whirlwind years as front man for the Clash to th.

This collection explores the relevance f Joe Strummer within the continuing legacies f both punk rock and progressive politics It is aimed at those interested in the Clash punk culture and the intersections between pop music and politi.

E wilderness years and final days with the Mescaleros Punk Rock Warlord ffers an engaging survey Atlantis in America of its subject while at the same time challenging somef the historical narratives that have been constructed around Strummer the Punk Ico.

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